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[QLD] Cavendish Bananas $0.29 Per kg @ Cabbage Patch Discount Grocer, Brisbane


Cheap banana's, milkshake, thick shake, smoothies… blah blah blah.. also found cauliflower for $3.99 where as my local woolies has it for $6.50. There is probably more cheap veggies too..

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Cabbage Patch Discount Grocer
Cabbage Patch Discount Grocer

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    Did you buy an iceberg lettuce?

  • at my local market, VIC metro, it's $8/15kg box, not bad

  • Not the same as 🍆

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    Mmmmm… I love berries…

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    It's $1.49 for a 15kg box at my local fruit shop.

    Excess bananas on the markets!

    • Wtf..

    • Same here at Oxley got a box the other day I'm going to freeze them for smoothies 👍

  • I just bought a carton of 15kg banana for just 1$ last weekend at Blunder rd market, qld. Never seen that dirt cheal bananas

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    Seems I need to visit some fruit shops

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    KFC should start putting bernana on their burgers.

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    The reason these are so cheap is that they are bent

    • No you get bent

    • They're on the take?! 🤯

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    Deal ends today includes some other specials.

    • Those prices are much better than my local Woolies/Coles…

  • Seems everyone has a cheap banana plug here.. anyone know of grocers / fruit markets in TAS with these prices?!

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    They were 7c a kilo on the weekend. They do some great prices, drive past every day and it's hard not to stop in.

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    Isn’t Bananas Cavendish the actor in Doctor Strange.

    Can someone link me to the original post(er) of this joke?

    They stated it much better.

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    You can peel them and slice them and freeze in sandwich bags, to use for milkshakes, it tastes better than fresh. Try to let them go ripe before freezing for sweeter taste.

    Don't freeze with peel on.

    I have banana milkshake with frozen blueberries every morning

    • with frozen blueberries

      you must be rich…

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        $11 per 1KG - lasts about two weeks

        Blueberries are power-packed super-fruits that are primed for muscle growth. They contain a huge number of antioxidants which help in gaining muscle mass. Why are antioxidants important? They protect against 'free-radical' attacks, which we are vulnerable to after weight training.

        They are also high in nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese that improve immune function and help convert carbs into usable energy

      • The price of frozen blueberries hasn't really changed.

  • Need to eat more of these to offset the high cost of everything else! up vote.

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    Wonder if they were originally called LETTUCE Patch Discount Grocer, but couldnt afford that name anymore

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      I went there today (bananas are now $0.49/kg btw) but I was amazed to see iceberg lettuce for under $3

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    Cabbage Patch is open 24/7 by the way.

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    Free if you can find a small one that weighs less than 69 grams and pay in cash.

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      Ozbargain needs more people like you.

    • Can save some weight by peeling it before weighing in

    • Better still find 2 that weighs less than 69 each, and ask to pay separately.

  • Is this price still available?

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