expired Amaysim 40% off UNLIMITED Mobile Plan ($23.94, Save $15.96 Once-off) Expires 24 May

Amaysim 40% off UNLIMITED Mobile Plan ($23.94, Save $15.96 Once-off) Expires 24 MayAffiliate

Amaysim is currently doing a 2 day sale where they are having 40% off their UNLIMITED mobile plan (unlimited talk + text + 13/18 numbers + 4GB/month data). Was $39.90 but now $23.94 after the discount.

Extract from their website:

Great news. Order or activate your amaysim SIM card online today to get 40% off your first amaysim UNLIMITED order. Be quick, this offer is available for two days only – ends 24th May 2012.

To get this offer use promo code UNL0540. The promotion applies to new online SIM activations and orders only. Grab a SIM online or at one of our 12,000 retailers.

Here's the link to their terms and conditions of this promotion.

I don't think the discount is recurring so the second month would still be $39.90. However there's no contract so there is no obligation to renew after a month.

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    So only for one month and new customer?

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    THE T&C's aren't very clear about what happens after first month. I think we all know the answer but it'd be good if they were clear.


      it isn't? it says "off your first .. order". i interpret that as for the first month, normal price thereafter $39 or pay as you go


      Same as the other Amaysim promo unlimited offers. If you have provided recurring payment details (CC, DD), you continue on the unlimited plan at the full price. Otherwise you change to As You Go with no initial credit. After a while of no use, the account is deleted.

      I should add that their AYG rates are quite decent and not the usual inflated rates other providers quote. E.g. 12c/min local calls, no flagfall.

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    hmm… am looking at this vs live connected sims… anyone can advise which one provides most value for international calls?

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      AFAIK their plans don't include international calls.
      TPG does but I don't know if they're reliable.

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        From what I can tell:
        TPG will let you spend any amount of your monthly credit on intl calls, but their intl rates aren't as good as the 'traditional' mobile phone telco's if I remember correctly


          thanks for the info KingBoo and Martin. :)


          actually yeah they're quite inflated.. but fwiw i think they're still better value (considiner what you pay for month and the amount you get) than the others that offer international calls on your credit (vodafone and telstra prepaid for example)


          TPG will let you spend any amount of your monthly credit on intl calls.

          According to this, only the $45 plan gets $100 worth of international calls per month.



          nah all the other plans you can use your whole credit on the international calls

          "For Super Value plans, Included Value means the available monthly usage value which can be used within each billing month for eligible calls and other usage types. Eligible Calls and Usage types are: Calls, SMS & MMS to Standard Australian (includes 13/18) and International Numbers (Landlines & Mobiles), Video Calls to Standard Australian Mobiles, Diversion within Australia and Tethering."


      I use both Amaysim and LiveConnected, the Amaysim one is pay as you go for International call (cheaper than quite a lot than LC or others, I call to Vietnam for only 10c per minute), and LiveConnected Tribe 11 for my daily mobile need coz I need more data than call (1.5GB but billed per KB, which is better than Amasysim). Hope it is helpful to you!

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    This would be a great deal if it was confirmed to be recurring i.e. $23.94/month forever.


      Ha. Ambiguous — nice username to describe Amaysim's T&C :) This is what I see:

      During the Promotion Period, customers who purchase an amaysim SIM card online
      and place their first order for or activate an Eligible Plan online for the first time and enter their Promotional Code will receive 40% off the total first order amount payable by the customer (40% off).

      So I think it's just the first order/first invoice.

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    I just called Amaysim and they said the 40% discount is only for the first month then goes back to $39.90 per month.


    crazy - quick vote it down

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    I think dodo has a better deal for the same network:

    $19.95 prepaid (50% off)
    UNLIMITED mobile plan (unlimited talk + text + 13/1300/1800 numbers + 5GB/month data (10GB first month) + 100min International Calls).

    They use the same Optus network as Amaysim (which makes this the same but better deal).

    Mod: As reported by @Hirokuro, Dodo does not allow tethering at this stage.

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    amaysim DO ALLOW iphone tethering. their customer service is outstanding, not sure about dodo but im quite happy with amaysim.


      Yes - just confirmed.

      Can I tether using my iPhone or smartphone?
      Yes, tethering is available for amaysim customers using smartphones. New customers will have tethering enabled automatically.

      http://www.amaysim.com.au/mobile-plans/amaysim-unlimited.htm... (under FAQ section).

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        I joined up to amaysim last month, the day it got connected I tried to tether my iPhone and it said 'please call optus'. So a quick phone call to amaysim and spoke to a very friendly lady and she sorted it out in less than 15 seconds. So far so good. I tether almost daily to my netbook.

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    With these deals, remember that you still have to pay something like $20 for the sim card which makes this deal pretty silly and certainly not worth doing for just a month.

    No neg from me because it's Scotty and I fear the repercussions.

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      remember that you still have to pay something like $20 for the sim card

      I don't recall a first-time SIM charge when I bought mine last October. Is it something new? When you check out it says total cost = $39.90 and that's it.

      I fear the repercussions

      Is that our version of conspiracy theory here? :)


        Hmmmm if not, then my apologies. It asked if I already had an (amaysim) simpack and also had the option of buying the simpack if I didn't already have one. Pretty sure you need one from amaysim to be able to use it. Last time I was comparing phone deals was around January, and I recall TPG, Liveconnected and Amaysim all having a $20 sim card fee.

        And hey man, you webmasters. One minute I'm negging you, next minute I get a 404…. DAGGERED INTO MY FRONT DOOR.


      Nah, the SIM is free in this deal and similar ones. Worst case is $2. You're probably thinking of Liveconnected.


      I think scotty needs to post under a different nick as a social experiment and see how quickly it gets voted up/down. :P


      If you don't have Amaysim SIM card, you can buy it for $2. It's TPG who charges $20 for the sim cards and in addition ask for $20 deposit taht stays with them until you cancel their service.


    EXPIRED *** bummer

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