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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Large (44mm) $279 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Same old, same old. Amazon price matching? Cheapest price yet according to Camels

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This is not an Australian Version. Samsung Pay & Blood Pressure Measuring will be an issue.

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      It seems to be. The model number is Australian. The qna at the bottom says its Australian.

      Some reviewer's are saying these aren't Australian version (they were selling under a different name, not Amazon though). Amazon usually sells Australian stock

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        don't forget amazon combine all reviews under the product, not listing. Those in the review might have purchase from some other listing.

    • actually someone said with samsung watches, doesnt matter the country, because when you sign with google account is will become australian (well unless your google account is not local)., therefore samsung pay will works
      maybe im wrong….

      • +2

        there's always google pay too which works with this device.

    • Google pay works exactly the same…..

    • Used samsung pay in a phone bought from the US just fine

    • Amazon themselves dont generally sell grey market stuff, will be the Australian version.

    • These can be turned on. They are still present on the international version but just not activated. Search online for how to do this on international versions. They are switched off for various countries because local health authorities haven't approved them. Not because samsung wants to restrict. So they don't rigorously block activation.

  • bluetooth or lte ?

    • Appears to be Bluetooth only. That rules it out for the situation I was looking at.

      • what situation is that?

        • For a senior who forgets to take their phone with them. Hence the need for LTE.

      • It has wifi as well

    • For those who are truly active, the LTE gives you calls etc when out doing exercise without having to lug your phone around anyway. Personally I like the peace and quiet so have never activated on my watch.

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    model number is ‎ SM-R870NZKAXSA which is the australian version.

  • Tempting even though I just bought the Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra for a similar price.

  • Any other watches you Ozbargainers can recommend that has Spotify natively on the watch? For a similar or cheaper price ofc

    • +3

      Can’t speak to performance on other watches, but on this one at least, Spotify is a laggy mess (I downloaded a playlist of over 1000 songs on the watch. Unsure if this has any impact on performance). After the initial honeymoon period with the watch wore off, I never found myself opening the Spotify app, I always reach for my phone (or use the watch’s media controller) when I want to change a song, etc.

    • Check samsung website they have spotify since way back the tizen models, which I reckon are going for a discount now with better battery life, even factoring in battery wear. Galaxy watch 3/active 2 look classy with a 3rd party metal bezel.

  • When is new one supposed to be released

    • +1

      They are usually released in august-september so a couple of months to go

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    I do not need, I do not need…

    • +1

      you don't until you do

      • Well, I already have a hybrid Garmin. But the battery only lasts a few days now, used to be a week or two.

        • +1

          I have a Suunto 5 l, lasts a week easily, but I have been looking at GW4 for a while now. I guess time to take the plunge? never had a Samsung watch before, and I have S21+ so should be a perfect match. will just sell it on if not good enough

        • +1

          well you won't get improvement in this watch. its no ore than a day of battery when you first buy and will degrade from there. reality is the all digital is a battery guzzler. recharging at night is not an option either since half the value is the sleep tracking.

  • What do camels know about prices?

  • +8

    I get annoyed at gadgets that are unnecessarily tied to ecosystems that are codependent on owning same branded devices in order to use all of the features.

    • +1

      Here's the workaround so you don't need Samsung phone https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/restrictions-removed-sams...

      • +4

        Thanks for this. But I think it is still not something that should be accepted where one needs to turn to external resources especially in relation to security vulnerabilities and extra unnecessary risk and extra external attack points.

        • You obviously don't use an iPhone? ;)

          • @BewareOfThe Dog: I used to in the past but realized how screwed I was when a couple of my devices including phone went missing (at the same time) and I was unable to log into my cloud account or find my device..because I had no more other devices in the ecosystem. So I left that ecosystem for good.

            Leaving the Apple ecosystem was one of the better decisions I ever made.

  • Apart from the size, are there any differences between the smaller version and the bigger one?

    • +1

      The battery is much larger on the 44mm.

      But how much of a real world difference that makes I dunno, they're still 1-2 day smart watches. I got 36hrs of battery life with my 40mm over the long weekend

    • +1

      Bigger battery on the 44mm

      • +1

        Bigger screen to negate that too

    • i cant have the smaller model because my eyes wont be able to read anything on 40mm….

    • Nope. Same functionality. As noted battery is bigger but the screen also guzzles more. I went the 40mm cos I have delicate girly wrists.

  • any issues if paired with a non-samsung phone?

  • +1

    Yep new one is definitely coming soon I just got rid of mine used.

  • Anyone aware of any impending sales on the larger Samsung Watch 3? My son needs one for his epilepsy monitor and the smaller version has proven to be just too small for his large wrists.

  • Is LTE required for Google/Samsung Pay or can I get by with the Bluetooth version for making payments on this watch series?

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      Bluetooth is fine for Samsung pay

    • +1

      LTE not required for either.

  • Crazy good price for a great watch. New model coming soon.

  • +2

    I have a Bluetooth galaxy watch 4. Its a great device and pairs well with a Samsung galaxy phone. It has ECG and Blood Pressure functionality along with the usual heart rate, stop counting and sleep monitoring you see in similar watches. It allows sms and messenger alerts and responses and alerts for calls. Google assistant works, but I don't really use it because I have my phone near me. This is the Google os version so there's lots of play apps. You can even download a browser app and watch YouTube videos through which is pretty cool. There is a Spotify app but it lags a fair bit and I find the native media controls much better.

    Battery life is 1-2 days which might be a deal breaker for some people. Also, to use Google pay you need to enable a pin lock when you first pit the watch on which is a bit of a pain.

    • Can you make/receive calls through the watch or only get notified

      • Yes

    • +2

      Can you call someone on it via wifi without your phone handy? Whether it's from facebook messenger, whatsapp or whatever. I dont want the LTE but I like the idea I can make a voice call if I need to (and I can find free wifi).

  • great timing, just what I was looking for

  • +2

    Officeworks price beat at $265.05.

    • +2

      Hey Genieman,
      How would you suggest I ask for the price beat? I always thought that Officeworks only matched prices with brick and mortar stores?

      • Just price-matched this morning via calling the customer service of the Officeworks. No problem with the price from Amazon at all.

  • Missed out. $369.00 today :(

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