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Scoot Return Flight Direct to Singapore: Perth Fr $259, Gold Coast Fr $262, Melbourne Fr $311, Sydney Fr $325 @ IWTF


Fancy an quick trip to Singapore? These direct flights on Scoot are just the thing. Travel in August - September/22. Prices listed include carry on luggage.

$259 Return Perth to Singapore Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
23/Aug 30/Aug $259 View Flight
22/Jul 29/Jul $271 View Flight
23/Jul 30/Jul $271 View Flight
24/Jul 31/Jul $271 View Flight
03/Aug 10/Aug $271 View Flight
15/Aug 22/Aug $271 View Flight
16/Aug 23/Aug $271 View Flight
17/Aug 24/Aug $271 View Flight
18/Aug 25/Aug $271 View Flight
19/Aug 26/Aug $271 View Flight
21/Aug 28/Aug $271 View Flight
22/Aug 29/Aug $271 View Flight
24/Aug 31/Aug $271 View Flight
21/Jul 28/Jul $271 View Flight
04/Aug 11/Aug $271 View Flight
11/Aug 18/Aug $271 View Flight
20/Jul 27/Jul $271 View Flight
10/Aug 17/Aug $271 View Flight
22/Jul 30/Jul $271 View Flight
23/Jul 31/Jul $271 View Flight

$262 Return Gold Coast to Singapore Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
27/Aug 04/Sep $262 View Flight
23/Aug 21/Sep $270 View Flight
22/Aug 21/Sep $270 View Flight
25/Jul 01/Aug $271 View Flight
01/Aug 08/Aug $271 View Flight
08/Aug 15/Aug $271 View Flight
15/Aug 22/Aug $271 View Flight
22/Aug 29/Aug $271 View Flight
30/Jul 07/Aug $271 View Flight
02/Aug 10/Aug $271 View Flight
04/Aug 12/Aug $271 View Flight
06/Aug 14/Aug $271 View Flight
16/Aug 24/Aug $271 View Flight
18/Aug 26/Aug $271 View Flight
20/Aug 28/Aug $271 View Flight
23/Aug 31/Aug $271 View Flight
26/Jul 01/Aug $271 View Flight
01/Aug 07/Aug $271 View Flight
02/Aug 08/Aug $271 View Flight
04/Aug 10/Aug $271 View Flight

$311 Return Melbourne to Singapore Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
06/Sep 20/Sep $311 View Flight
18/Jul 14/Aug $312 View Flight
03/Oct 26/Oct $313 View Flight
03/Aug 17/Aug $316 View Flight
06/Sep 21/Sep $316 View Flight
01/Aug 19/Aug $317 View Flight
01/Aug 22/Aug $317 View Flight
27/Jul 10/Aug $317 View Flight
06/Sep 22/Sep $317 View Flight
02/Aug 16/Aug $319 View Flight
01/Aug 16/Aug $319 View Flight
01/Aug 17/Aug $319 View Flight
28/Jul 10/Aug $319 View Flight
27/Jul 09/Aug $319 View Flight
06/Sep 19/Sep $319 View Flight
29/Jul 10/Aug $320 View Flight
16/Aug 23/Aug $320 View Flight
30/Jul 10/Aug $321 View Flight
08/Aug 15/Aug $322 View Flight
01/Aug 10/Aug $322 View Flight

$325 Return Sydney to Singapore Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
18/Aug 18/Sep $325 View Flight
30/Aug 28/Sep $326 View Flight
31/Aug 25/Sep $327 View Flight
31/Aug 27/Sep $328 View Flight
31/Aug 28/Sep $328 View Flight
31/Aug 26/Sep $328 View Flight
29/Aug 28/Sep $328 View Flight
28/Aug 28/Sep $328 View Flight
31/Aug 23/Sep $330 View Flight
06/Aug 21/Aug $332 View Flight
05/Aug 20/Aug $332 View Flight
31/Aug 19/Sep $332 View Flight
31/Aug 20/Sep $332 View Flight
31/Aug 21/Sep $332 View Flight
12/Sep 25/Sep $332 View Flight
04/Aug 19/Aug $333 View Flight
04/Aug 20/Aug $334 View Flight
05/Aug 21/Aug $334 View Flight
01/Aug 17/Aug $334 View Flight
31/Aug 18/Sep $334 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • +1

    Would rather not fly than fly Scoot.

    • +10

      its not even bad for the price people i know people whos travelled 30+ times always fine

    • +1

      I find them no different than most low cost airlines, no worse than Jetstar or AirAsia (which I admit I haven't flown in many years now).

      One exception is their baffling policy of 'no headphones during take off or landing'. That one is annoying

      • +22

        Not even slightly baffling - I think most airlines are supposed to do this in the safety operational procedures, so the fact they actually enforce it shows they are actually committed to safety. 'Passengers are not to wear headphones during critical phases of the flight …because this could prevent them to hear announcements or directions made by the crew in case of emergency, and because headset cables could create an obstruction in case of an evacuation. Also, this would prevent them from listening to the safety briefing'. This is enforced in many European airlines also.

        Enforcing Safety regulations is certainly no reason not to fly with them!

        • +1


        • Play the safety announcement through the entertainment system like most airlines. oh, that's right…

          The one thing I'll give Scoot is they use modern aircraft like the 787 for fuel economy which does improve comfort slightly. It's a shame the rest of experience feels like a cattle crush.

      • The food is the worst plane food I’ve ever had on Scoot. Seats are better and food is delicious on air Asia.

    • +5

      I have flown 10+ times with Scoot and always good experience.

    • +1

      No problems here, particularly for a direct flight that only takes a few hours. As crappy an experience as any other discount airlines

      That said I only flew with them pre Covid.

    • I have absolutely zero issues with Scoot. I often fly to Singapore in their ScootPlus seat for only a few hundred more. Already flown them twice return this year and zero issues. I'd prefer to fly Jetstar as their business class offerings are much better in terms of meal and service but they ask for several hundred more and I can't justify that expense.

      • +1

        The food is disgusting and more expensive than AA. Wish they could improve in this area.

        • +1

          I agree food is their weakpoint and wished they would fix that. I generally have a big lunch either at the lounge or at a restaurant in the airport and then again in Changi. Now that Jewel is open again properly, there's an endless amount of places to eat for dinner, even though I seem to just always wind up at Burger King lol

  • +1

    When you factor in the Stiff chairs, Plastic seats, no food, no entertainment makes sense why the price is so low.

    • +18

      I'm not precious given its not a super long haul, so if I want to get from A to B that's the service I am paying for in my mind - the rest is a waste of my money.

    • +5

      It's a decision people shall make. Stiff seats, paying extra (albeit a little) for food, no entertainment OR paying $800 extra for all that to be inclusive. I would definitely save the $800 to spend on something else (it's all about priorities unless I have an unlimited supply of cash coming in). But I understand at a certain age, I would rather opt for paying $800 for a comfy seat (probably when I'm 90 YO and half paralyzed, hence, there's nothing else I could spend my money on). LOL

      • Just wear padded bike shorts

    • +7

      You understand how budget airlines work yeh?

    • +1

      The seats are just bizarre. Airplane costs ~$100 mil, but they can't afford to throw in another $2 of foam on every seat?

      • +4

        I think the seat design is about been as lightweight as possible for fuel costs. It's not about the cost of saving foam.

        • that makes sense for the structure being mostly plastic as opposed to metal, but not so much for foam, which is already incredibly light.

      • there'd be other factors- cheaper cleaning, less maintenance, they need to create a differentiation to their premium Singapore airlines model - etc.

        • none of that matters for adding foam inside.

          also, scoot and SIA, while legally co-owned, are operated under completely different management. they share some resources internally, but "what about SIA" is NEVER on scoot's execs' minds when making decisions.

          • @xrailgun: That's not what quite what I said - I didn't say it like they "care" about Singapore airlines, I said they need to create a differentiation. All companies need to differentiate themselves, most commonly to their competitors, and including related companies in the same industry - otherwise they'd have had to reason to be spun off. I like to quote the Chemist Warehouse boss when he said "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap".
            They need to Position themselves in market as a low cost airline. If they did everything Singapore Airlines did including comfy seats, they wouldn't be doing that.
            Plenty of companies spec down things that don't cost any extra on lower models of all sorts of products and have separate brands for high end vs low end because of needing to differentiate their position in market.

            However it'd be untrue that they never consider their position relative to Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines wholly owns Scoot. Goh Choon Phong is CEO of Singapore Airlines and "is Chairman of Budget Aviation Holdings Pte Ltd, which owns and manages Scoot"

            And yes foam in seats results in foam squashing under thousands of heavy arses more quickly then sitting on say, a slab of concrete which wouldn't wear out. Their seats are somewhere in between so presumably less cost of ownership.

  • +3

    Is this same as last time where after clicking through and without adding any extras, the site says the fare has gone up by around 20%? It is still good value but its like false advertising.

  • +4

    FYI, you can often buy the exact same flights through Scoot directly and save yourself the headache from buying via third party. Costs nearly the same and you're way better off.

    • +2

      Hi - We have a partnership with Scoot, so that Scoot fares are displayed in our search results. If you choose the airline, you are taken to their site for booking.

  • +2

    Singapore has two main monsoon seasons, the Northeast Monsoon season (December to March) and the Southwest Monsoon season (June to September).

    No wonder sale fares are for aug and sep, monsoon season.

    • I was there last week. Was raining a couple nights and mornings but it was sure drier than Perth was in the same time.

    • While this is true, tourism in Singapore is fine due to almost the entirety of the city complex being completely accessible underground around most of the major tourist spots in the city.

      If you plan to travel rural / into Malaysia then yes, not a good time to go.

  • I’ve flown with them many times pre COVID and had no issues. I will fly with them again.

  • The seats are very uncomfortable on scoot… from memory they're like NSW bus seats. It's fine if you can fall asleep on the flight, but if you're awake the whole time you'll be constantly readjusting yourself. Tickets are cheap but they will come at the cost of your comfort. It'll be up to the person whether they think it's worth it or not :^)

  • +2

    Cheap flight, but what's the chance of even reasonably priced accomodation in Singapore?

    • +1

      Pretty good chance.

      I usually stay around Chinatown.

      I’ve stayed at Porcelain Hotel a few times. Very small rooms; but functional.

  • I have been reading pretty bad stories where online agents not revealing airline reservation number so you gotta pay the online agent for additional add ons or baggage that cost more. Maybe not all agents doing this sneaky tricks. But something need to watch out.

  • +1

    Never had a problem with Scoot going to SG, have a good meal before flight and take some munchies on in hand luggage and a bottle of water,. Load up your ph with podcasts or some movies ect or your tablet and just pay for a beer or two or a nice mixer…easy trip.

    • Anyone know if SG is still enforcing mask wearing outside and inside?
    • Only indoors now.

    • Yep only indoors and no longer required to check in with TraceTogether

  • I never have issue with Scoot and still receiving their yearly birthday voucher too, do we need to do pre-flight covid test when flying in and out SG now?

    • No pre-flight testings for leaving/entering .AU and .SG

      AU has a DPD form which must be filled, within 7 days before arriving into AU

      It's a new travel health declaration form [DPD].

    • I am in SG right now, you only need a printed Vax cert and to fill out the SG arrival card online prior to arrival

    • Birthday vouchers are ending.

      But if you have one you can use it.

  • +1

    Are they still enforcing the BYO food ban these days? Rather not have to spend extra on mediocre plane food.

  • +1

    A couple tips for those booking.

    • Jetstar Price Match to get 10% off. They've changed the process since last time I did it years ago and the whole process is online and can be paid via gift cards. Used some of my Prezzee cards to pay it and avoid the CC fee.
    • CheapTickets SG is offering $50 off flights to Australia at the moment. Legit site and fares listed were cheaper than offered directly from Scoot. Booked through there and got the confirmation from Scoot right away.
    • Cheap SG 149 SG plus luggage 20 kilo higher $78 which is $48 only on scoot direct.

      Can you still change date one time on scoot free of charge? Does the booking number allow you add on scoot bags / etc afterwards? Thanks for score if all options of booking direct.

      • Does the booking number allow you add on scoot bags / etc afterwards?

        If you go to manage booking on Scoot's site and enter your booking reference and email, you can add bags, choose seats, meals etc.

        Bag fees are higher coming from Singapore. $55 SGD (~A$57) for 20kg direct if you book from Scoot. $71.07 SGD via CheapTickets. So actually the cheapest way to do it is book via CheapTickets but don't add bags via their site. Add bags via Scoot's site at $55 SGD after booking.

        However, the flight I chose was $235 SGD if booked at Scoot's site whereas CheapTickets was $212 SGD. So worked out cheaper even with higher bag fees and then the further $50 off.

        Can you still change date one time on scoot free of charge?

        No idea. FAQ seems to point to only bookings made via their site but looks like they are ending the free changes at the end of June.

  • +1

    I've flown scoot 2 times just before the pandemic in 2019 GC to SNG and both times it was pretty decent. I'd fly with them again, now just need to find more money so that I can go again.

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