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Sony 7 Inch Carplay Android Auto Dual USB - XAVAX5500 $561.75 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Autobarn


6.95" WVGA AV CENTRE with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, Weblink 2.0, Capacitive Touchscreen, Dual/Rear USB
Capacitive high quality touch screen.
Reverse camera input with adjustable parking lines.
Dual USB Inputs

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  • What’s the difference between the AX5000 and AX5500?

    • Screen mirroring

  • Do they have installation service?

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      Probably but if they're anything like Bankstown Marine and Auto they'll charge over $200. It's easy enough to do yourself with a bit of preparation and patience. You'll need to buy a harness kit (over $100) for the steering wheel audio controls (if you have any), ears (plastic side trims that are car model specific $20) and some other bits and bobs. I installed mine (Kenwood DMX8020s) over 3 hours but could never figure out how to get the rear camera going, but that's OK, the reversing camera on the 2012 RAV4 is more of a potato than a camera.

      • Would you know where to connect the blue wire from the antenna adpater to? Thanks.

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        Some cars will also require facia kits, sometimes with custom mounting brackets for the headunit, not just ears.

        Factory reverse cameras normally have a different voltage to a standard reverse camera, hence why it wouldn't work. If the voltage is same the reverse signal wire probably isn't connected properly.

        RE the steering wheel controls a lot of cars use a resistance ladder in the wheel, meaning if you find the wires you can hook em up to a sacrificial AUX cable and plug it directly into the back of the Sony unit to program the buttons yourself. This means you can cheap out on the harness.

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      Hi LabaLaba …

      The stores do have an installation service … if you speak with your local store they can advise pricing.

      The price will depend on the type of car that you have and how much work needs to go into putting it in.

      https://aerpro.com/ <— the stores use this website to do a check for additional parts. It asks for your make and model of car and the type of unit you wish to install. It will then ask other questions suitable for your vehicle and tell you if additional parts are required.
      Please note … it will give you a couple of different options, so always best to confirm with the store prior to purchase, but at least it's a start :)

      Hope it helps

  • Sale is over

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