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[NSW, QLD, TAS, ACT] $100 off New Comprehensive & Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance Policy (Online Only) @ NRMA Insurance


Seems like a decent deal? $100 discount on comprehensive and comprehensive plus car insurance.

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    Very interesting, I quoted last month without this promotion. With all same information, it's now showing a higher annual fee than my last quote even with this 100 off.

    • yep!

    • Just put in different details… sear h for the car differently… you get different results… keep doing it til you get an amount you're happy with

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      That is like the oldest trick in the book. Do discount but raise the price.

      • Stay away from nrma insurance they are dodgy af. A volume business with no care for individuals..

    • same here, sitting with two quotes and $200 difference. Interestingly i haven't even picked up my car and the car value is lower than what i paid for.

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    I've found NRMA to be very expensive when compared to others on my annual insurance hunt (just did it recently).

    A $100 discount with no actual pricing isn't very indicative of anything.

    Oh… and avoid YOUI at all costs! A very frustrating online quoting system that isn't online at all… you submit all the info and then at the end they ask for a mobile "to make sure you aren't a bot"… but then they don't give a price on the next screen, your phone rings and they call you and go through the whole process again!!

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      I hate the Youi system it's bullshit

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      Yep, given up on YOUI long time ago because once I told them I use my car as my daily drive to work and back, I am automatically not qualified with them.

      • Any experience with YOUI and home insurance?

  • Just renewed my 4WD comprehensive car insurance with Club 4X4 at $1252. The quote with NRMA was over $1700, so even with the $100 discount it is still not as good value.

  • Not great, $2028 after $100 off with NRMA and $1,750 with Shannons.

  • Thanks, spent an hour last night quote running to find (suprisingly) NRMA and AAMI offered the best price.
    Came back tonight to book and found the discount! Happy.

  • This gave a better quote then budget direct

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    $100 off an inflated price is still a rip off

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    Moved off NRMA after the quote at renewal was about 30% more than GIO…. Including a so called 15% loyalty discount (been with them for 20 years) and a multi-policy discount (home contents, landlord & Green slip).

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    Note NRMA insurance is owned by IAG (not the road service business, which is mutual). Best bang for buck is if you have multiple policies with them and many years of loyalty. There is possible inertia tax so need to compare the market every now and then and negotiate.

    • NRMA Insurance are notoriously difficult to deal with if you need your car repaired.. ridiculous processes, repairers hate them and the customer service is woeful. Oh and they got fined recently for unethical behaviour ripping off customers.

      You are better paying slightly more elsewhere for a decent service.

  • They purposely missed WA and SA while ditching the local SG brands?

  • Always the most expensive quote whenever I do my three quotes at renewal time. AAMI almost always comes out on top for a new policy, and sometimes Allianz is close, depending on options I select.

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    even with "$100" off it's still double the cost of my current insurer

    • Yep triple for me lol. Surprisingly Allianz was much cheaper for my little Jazz

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    $300 more than RAC, with a higher excess, and they won't give the discount in WA. Fail.

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