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POCO F4 5G Smartphone Snapdragon 870 8/128 US$362 (~A$525) Delivered (Launches 27/6 17:00) @ POCO Official Store AliExpress


If anyone is waiting for POCO F4 5G release, global launch event on June 23rd at 20:00 GMT+8 at POCO Offical Store @Aliexpress

According to some tweets from POCO India

The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 870 chipset, and will include up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage.


Not sure if the price is a placeholder since POCO F4 GT now offered at US$469 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004181661309.html :)

Update 20 Jun: The page keeps updating, the price is reduced by 18%, some additional details provided like 120Hz AMOLED. I'm sure this is not the final price drop.

Update 22 Jun: Live launch event on 23rd, sale starts with flash price 329$ on 27th 12am PT

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  • +2

    Is the official launch price cheaper, compared to normal price (or RRP)?

  • +6

    Where is the bargain?

    • +1

      Just an ads

  • -2

    Snapdragon 870 ? Lol

    • Probably the best Android chip available right now.

      The newer cpus (888, 8gen1) are more powerful on paper, but have terrible thermal performance and efficiency, resulting in throttling (~capped performance) and worse battery life.

    • Not bad. 870 is powerful enough for most users.

  • Wouldn't the POCO F3 be a much better buy? ~$400 vs ~$700+

    • Pay more for an ugly plastic back.

      • most people put cases on their phones anyway

    • +1

      Only issue with F3 is no VoLTE and VoWIFI with Telstra. No n40 for Optus.
      Mostly minor issues for F3. I would rather opt for other mid-ranges for $300 than paying another $300 to get such updates.

      • +2

        I haven't done any research for Telstra, but have you tried:
        ##86583## (for VoLTE)
        ##869434## (for VoWiFi)
        (That's star hash star hash 86583 hash star hash star, my phone doesn't handle markup very well sorry)

        • I'm not sure if this is the right one but whatever it is, it works. Mine does wifi and volte calls.

          • @krunchymoses: Yes that's very strange and chaotic. A few of F3 have band 28 supported but a lot not. The hardware certainly supports these easily and no-one really knows if that's restrictions via the os or antenna…

      • ┬┐The "only" issue?

        What about a virtual proximity sensor that makes using your phone as a phone hell?

  • +1

    $100 more at launch than the Poco F3 was??

    No way.

  • Not buying Xiaomi phones anymore, got an Poco X3 GT, only good thing is the battery

    • +3

      What do you find bad about the phone? Been using a POCO X3 Pro for nearly half a year now, has held up decently well.

      • +1

        X3 GT doesn't officially support band 28 though a lot of website says yes. That is a serious issue if you travel a lot.

      • I bought a brand new Poco X3 pro (8gb/256gb) last February from Banggood for <AUD$315 and sold it for AUD$375 on ebay after using it for one year. Lol

        Best phone as per my use.

      • Mine is the X3 GT, different from X3 pro

  • +1

    The Realme GT Neo 3 with the Dimensity 8100 is a far better buy.

  • -2

    Unfortunately they don't have international warranty

  • Might be an OK deal for a Poco F4 GT. But it isn't so… it isn't.

  • -1

    They are all going to slow down eventually…. give or take 1 to 1.5 years of use

  • +1

    For around the same price you can get the Realme GT 2 or for a cheaper price the OnePlus 9RT both have better specs.

  • -1

    Crazy to buy SD870 at this price.

    • Again, probably the best cpu available for Android as of today. The theoretical better performance of the newer ones (888, 8gen1) means little if they suck at thermal/power efficiency and end up throttling and worsening battery life.

  • Poco F2 Pro driver here… this F4 doesn't look enticing…

    What a crappy order page. Doesn't even tell you the colour you are ordering.

  • L
    Would like to buy Realme GT2 Global version at around $600 including GST! Any suggestions?

  • Wait for Nothing Phone (1)

  • Looking to spend about $400-500. Reliable phone for parent. Any recommendation?

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