Male Blood Donor Turned Away after He Refused to Say if He Was Pregnant

A 66 year old man has been donating blood for over nearly 50 years. He received a new form to fill in that asked if he was pregnant. He refused to answer the question to make a point and the clinic turned him away. The clinic lost life saving blood from a long time donor. The NHS thanked him for his support and said that biological sex is not always visually clear and that they have a duty to promote inclusiveness. So I looked up Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and to my surprise their eligibility questionnaire a) does not ask if a person is male or female, and b) has a forced yes or no question for whether a person is pregnant with a picture of what appears to be a long haired lady breastfeeding.

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  1. Don't let a question on a form stop you from giving life saving blood.
  2. This is wokeness gone mad.
  3. I won't give blood after this.
  4. There should be a "not applicable" box.

My view is that the main mission of collecting blood is to save lives and it's not about promoting inclusiveness. They should be focused on science and not turning donors away. I think that a 'not applicable' box is a good catch all third option that can then trigger a human assessment before the person gives blood. In that way a human can with sensitivity assess if the person is biologically pregnant or not regardless of external gender appearance.

It will be terrible for a war over political correctness to deprive blood donations. Every drop is precious and given out of kindness.

What do you think?

PS: What if a person cannot be biologically pregnant but identifies as pregnant?


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    The lunatics are running the asylum im with the blood donor this PC extremist are going too far

    might be controversial but imo there are two genders male and female - one can be pregnant the other cant if that statement offends you then you have a mental health problem

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      I’m offended by that statement but it’s mostly related to the lack of punctuation.

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        lol, you had me hot headed in the first half! Then I giggled.

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      You’re confusing gender and sex.

      And there’s also intersex. Which comes in many varieties, including people who have a penis and a uterus. In this case, yes, the uterus could grow a baby; this person could be pregnant.

      In your binary view of sex, is this person male or female?

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        Is it really a penis if it's shooting blank?

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          Some people within the intersex community have a penis, testicles and a uterus.

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            @jjjaar: That's interesting.

            Do all the parts work?

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              @rektrading: There are lots of different conditions that cause intersex, so the answer depends on that.

              In Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome for example, the baby is born looking like a girl on the outside. They have a vagina and will grow breasts when they hit puberty. They don't have a uterus or ovaries though.

              Genetically their chromosomes are male (XY), and they have undescended or partially descended testes.

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                @wizzy: I recall this House episode

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              @rektrading: Sometimes yes, however often the testicles produce too much testosterone which can impact the way the uterus works.

              There are people who have been in this situation who have opted to remove their testicles and penis, and have seen reduced testosterone and then gone on to become pregnant.

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              @rektrading: No they don't.

              There is no intersex condition where a single human could produce both gametes.

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            @jjjaar: Some people have three fingers and a thumb or six toes (or one of a host of many other deformities). We don't go around saying that three fingers and a thumb or six toes is normal. We recognise them as deformities rather than a normal part of the human body.

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              @bobbified: This is the thing, These things are so rare, they need to be treated as a one off and not as a third gender / sex or whatever.

        • Follow up question, what if your Penis is inverted???

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          Little irrelevant isn't it. That means a man with a vasectomy is no longer male with that logic?

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            @Tiller76: Or a woman without a uterus or has PCOS/endo and can’t fall pregnant is not a woman?

        • What…? So infertile men don't have penises?

      • -66

        I’m appalled by the ignorance on intersex here. There are more intersex people than redheads on this planet, why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp and be educated about?

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          Back to Reddit with you, son.

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          Whilst I suspect there’s more redheads than intersex people, I completely agree. I’ve always wondered why people can be so belligerent about the this false idea that there are only two sexs when it just isn’t the case. Intersex people exist. If that is accepted the notion that there are only two genders and it must align with a person’s genitals goes out the window. In my view it’s also much better for intersex people (and their parents) if gender diversity is accepted so they are not forced into a gender role in childhood which may cause physical and psychological harm.

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            @morse: There are still only 2 sexes, male and female. Intersex is a genetic abnormality where they have traits of both male and female sex organs.

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              @MrFunSocks: It is written in DNA of each and every cell of the body.
              Adepts of the LGBT religion can believe in anything, they don't care about facts.

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              @MrFunSocks: Not just that but their hormones are different. So you have a person who looks like a man, has a penis but also a uterus, and female hormones coursing through them. This hormone aspect of intersex causes all sorts of issues physically, mentally, emotionally, but also socially.

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          We're talking about humans in here, you aren't.

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          I'm appalled that an extremely rare anomoly is used as an excuse to normalize a whole issue which ends up in teaching kids all manner of mind-bending concepts that children need have no understanding of. I am sure that genuinely intersex people (hermaphrodites) wish to live their lives privately and not be a part of all this propaganda. I can't speak for them, but I doubt most of them would be arguing about what is on their birth certificate or demanding inclusion on every form that needs to be filled out. In reality, they are usually not 50/50 but one gender is much more dominant than the other. Statistically, a hermaphrodite presenting in everyday life as a male becoming pregnant would be a very unlikely scenario (extremely rare case out of an extremely rare group).

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            @Misplaced: How is it propaganda to teach people that there are intersex people? I think you underestimated children; if mine are anything to go by then the concepts of intersex, trans, gay, binary whatever are completely understood and, if anything, what is not understood is how people like you dont accept reality.

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              @dtc: It's on a need to know basis. Kids don't NEED to know this stuff. Kids don't need prompting to decide what gender they are. Life is very simple when we don't clutter it up with unnecessary details of things that have no relevance whatsoever to the majority of people (and especially not to children). Just put up a sign: If you're pregnant, don't give blood. Solved!

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            @Misplaced: There are no hermaphroditic species among mammals (including humans) or birds.

            Intersex conditions are caused by genetic abnormality. These people are either completely infertile, or can produce one type gamete - but never both.

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            @Misplaced: This is a great episode of you can't ask that featuring intersex people. It appears gender is also of relevance to intersex people, like it is to biological males and females

            teaching kids all manner of mind-bending concepts

            Like to accept people as they are and treat everyone with respect and kindness even if they are 'different'? (especially when they aren't harming anyone)

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          There are more intersex people than redheads on this planet

          why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp and be educated about?

          Go on, educate us beyond a throwaway comment with no facts to support it.

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            @dchurch1: Watch the intersex episode of You Can’t Ask That.

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              @jjjaar: Nah I'm gna need an actual peer reviewed source, not a television show.

              The tagline of the show is "Questions are put to and answered by the minorities that they relate to.".

              So your source is a TV show that asks those minorities? How is that a valid source for a claim that has been debunked already?

              Go on, I'll wait.

              This reeks of someone who's watched a 30 minute "documentary" and thinks they're enlightened and an expert on the subject matter.

              if you had a valid source, I'm all ears, but please don't say things like "go watch this show", that's laughable.

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              @jjjaar: The episode is nothing but ABC misinformation & refers to sources that are nothing other than a group of people interviewed about their "feelings".

              Here's the actual facts and numbers for you , so as not to be ignorant to the subject:

              The actual rate of intersex individuals as a percentage is 0.018%.

              The percentage of Australian's that have red hair is 4%, globally that percentage is 2%.

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          This really doesnt hold up to any scrutiny does it? Lets see, there was a couple of red heads in my high school and primary school. Now how many intersex people have I met in my life? Zero?

          • @FireSword: How would you know? Unfortunately society forces parents to pick whether they want to raise their child as male or female quite soon after birth for many intersex babies. Many of these children who are now adults struggle with this.

            Watch the intersex episode of You Can’t Ask That.

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            @FireSword: You closely examine the gonads of every single human you meet?

            What exactly do you think an intersex person looks like?

            • +2

              @Jolakot: It was simply an anecdote, calm down.
              What percentage of people do you think are born intersex? Couldn't you have found this information on wikipedia instead of getting emotional?

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              @Jolakot: Here's the actual facts and numbers for you, so as not to be ignorant to the subject:

              The actual rate of intersex individuals as a percentage is 0.018%.

              The percentage of Australian's that have red hair is 4%, globally that percentage is 2%.

        • I am apalled that freaks like arent locked up

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        I’m into sex as well

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        No YOU are confusing gender and sex as being different - they aren't, never have been, never will be in the real world. So what you are referring to is a BELIEF system - the new RELIGION, more specifically: a cult. You have replaced reality and science with a fantastical belief (fantasy) - effectively a fairy story. Worse still, many of your ilk go on to punish the other 98.8% of people for not indulging them on entering a fantasy world bordering on mental illness.

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      Shouldn't have a problem answering a question about pregnancy then, snowflake

      Sorry if that statement offends you

      If it does you have a mental health problem

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        Honestly, what's the problem with the question? They don't care about gender, they only need to know whether you're pregnant. Simple question - just answer it.

        • -3

          It is a female privilege to choose the partner and to give live.

          • @BLN39: Thank you for your insight. Do you have anything to contribute relevant to to the topic?

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        Totally agree. A 66-year-old man throws a tantrum and leaves without donating blood. Childish and pathetic.

        • says it that is incapable of understanding the concept of principles

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      whilst in ukraine…

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      Yep. These people claiming there are "more than 2 genders" while also completely ignoring those other genders are* manufactured by science and pharmaceutical companies hooking people on hormones for life.

      Its a mental health issue being abused for $$$. I will die on this hill.

      • +1

        Sounds like a hell of a lot of work for very little payoff? Why would Big Pharma bother when hormones aren't patentable, I'd sooner believe that they invented covid19 to sell billions of doses of vaccines than this

        • +2

          Unfortunately, profit is profit.

          You gotta look at the long term profits. Its like how game pass is extremely cheap now, to hook everyone on it, then its going to get more expensive. Same deal with other streaming services.

          A more relevant example is the constant rise of prices of insulin (for no reason other than profit) in the U.S.

          edit: Forgot to mention, on insulin, theyre constantly making new "patents" to keep prices up. I dont see anything stopping the same happening to hormone treatments to skyrocket their prices (U.S).

          • @Ahbal: Profit is profit, but opportunity cost is opportunity cost

            Surely spending truckloads of money "manufacturing genders" to sell more non-patentable hormone treatments is an infinitely worse investment than creating some new patentable weight loss pill or cold&flu medication?

            Because these same hormone medications have already existed for decades to treat menopause and testicular disorders; a quick look shows 8 different companies making 12 separate FDA approved Testosterone medications, several of which have generics available

            So this would have to be one of the worst financial blunders in history, they'd make more money investing in kid's lemonade stands

        • +1

          The assorted drugs those people need to take for life after transitioning includes anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, TRT's, HRT's and all the regulars associated with gender dysphoria. Then it's an even bigger list for the 40-odd percent who consider or attempt suicide once transitioned, and then the growing numbers every year who realize they were rushed through the process and now wish to transition back to their original gender. Those numbers don't even take into account the wave of child and teen patients now hitting the system who realised after now spending a basic amount of time in mental health care, they were rushed through the process by manipulative parents and groomers on social media & school communities - those individuals who are mostly suffering from ADHD type issues must now also begin the journey back to sanity and their original gender, a process which will involve big pharma products for the rest of their lives.

      • It's a sad state of affairs you think it's a conspiracy by big companies.

        Just talk to more people and actually try and understand trans people's issues and why they identify as such. This whole series of posts is pretty upsetting as someone who has multiple friends that identify as non-binary.

        At end of day - who gives a (profanity)? If they want to - then great, I support them. It really makes no difference to me or you, so not sure why people make such a big deal of it besides just basic bigotry.

    • -1

      The statement more bemuses me as it is an indication that your 'evidence" is basically " It's common sense, init!"

      It may be common. It's also nonsense. Many women can't be pregnant, and there are documented verifiable cases of "men", unknowingly biologically bi-gendered, who have fallen pregnant.

      Even in a purely physical sense, the distribution of physical sexual attributes, let along gender, whilst bi-nomial, is also a continuum.

      If the big words offend you, then you have a " don't know what the hell you are on about" problem.

      • +5

        Hold on. "Men" who don't know they are not entirely "men" somehow fall pregnant? Are the verified cases documented in your link? I'm curious how that happened.
        I clearly misunderstood what my biology teacher was saying.

        • +2

          Well you see I, as a man, let another man **** me in the ****, but until I fell pregnant, I had no idea I wasn't a typical biological man.

          • +6

            @Scrooge McDuck: I guess if a person who believed they were a typical biological male received anal intercourse from a biological male and semen spilled from their anus into their hidden vagina, it could happen.

            Then a poor bloke who thought he had everything figured out could be up for 18 years of child support payments!!

            • @Scrooge McDuck: What about the poor dude who inadvertently got him pregnant through the back door?!

            • +1

              @Scrooge McDuck: "But your honor, I can't possibly be the father, because I pulled out of his mangina with time to spare"

              An argument no one will ever hear in a child support hearing, unless it's from someone in a mental health facility.

      • +12

        I would love to read a case study of a man who unknowingly fell pregnant. I didn’t realise this was physically possible, and absolutely happy to be educated!

        I also can’t help but feel the statement “many women can’t be pregnant” whilst strictly factually true is a strawman argument.

        What simply stuns me is the weight of this issue in general. Approx 0.01-0.02% of global population is affected, yet it’s a dominant discourse?

    • +8

      I think the real question is:

      Are the clinic staff 'really' underpaid.

      Forum post required.

      • Should have been in the teachers/nurses/cops series

    • +1

      The representative in the article seems to agree with you and says the question is only relevant to people born female. It is a generic questionnaire and they care about pregnancy and not gender. I have been donating for 10 years or so and when (in Aus) they changed to touch pads for the questionnaire they changed all survey questions to binary which you seem to like. From data processing having only two options allows for fast processing and fewer errors.

    • +7

      No the lunatics are complaining. All this pathetic loser had to do was just say no he wasn't pregnant. That's it. It was that simple but his misplaced pride or utter stupidity interfered with any semblance of reason. It's a medical procedure they are going to ask invasive questions. That's how medical procedures work. If you are going to volunteer for the procedure then you ought to be okay with answering the invasive questions. And if you can't be a grown-up and do that then don't volunteer and don't participate in trying to damn the system for being careful. I quite literally knew people who died due to tainted blood because the system wasn't as careful decades ago as what it is right now. The reality is that one person's blood donation isn't going to save or not save a single life. There's not been one case in recent history in the UK where someone died in hospital because there wasn't adequate blood supply to treat them. So let's stop pretending that his donation or lack of donation really matters. If he just wants to be some old angry bitter twit he's welcome to do so but he ought to be called out for it.

    • +3

      Yeah like once I filled out a form and it asked me if I was a woman. I was like damnnnnnnn do I look like a woman you woke form! I stormed out and that's why I'm still unemployed today

    • +3

      Wow, really showing the age distribution of this forum skews heavily to an older age group.

      This is the equivalent of the gay marriage stuff but with a different topic. History will prove you wrong but time needs to occur for these older views to die off unfortunately.

  • ^ agree

    • +21

      by the way contraceptives can be taken for many reasons other than contraception as well

      • +13

        And pray tell, what are contraceptive pills used to treat in 12 yo boys…

        • -12

          ever heard of a thing called acne?

          • +17

            @DiLs: Acne in 12yo “boys” and it being treated with contraceptive pills, no.

            I’m not sure about how well it treats acne in 72yo women either, for that matter…

            • +5


              I’m not sure about how well

              Then why comment? You're not not sure - you don't know.

              The Blood bank question was ridiculous, but the prescriptions may be valid [ easy access to legal dexedrine whilst hay-making convinced me that not all doctors are philanthropic rather than mercenary] however the mechanism would be to alter the balance between oestrogen and testosterone - the testosterone lift also causing the acne many girls and young women gat during their period.

              The hysteria regarding the "only two sexes mate, wear it" nonsense is getting wearisome.

            • @pegaxs: Oh no.

            • +1

              @pegaxs: Actually Diane (a common contraceptive) is very commonly used to treat acne, and is quite effective.

              BUT I get your point. What the hell does travel insurance have to do with meds. Thieving bastards.

              • @HelpMeiCantSee:

                What should I know before I use DIANE®-35 ED?

                Diane-35 ED is not for use in men.

            • @pegaxs: The oldest recorded mother to date to conceive was 74 years. So you can't assume a person is not pregnant based on age alone.

              • @lookwithin: An implanted embryo, she certainly didn't conceive that child. But your point stands.

          • @DiLs: Believe it or not, it's a real reason.

      • That was a wild story.

        • Totally 😯

    • +15

      Why did you refuse to answer a medical question?

      • +1

        To "prove a point".

    • +24

      Why not just tick ‘no’?

      • +11

        “But they’ll think I have the gay if I tick an option that’s not ‘v8’ or ‘footy’”

      • Because it may be incorrect?

        Good luck claiming your travel insurance if nephew/MiL was taking contraceptive mediciation, but you ticked no assuming they weren't.

        • Just don't make assumptions about medical stuff?

      • Because it is stupid question!
        I don't want to participate in the social schizophrenia!

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    Let me grab some popcorns

    • +1

      This is beyond even entertainment value for me

  • +1

    I might watch Junior tonight

    • +1

      Imma gonna watch Ace Ventura.

      • I currently have his hair style 😂

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    He may not be pregnant but is highly likely to have a stick up his ass.

    Does he expect them to have separate forms for men and women?
    Has nothing to do with wokeness, just people looking for wokeness.

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