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Up to 40% Sale Items & an Extra 20% at Checkout + Delivery ($0 for Orders over $100) @ adidas


Adidas is having an end of season sale online and instore on selected products up to 40% off (however I can see a few items discounts up to 70% off). If you shop online they are also adding an additional 20% discount.

I believe shipping prices can vary depending on where you live but if you spend over $100 it’s free. Also, don’t forget to use Cashrewards/ShopBack for cashback.

Offer valid from the below dates:

  • Member's Early Access: 12:01am AEST 6th June - 10:00am AEST 9th June 2022 on the adidas App and www.adidas.com.au
  • General Access: 10:00am AEST 9th June - 11:59pm AEST 19th June 2022 for all customers n the adidas App and www.adidas.com.au
  • Extra 20% off: 12:01am AEST 17th June - 11:59pm AEST 19th June 2022 for all customers on the adidas App and www.adidas.com.au

Discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

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  • +1

    Thanks OP. Currently checkout screens extremely slow and ultimately failed payment for me. But bargain!

    • Checking out with PayPal worked

  • +1

    Stack with cashback from SB/ CR

    • +1

      CashRewards @ 14%
      ShopBack @ 13%

      Also scroll down to the bottom for BECOME A MEMBER & GET 15% OFF newsletter signup.

      • Pretty sure you can't stack with coupons…?

        • I used my 15% off before and didnt see anything I wanted bad enough to sign up again but it should, the sale discounts arent coupons.

          • +1

            @sk3iron: The 15% welcome coupon did not stack

            • +2

              @jjimbo: Even worse - it actually cancels out the already reduced price and gives you 15% off the RRP

        • Yup, if you’re using the 15% off newsletter discount, this requires you to enter a coupon code

          The one that OP posted doesn’t require any coupons to be entered at checkout as it’s automatically discounted, so I would assume this would get cashback tracked

  • Anyone having trouble when hitting "review and pay"? Just keeps bringing up confirm details

    • I had major trouble but eventually paid with PayPal instead of credit card no hassles.

      • 4 all sold out now… 🤦‍♂️

  • +1

    Didn't track in Cashrewards yet, anyone's track right away?

    • Mine Tracked. It took about 20 mins to come through.

    • Mine took about 35 min, Afterpay order.

    • My first 3 orders tracked within 15 mins but the ones late last night didn’t track at all. For some reason, after paying on PayPal/Afterpay the screen went blank and kept saying it was loading but nothing happened. Purchases went through so I thought Cashrewards would’ve picked up but nothing yet.

  • +2

    Tanks OP and Sk3iron. Saved heaps on 3 pairs of kids' cheap runners.

  • +1

    Nice one OP. Got a pair of golf shoes for less than half price. Been using Adidas golf shoes for a few years, good stuff

  • Is there a code to get the extra 20%? It's not applying the extra discount at checkout for me

    • The extra 20% off is on selected range, use the link provided by OP

  • Any shoe recommemdation for overpronation or stability shoe for kids?

    • Newbalance for overpronation. Not sure they have any for kids though.

  • +4

    FYI - Shipping is free with no minimum spend required if you sign up to become an adiClub member

  • My delivery from last sale hasn't arrived yet!

  • +3

    I'm getting this when trying to login using my account. WTH. Any ideas?

    Oh no, we need your age confirmation.
    You have to verify your age to shop in Australia. Please go to the adidas website where you normally shop, log in, and add your date of birth to your account to continue shopping

    • +2

      Freaking heck. Chat told me to login to the US website. That worked. Geez they need to get their sh1t together. The website is also at a crawl.

      • +1

        US site could void any cashback offers?

        • +1

          update DOB on US site then log back in to AU site. Worked for me … but I don't think I want to buy anything anyway.

          • @Juice08: Glad it worked. There's an extra 20% and free shipping for members. Might sweeten the deal 😁.

      • I got the same, .com redirects me to .com.au

        (profanity) it. will just save the $$

        • First add your (fake) 🤪 birthdate using the US site. Once done you can click through using the cashback link of your choice in this post. My Cashrewards (14%) tracked. So that's a sweet deal. Sale price less 20% less the additional cashback with free shipping (if you sign-up to the addidas club, which is free). Nice if you need a pair or two, which I did.

    • I've had this message for ages and can't figure it out. So I just have given up shopping with them.

      • +1

        I updated my dob in the adidas app and its working.

    • Same

    • I logged in via the app and put in my d.o.b then I was able to login via the website…

  • Saved a trip to DFO

  • Thanks op! Great value with the extra 14% cashrewards

  • -1

    Can I get cashback if pay by ultimate gift card?

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +3

    urgh why is this pos website so buggy!

    either it doesn't want to log in or it doesn't want to add the item to basket

  • Wasn't really looking for anything but ended up picking up a pair of pants and slides anyway haha. Cashrewards tracked within minutes for me using PayPal.

    I thought it was interesting that besides free shipping with the adiClub account the items I bought were further discounted when I was checking out.

    • +2

      20% discount at checkout. Says in title.

      • Ahh yea I need to learn to read better lmao.

  • Puma also specials if you can't find sizes

  • +2

    Thanks for sharing and the insight, as my Ultraboost is 4 years old, due to wear and tear, grab a new pair for better comfort!!.

  • <deep breath>
    another round of cancelled orders…

  • Ah shit I got the adilette slides from a previous deal for 19 bucks, could’ve saved a further 3 bucks had I waited

    • might have been out of stock by then

  • Ordered via app, shows correct shipping address on app, however the confirmation email is missing street address, checked with customer support which also didn’t see street address…am I screwed? Has anyone experienced this?

    • My address was also in incorrect order: 111 Shop Name - 113 Smith St, instead of Shop Name 111-113 Smith St.
      Adidas said nothing they can do, if Aus Post can't deliver then it will be returned to sender, and Adidas will reorganise delivery.
      If you have the tracking number, try redirecting it in the Aus Post website/app, which I have done successfully.

      • Yeah, Because I entered the unit and street address on separate lines, one only shows the unit number but no street address, I don't even know if it will show up on my austpost account, will see, thanks

        • I had the same issue and I used Paypal Express checkout

          • @Dumax: I had to use the app via apple pay because all other methods (card/paypal) comes back as "payment refused"

  • 20% off still applies in cart. managed to get a pair of ub20s that i've been keeping an eye on.

  • How long does it take for adidas to pack and deliver your order after they confirmed the order? I've made my order 3 days ago they still havent packaged it yet.

    • +1

      it really varies. sometimes it's next day, sometimes a few days….and if you're really unlucky, it's a week or more and then they cancel your order.

    • I ordered on Sat 18 June, it is showing in my AusPost account, but just sitting there saying Ready For Processing.

      edit: Adidas tracking site says it's shipped on 21/6.

  • Anyone else's supposed tracking number come up blank on AusPost website?

    • Yes

    • mine supposedly shipped on wednesday and got delivered today by express post. tracking never worked.

  • +1

    Still waiting on my order on the 18th to be shipped. Thanks Adidas x

    • +1

      Same here

      • Hopefully you have received your adidas order or will be receiving it very soon.

        Please find your invoice attached to this email.

    • same here as well, sent an email to ask shipping but no reply.

      • +1

        use the chat function

        • +1

          Yeah just use the chat function on their website, literally got mine shipped this morning cause I asked them about it.

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