Free Powerade Squeeze Bottle When You Purchase Two 600ml Powerade Drinks ($6.50) @ BP


Get a free Powerade squeeze bottle when you purchase two 600ml Powerade drinks at BP for $6.50. Bottle has no plastics identification code stamped on it and it doesn't say 'BPA free'. Although on an Amazon listing for the same product it does say BPA free.

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    as an ozbargainer, when my kids need a new drink bottle - I just give them an old tomato sauce bottle.

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  • Good idea. Can't see the link you mentioned though.

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    Aren't the bottles you are already buying the drinks in "squeeze bottles" anyway?

    So its basically buy 2 plastic bottles for landfill, and we'll give you an extra empty plastic bottle for landfill for free?

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is the very definition of wastefulness.

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      So let me guess, you've been living in the jungle for the last 20 years and you've never come across the concept of recycling? Landfill? Pffft. What a joke.

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        There we go… someone so desperate to try and make a point that they have to go to the very extremes in an attempt to make the arguement sound reasonable.

        Just because you can recycle, doesn't mean you should go ahead and waste plastic. It's a waste of energy, manufacturing, resources… and that's IF every single bit of plastic actually gets recycled… which it doesn't.

        The only "joke" is the person that doesn't get that simple concept.

        Pfft. What a joke.

  • These drinks are about $1.80 each at woolies.

    By the time you pay the BP premium price you have basically bought the damn bottle anyway.

    • Normally they are $3.65 each at Woolworths (which equates to two for $7.30) but yes they are currently $1.82 each (warm) on a half price, limited time, special.

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    Get a free Powerade squeeze bottle that you pay for when you purchase two 600ml Powerade drinks at BP for $6.50


    • No you haven't. They are normally $3.65 each at Woolworths so buying two would cost you $7.30 (warm). $6.50 for two at BP plus a free squeezy bottle seems like a much better option to me.

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        Since when do we compare against rrp on ozbargain. They are literally $1.82 right now from woolies.

        You do you though. All g.

        • I do me?? What is wrong with you?? This was the first deal I've posted on Ozbargain. Was the 'L' plate symbol next to my username not prominent enough for you? Anyway, since when does Ozbargain compare a buy two and get something free offer to a buy two of something on special and get nothing for free offer? The best price I can find online for the squeeze bottle is $29.

          • @Crankitup: Take it easy mate, and welcome to ozbargain.

            • @coldazure: Your first reply to me said FTFY.

              Your second said "You do you" and now you're telling ME to take it easy. Thanks for the welcome though.

              • @Crankitup: I mean, it is totally "up to you" if you like to compare with RRP. I wouldn't, but you have your right to do so. Is there something wrong with that?

                I'm saying take it easy cus you seemed to be quite worked up, and I'm just reminding you that this is no big deal so take it easy.

                Have a great day.

                • @coldazure: It's obvious you won't stop until you've had the last word so I'll be off now to do something more productive. After you've typed your inevitable reply to this, perhaps you can look at dictionary definitions of obdurate and egomaniac. You might find them instructive.

                  • @Crankitup: If it was an objectively best bargain, then everyone should quite easily agree. However, the issue here and what I am calling out is that those are overpriced powerades, and therefore potentially not the best bargain. So when considering this bargain in reality the question is whether the bottle is worth $2.84. It isn't free per se. For me, that's a resounding no, but that's just my opinion. And I say this in all seriousness because if this was objective at all I would've just hit the neg.

                    Per my previous replies, I have already accepted that your opinion is that this is a good deal for you and respectfully disagreed. You're the one coming on super strong with all the aggressive tones expecting others to just agree with your point of view, and feels to me like you're the one who needs to look up those definitions.

  • My favourite review:

    The description misleaded me. It,s a 24 Oz and not a 32 Oz. So a bit expansive for a small bottle.

    2nd place:

    They are really just a novelty item as water does not stay cold even with ice in them.

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