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Avancer Geminus Double Wall Glass with Handle 400ml - Set of 4 $23.74 with Coupon FREE DELIVERY


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Not bad cheapest yet…

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    …Is it just me or do those handles look really fragile?
    Has anyone had experiance with these cups? Was interested up until that point.

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      I'm not sure why they bothered with handles. The whole point of the double walls is that the outside is cool to the touch.

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      The glass stuff is surprisingly tough. We're pretty hard on our cups/mugs and these have come through ok. They've been mishandled, through the dishwasher umpteen times, clanked together etc (never dropped on tile yet) and they seem fine.
      As Yarkin says, the handles are totally decorative - The glass is cool to the touch even when it is filled with boiling hot tea. If I were ordering again I'd go for the handle-less ones.
      Re: Size - They are about the size of a large coffee cup/small coffee mug. They are also disturbingly light - When you pick them up you do a double take the first few times.


        "They are about the size of a large coffee cup/small coffee mug."

        Since when is 400 mL a small coffee mug?

        I'd hate to see you bouncing off the walls after a large coffee! :-D

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      They're not. A friend of mine bought these and I use one daily. It's not my favourite shape of glass but the handles are not fragile.

      That said, the glass itself is so don't go dropping it on stuff. :)

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      The handle is not the problem, my last double wall glass the bottom inner wall crack when i drop the spoon in it (the inner wall surprisingly thin)


        Same story with me. It happened with ice cubes too (in retrospect, it was a dumb idea).


      Thanks for the feedback guys!


    I like these & need some glasses to use with my ozbargain purchase Nespresso Citiz from Amazon ES


    400 ml … Why so big?

    Isn't a normal glass about 250ml?


      No, a metric cup is 250mL and that's not actually very much in mug-land :p I think most of my tea/coffee mugs are about 310-350mL!


      They're about the right size for beer glasses, but they've got handles like a mug.
      I guess that's why they're selling these ones for cheap while all the other (more useful) styles are full price.


    nice, but i want them cheaper. Around $20 for four is better….. im tempted…. if they didnt have handles i would buy them for sure.


    Hi Guys,

    We've got new sizes and shapes coming in about 2 months - There will be a few 300ml - 450ml models without handles




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