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Zack Snyder's Justice League in 4k $9.99, Mortal Kombat $7.99, Godzilla v Kong $7.99 @ Google Play Movies


Pretty good price for this version of the movie. Other good ones

Video quality on these 4k is almost as good as disc, the sound probably isn't. Wouldn't matter much unless you have a good setup

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    ZSJL was good, but more a rent than a buy. I honestly think the original cut with the rewrites was probably better, though a very different movie.

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    Got really excited and thought this was an Amazon disc version sale. Not to be, they are still selling this for $30 :(.

  • Kombat??

    • Was a mod edit lol

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        But that's the movie title…. with a K.

        • Looks like the Mod accidentally (I hope) spelt it with the C

  • The Justice League Director's Cut movie is better than the original but hated the 4:3 format. It sucks.

    • Zoom in like everyone else, after all it's 4k

      • Yuck.

        After 5-10 minutes I didn't care or notice it at all.

  • I like truth but I am also a fan of justice

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