Gaming PC: RTX 3070, B550 DS3H MB, 16GB 3200MHz RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD, 650W PSU, R5-5500 $1348, 5600 $1427 + Delivery @ TechFast


Price drop on AMD 3070 Gaming PCs, paired with either Ryzen 5 5500 ($1348) or Ryzen 5 5600 ($1427 after upgrade).

Rep Luke says the 5600 is a better chip, but the 5500 offers good value with performance of 5600G, minus on-board graphics.

Enjoy :)

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    Would this play Warzone better then a PS4 for my son?

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      It's a vastly different experience. You should ask whether they want to use a mouse and keyboard or a controller.

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        I mean you can stick to a controller on a PC

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          Of course, but it isn't worth mentioning in online games such as warzone. Playing with a controller against m+kb is not a good experience.

        • I think a lot of prose, or YouTubers actually have the controller wired for better reaction times.

          Most also use wired headsets, I find I just can't get the same movement as I see some other controller players and I find people on keyboard have some pretty insane movement which is hard to compete with.

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        They play keyboard and mouse on PS4 - my ears are bleeding with him wanting one

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          Have you considered the second hand market?If you are savvy you can get much better deals there, but there are also a lot of bad ones.

          This is an okay deal, but it doesn't include a lot of extra stuff that you might need, like additional storage, aftermarket cooling solutions or a choice of any case.

          TechFast gets a good rap here, but I haven't used them, I'm sure someone else can chime in with their experiences.

    • This would run much better than a PS4, both in detail and frame rate. If I remember correctly the PS4 runs at the lowest level of detail, with no option to turn it up.

    • Warzone 2 is also coming this Xmas, and 3070 will perform much better than PS5 in that case.

    • *than

  • Also after some advice … will this comfortably play Microsoft Flight Simulator at a smooth decent frame rate?

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    AMD Ryzen™ 7 processor
    Windows 11 Home
    16.1" diagonal FHD display
    NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070
    512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC M.2 SSD
    16 GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM (2 x 8 GB)

    Bought this laptop yesterday $1,650 with AMEX offer.Shall I return it buy the desktop instead?

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      I mean, do you want a desktop instead? If so yes. It's gonna be faster. But then you'll also need a monitor and stuff too.

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      If you have no genuine need for portability then absolutely yes. The only time someone should buy a gaming laptop is either an obscenely good deal or they have a genuine need to be portable, otherwise a desktop will always win out.

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      Depending on the game desktop graphics cards are usually going to be 20-100% better than their mobile equivalent.

      • Processors too

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      No, laptop is better

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        Lol. Similar spec’d laptop vs. desktop.

        Desktop by a long way

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    Ouch, back in November I bought My 3070 for more than the price of this whole system.

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      Yeah, but have you had 8 months of gaming fun?

      • Yeah, Far Cry 6 and Fifa 22, so not complaining but it still hurts to be honest

        • I can't completely relate but I bought a similar system with a 3060 and 10400F in November for this price so the crash on GPU prices has got me sad too. I'm happy that I've had something to game on for the last 6 months but for the same price, I would much rather have a 3070.

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          Far Cry 6 and Fifa 22

          So no then

    • Everyone was warned not to pay over msrp though, for about a year straight.

    • I bought 3070 deal as well on last november and yea, I understand the feel.
      i thought the gpu prices would keep going up back then.

  • +170 for windows?

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      It's double glazed perspex.

  • How much different is a 5600 vs. an series 12 i5/i7

    For gaming purposes. Would you notice much differences

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      A tiny little bit. You pay for it though.

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        The i5-12400 is exceptionally well priced (about $240) and will have 13th gen upgrades I think. Definitely the route I'd be going if I bought a computer today.

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      Not much between them. But several reviews I read leaned towards the Intel for gaming.

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        Be cautious with that site, they're notorious for skewing numbers.

        • -1

          Was just the first thing to pop up, and easiest to link.
          Should've maybe linked to a few others where they're comparing frame rates between the two using various GPUs.
          But the data was the same again and again, the 12th gen i5 consistently out ranked it.

  • How future-proof is this for gaming? Just sold my PS5 and looking to move from console to PC. Ideally want something that'll comfortably trounce the visual fidelity (resolution, FPS, etc.) of my PS5, for gaming between 1440p-4k @60. Undecided as to whether this or the 3070TI deal is better, and with new cards on the horizon, I'd potentially like to trade-up to a ~4080 in 2-3 years time.

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      It's the bangest of bucks, not future proofed.

      Good for [email protected] Just google average game benchmark for 3070 and you get an idea.
      Diminishing returns in performance the more you spend (as with most things). Just do what suits the budget.

    • The am4 platform is getting no future upgrades. So it's not all that future proof. If am5 goes the same way am4 did. It'll be the best thing you could buy.

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        I don't know what this means, but this is what scares me about PC gaming, lol.

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          Means you can't drop a newer generation processor (that is yet to be released) in to this computer.

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          AMD's Ryzen 5000 series will be last batch of CPUs that will run on these motherboards (AM4). Next CPUs to release will go on a new motherboard platform (AM5).
          Having said that, the 5500 and 5600 CPUs are 6 cores, so you can always upgrade in the future to an 8 core, 12c or 16c if you buy a higher tier CPU on the same platform.
          This PC is a bit more powerful than a console so in that sense it's future proof, but with a new platform around the corner (~Mid Spring) you're probably better just waiting.

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            @Mr Awesome: The only AM4 chip you would want to upgrade to for gaming would be the 5800X3D (very important to note the 3D on the end). Everything else would give so little gain that you'd be better off selling the motherboard, CPU and RAM, and putting that money and the extra you'd spend on a 5900X and move to a R5 AM5 setup

            • @TimR31: Depending on when… Some people upgrade from i3s to i7s years after if they have a hand-me down or find a cheap ebay deal.
              But yes, for gaming, the v-cache model will be the one to go for if you had to stick on the same platform.
              Excited for AM5, from memory (from my twitter feed) it should go up to Zen6

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            @Mr Awesome: Great explanation, only thing I'd add is at the end. Although you might be better off waiting, in tech there's usually something worth waiting for but if you you'll never end up buying something. At some point you'll need to pull the trigger. Not saying that point is this deal, just saying you'll almost always get the feeling of "just X months until this comes out, should I wait?".

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              @BadAtNames: Thanks, and I agree… soon after Zen 4 launches you will probably have v-cache models releasing, then Zen 5 and so on. Buying what you need should be sufficient.
              However, one caveat that I do believe is that there are 'better' times to buy, e.g. start of platform cycle vs the end.
              Let's hope crypto hype stays away for a bit

            • @BadAtNames: I second this! Its like people are saying you should wait for 4000 series GPU drop in a few months or so but who knows how much its going to cost and the stock levels what not. I'd say if its more than enough in what you wanna do with it and gives you great value against price you should consider.

            • @BadAtNames:

              … in tech there's usually something worth waiting for but if you you'll never end up buying something At some point you'll need to pull the trigger

              Agree eleventybillion%

    • I just purchased a AMD 5600, 3080 GPU build from Luke came in at $2060 delivered. I just received it last week
      For me, I think that should be good enough for a few years to come. I have been able to play a few games so far on ultra graphics hitting 144fps which is perfect for me.

    • +1

      Best options:
      1) if you can wait for an AM5 board towards the end of the year. Do.
      2) if your computer has died and you need one today, I'd go for a 12400 CPU on either a ddr4 or ddr5 mobo (depending how much you want to spend) which will give you an upgrade path to 13th gen in a few years; speculation would be to get a "13700" about 6mo after it launches for a decent price. This will allow you to upgrade to a 4080 without bottlenecking too hard on the CPU.

  • I noticed your store is located in South Australia. Will you ship to other states like NSW if we buy online?

    • It's on checkout… Approx $50 to Melb or Syd.

      • Thank you, that's super helpful :)

  • That's a very good deal indeed, bought similar build with rest of the everything the same except 3060Ti for $1288 just 2 months ago, now only $60 more you get 3070 instead, amazing!

  • What brand 3070 is this?

    • "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB LHR Graphics Card"

      • That’s the type of GPU chip, but what’s the brand of the GPU card?

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      We currently have MSI Ventus and Gigabye Gaming on hand. Customers can request in order notes if they have a preference and we will accommodate where possible.

      • would that be the Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 3070?

        • Yep

          • +1

            @luketechfast: thanks for the reply Luke
            so if the preferred choice is not available, do we get an option to cancel/refund? or is it automatically substituted with the replacement model

            • @oldandburnt: It would be automatically replaced by default, because ultimately that's our business model. You could leave a very specific note/email if it is a massive deal breaker for you, but varying brands/models form the core of our business model so if absolute specific is a core requirement of yours, we may not be the best option for your build, being realistic

  • Can this run total war/s up to Warhammer 3 at 1440 max ?

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      RTS tend to rely on CPU so the 5600 upgrade would be a recommendation

  • Very tempting however I want a system without the GPU so i can drop my spare 20xx card in there. Given I've waited this long and still cant get one I'm guessing its a pipe dream.

    • +2

      Build it yourself? Not hard

      • You're basically saying people shouldn't waste money on prebuilt deals because they can easily build one themselves, given that all the actual work is in the machine build and not slotting in a simple GPU.
        There's a ton of reasons why people would prefer to spend the money on a prebuild over a DIY, time economy would mostly likely take 1st position. Other reasons could include religion, infants in the house, colour blindness, addiction to laptop porn, or maybe they've sustained a debilitating injury rendering them unable to safely build a new machine.
        But you are correct, building our own is a much cheaper and more fulfilling process. I once thought the profits must be in the computer parts as a package and the speed at which they can be built (little variation in choice means faster build times) but now I'm thinking it must be in the GPU's considering how often I've seen the old comment "…. we've listened to what people want so here's our new ….."
        Yet still I've seen no builds without GPU's and I've asked many times.

        • But you are correct, building our own is a much cheaper and more fulfilling process.

          Time you got started then…

          I've seen no builds without GPU's and I've asked many times.

          It’s not rocket science. They make more money selling it with a GPU

          • @bOngOCaT: Damn mate! Sounds like you have a real axe to grind with this company or their business model. If someone like you is telling me nay then I think I'm going to buy one.

            • @Ebany:

              If someone like you is telling me nay then I think I'm going to buy one

              You think i care?

              • @bOngOCaT: yup. Can feel you getting ready with one of your conspiracy theories about how the company just wants to get 1 million orders paid on backlog before they change the cash to Bitcoin and split the country leaving tons of people with empty power sockets.

        • Thats a big reply to 5 words….

  • Looking at the 5600 build. Any recommendations for the upgrades required?

  • but the 5500 offers good value with performance of 5600G

    Sorry, this isn't "good-value" performance, it's often worse than a 3600, and it also lacks PCIe 4.0. Which will cripple the system should you ever wish to upgrade it to the next generation of much faster GPUs.

  • What would be the cost of the 5600 build without the GPU?

  • coupon is expired?just want make an order 5600

  • so if the preferred choice of GPU is not available, do we get an option to cancel/refund? or is it automatically substituted with the replacement model ?

    Thanks a ton

  • @luketechfast I finally ordered a pc from you after recommending 4 separate systems to friends and family (all have been happy with their systems). I put this question in the order notes, but is there a chance to upgrade the CPU to the 5700x?

  • Anyone had theirs shipped out yet?

  • @luketechfast
    Hi Luke,
    I understand that most people here are interested in a good Gaming PC deal. Would there be a deal aiming for high computing power (especially CPU)?
    I reckon some CS students/researchers/educators will be interested in this.
    Thank you.

  • Ages since I did any PC gaming.

    How does this compare to something like this?

    • +2

      $600 more for a less powerful GpU…

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