[Unobtainable] Exetel NBN 50/20Mbps Unlimited $59.99/Month Ongoing with a 12 Month Contract (Existing Customers Only) @ Exetel

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Not the hottest deal in the world, but handy for those of us who are too lazy to switch providers every 6 months. Exetel have an unadvertised 50/20 contract for any existing customers, that requires them to stay for 12 months @ $59.99. Price stays the same at the conclusion of the 12 month period and you move to month-to-month.

Extra info:
It's unadvertised, so you'll need to call them up.
Technically you're purchasing a new service (and ending your current service). You'll then need to specifically ask for the 12 month 50/20 offer

Getting reports from people that the offer might only be available to people moving house. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up :(
@Mods please delete if this is the case.

Mod: The deal appears to be negotiated or unobtainable for most, if not all, see comments. Moved to forums to retain comments for those who still wish to try or continue discussion.

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    This has to be the first time I've seen a deal for existing customers only, even with the 12 month lock in, good work Exetel!

    • They do credit check, might as well stay with them.

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    Good deal. I've been on their 50/20 $54.99 price for 3 years but with 500gb limit. Might be worth it to upgrade to unlimited.

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      Me too, though it seems to be $60.49 now. Have never hit the 500Gb cap, though if I can get a better plan for 50c less…

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      Wow, I was with them for a year at $59 and then they said they had to increase to $66. I feel a bit ripped off

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        Yeah, same thing that happened to me.

      • same story. had been paying $66pm for 2 years until I called them in late Nov last year with that 30days cancellation crap. then they will offer you that $59.99 1-year contract to stay with them. this deal should be hidden for quite a while I believe.

  • Great find! Do you need to call them or you can sign the contact on their web portal?

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      It's unadvertised, so you'll need to call them up.
      Technically you're purchasing a new service (and ending your current service). You'll then need to specifically ask for the 12 month 50/20 offer

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    Currently on Exetel 50/20 promo. Out of the last 5 providers I've churned, they have been my favourite - on my second round with them. I've had extremely limited issues and it's usually fixed itself within minutes. Great provider imo. I'll be looking at this deal for sure!

    • Did they do a credit check on you both times you signed up as a 'new' customer?
      This policy stinks, since you're pre-paying for a service, they aren't billing you in arrears.

      • +1

        Just checked my credit report and nope! Just the initial check from my first go. No other additional checks/enquiries were made.

  • Never been with Exetel, could existing users comment on your experience? Do you have frequent dropouts?

    I'm thinking of switching to either ABN or Superloop but also considering Exetel.
    ~$60/m for a 50/20 plan is great.

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      Been with them since we got nbn rolled out. Never missed a beat with them. I'm in Neutral Bay, so YMMV

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        Thank you for sharing freekay

      • Been with them for a few years on HFC 50/20. No issues with speed, can't complain at all

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      Been with them for 3 years and can't fault them. North QLD.

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        Thank you for sharing madscientist4727.
        Verdict from scientists is credible, especially from a mad one.

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      Been with them since ADSL, and always liked they're approach. Though then the CEO died, and they started to become more 'standard'. I think they got bought by Superloop recently.

      • Thanks for sharing askvictor. That's what I read from other ozb posts, too. Superloop recently took over Exetel.

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      Been on this plan for past 3 years with Exetel. Both FTTC and HFC get 47-52 mb/s download speed most of time. Got disconnected every 3 months roughly but can be fixed right away by restarting modem. Also, once a year get disconnected for half day to one day. Overall, ok with it.

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing 1030510410.
        Hmm I know it isn't frequent but any dropouts would have been annoying

    • My current connection is HFC btw

    • Also, just need to call out that this offer is for existing customers only. Not sure if they'll offer it to new sign ups, but call them and try your luck?
      I was with them for 3 years+ and had access to grandfathered prices already.

    • Been with them many years, highly reliable and great value

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      I've been with them since May 2019. There was one major outage a couple of years ago in our area and it wasn't listed on any outage page, social media site, or anything. The tech support line was clogged as soon as the phones opened and they cut you off as soon as you got through. The rep on the whirlpool forums told us not to call for support as it clogged up the lines for individual support calls. We couldn't tell if it was an individual problem or a general fault as there were no outage notifications!

      Other than that, the service has been great with above advertised speeds on VDSL.

    • Wireless broadband perspective, there value for cheap prices, service and support is hard to beat.

      The support team is good - I have never had to call more than one for any support issues whereas other providers, for example TPG, was an absolute mess. From experience iiNet has the best support team customer service however I have cannot speak for their recent performance.

      Their My Exetel portal is relatively straight forward to navigate and adjust billing payments.

      The activation process is very straight forward - mailed step by step instructions and follow up SMS/email notifications that just seem to work i.e. SIM card changes, activations, etc.

    • I've been with them for about three years. Recently moved house and they let me keep the cheap deal I was on previously, even though it's no longer available. I can't think of any problems I've had in that time - smooth sailing.

    • Been with them a few years and it is quite stable. The speed is always above 50Mbps on 50/20 plan. They also give me speed boost to 100/40 for free 5 days/month.


    • Been with them across multiple services/technologies for 18 years and they’re rock solid with delivery and performance. I’m currently on 100/40 but moving to 250/25 in a couple of weeks when FTTP is installed. Check out their new Speed Boost capability if you’re on NBN technology that supports it

    • Been with them for around 4 months, it has been good so far. Just that you have to give 1 month notice before you disconnect. At least this inconvenience rules apply to me. FTTP 100/20

    • My mother was with them and they were decent while there. HOWEVER, when she moved away to get a package deal elsewhere the nightmare began, they kept charging her, then claimed she didn't cancel even though she actually cancelled in store with the help of a Telstra rep at the time who was happy to provide a stat dec confirming as much. Ended up having to get the ombudsman involved as even after finally admitting she had cancelled they STILL continued to charge her card.

    • Support team isn't that great. Has a recent issue with my modem router, almost went to a different provider, but decided to replace my router, and it fixed all my issues. Frustrating that they couldn't help me identify this issue tbh.
      In the end, the Exetel service was not the issue, it was my modem router, so can't complain about their NBN service. I've been with them since their second year of operations and always found them somewhat reasonable and competitive in terms of value for money.

    • Been with Exetel for 20 years now and cannot fault them.

  • Mostly good too, so can recommend them . 3 yrs in…. 👍

  • is there a 100/20 offer?

    • No. Aside from the usual 6 month into rate, there are no 100/20 contacts available :(

  • good deal

    • +10

      Cool story.

  • I have a relative with Exetel that had been experiencing drop outs for some months (FTTN). I hesitated calling support as years ago Exetel were a bit painful to deal with. But it seems they have improved drastically. I called them the other day and they were impressive. And to offer this new deal for existing customers is stellar, when other providers (even the much lauded ABB) show no such loyalty to existing customers.

    • Out of curiosity only, is Exetel support still Sri Lanka based?

      • Would like to know this too

      • Yes and they work well. The also have an Aust based exec on Whirlpool and Ho helps with questions and escalations

      • I do like how they've always been upfront about this, and they do fund various aid with in Sri Lanka. But wondering now what impact the collapsing economy there will have…

      • I am not sure, the person speaking did have an accent however was easy to understand and very helpful. He also seemed to know his stuff and was able to perform line testing and apply something to the line (maybe a stability profile). He organised for an NBN tech to come out the next day.

  • +4

    Add on.

    You will get speed booster 5x per month free from 50/20 to 100/40 speed.

    One time boost will last for 24 hrs.
    It will take up to 15 mins to get the speed boost but I've tried it and get disconnect and reconnect within 2 mins.

    Activate the speed boost via my account.

    Any unused speed boost can be roll-over up to 30 Max.

    If you need to extra speed boost, it cost $2/day.

    Happy with the Exetel.

    If you change to this new offer, do you still get static ip?
    Or how do I know if my current service static ip?

    • It’s a great new option but be aware you need to be on one of the supported NBN technologies to get it

  • my biz is paying same price for 25/5, wonder can get this deal

  • -1

    Not interested until they move out of the Stone Age


  • Is 50/20 good for 4k UHD netflix? How does this offer compare to More for CBA customer?

    • more is cheaper

    • +1

      4k Netflix is like 15mbps I think? Should be fine.

    • -1

      yeah netflix and counterparts had to downgrade their bitrate anyway for '4k uhd' so you don't get the quality 4k really should be compared to localised media.

      • -1

        Prove me wrong downvoter?
        It's been well documented.

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    anyone able to get this deal as a new customer? wanting to get my parents off a shoddy/slow 25/10 vodafone connection

    • Would be good to know, been with superloop on 69.95 for 50/20 for 3 or so years

      • +3

        I'm churning from Superloop to Tangerine for $54.90 /month for 50/20. I've been with Superloop for almost 18 months as til now they'd price matched every time I called to disconnect but couldn't this time.

        Had been with Tangerine previously to Superloop and had no issues.

        • +1

          Price $69.90 after 6months with Tangerine. 50/20

        • Good to know thank you !

  • What will be price after 12 months of contract ?

    • 59.99 ongoing (unless they have a price-hike)

  • +1

    I was with Exetel for a while a few years ago and they hit me with a 40+% price increase. I wasn't on any introductory deal or anything like that. Monday morning email: 40+% price hike - bang. That's still the record.

    40 something. Trying to remember - 46% I think it was.

  • Anyone got any deals for 100mbs plans

  • As soon as you have an issue Exetel dont want to know you. Actually useless company. Would never go with them again. Had to get the ombudsman involved and they still managed to drag it for months.

  • Anyone has feedback on their LightSpeed NBN? They advertise 500/50 but I would like to know the actual speed. Thanks

    • I asked on WP and apparently it is capped to 500 (+ overprovisioning, I would imagine), so it’s not the TES for a 1G plan, which is a bummer.

      • Ok thank you.

  • +1

    This is a grandfathered plan. I've moved homes a few times and they've let me move it across each time.

    • So if it’s grandfathered, why are they offering it to existing customers I wonder? And how long for..

      • It's a plan they offered publicly ages ago. You can search it on ozbargain.

        It's nowhere to be seen on their site now. I'm guessing they use it to pitch to anyone calling up to cancel their service

  • So, as we’re technically purchasing a new service, would we lose our existing static IP, PPPoE logon details, and referrals? Or is it just a plan change on Exetel’s end?

    • It's just a plan change. Your static IP settings can set again anytime in the control panel

  • -1

    Take note superloop

    • Exetel is SuperLoop (owned by them), and uses SuperLoop for all international connectivity.

  • No deal for new customers? On SL 6 months up thinking of switching

  • +1

    Can you please share your customer id and order confirmation number?

    I tried to call Exetel for the above and mentioned this offer. The rep actually refused it unless I provide the customer id and order confirmation number of yours so she can verify and try to replicate it.

    Did you change the address? The rep said she can only do it if I change the address…

    • +1

      Customer number 415897
      Yes, I'm moving house, but that wasn't mentioned as a condition for the plan. Sales rep simply said it was available to existing customers. I'm sorry to everyone if moving house is also a condition! Makes the deal a lot harder to achieve. @Mods please delete if this is the case.

  • +1

    I called up (and apparently a few of you have too haha) and the operator wasn’t aware of this deal. Suggested I call back in a few hours (presumably so she can ask what’s going on and get some information.)

    If people can post back later how they went and share with the community, that’d be awesome. :)

    • +1

      Me too, I called up and they said that this offer does not exist. I said that that there are two logical conclusions. Either they are uninformed or that the offer is a hoax. They reiterated that they had not received any information about this offer. A third option that was proposed was that it was a direct or private agreement between management and a particular subscriber, seems unlikely, but possible I guess!!

    • +1

      Called Exetel and have been told that there is no such offer.

      • Please read my comments here

  • Superloop completes the acquisition of Exetel on 2 August 2021

    Family nbn™ total minimum cost is $69.95 plus any pro-rata charges for 30-day cancellation notice period.

  • +1

    Strange as this was the plan I started on before they did a $6 price hike.

    I also called just a few mins ago to confirm this deal and she also said she has no idea of such deal and she would call back during business hours as she needs to confirm with her supervisor.

  • +1

    Dont try to quote OPs deal as customer rep will claim there is no such promo and it will be a waste of your time. It appears to be for a grandfathered deal from moving house (as mentioned) but you can try negotiate for an over the phone contract instead

    Will be quicker just to ask for an ongoing contract negotiation for 6 months. I got an upgrade speed for same price ($10 difference) but $300 break fee pro rata first 6months.

    The offer made through negotiation was
    1) change to 25/10 unlimited for $49 6months and $59 ongoing
    2) up to 50 unlimited for 59 and 69 ongoing (presumably rinse and repeat after that)

    Thanks anyway OP as we were able to save regardless!! But the deal as you posted will be confusing to everyone here, not to mention totally peeve off exetel. The rep was getting super annoyed and aggressive asking for your name and all already.

    Fellow bargainers - your results may differ to mine so have fun :))

  • N00b question. How do you churn to another provider? Do you like just register to a new provider and the old connection gets cancelled automatically or do you have to call and report to the existing provider?

    Which modems do churners use? I have a belong which I am pretty sure would be locked to the darned Belong.

    How long do you have to stay away before rejoining in the churn cycle?

    I was on their $55 service. It's been upped to $60 and the speeds stink a$$. Can't watch a decent episode on Netflix or Disney. Been using my 4G mobile connection alot lately. I have been waiting for a reasonably priced 4G broadband. The moment I get it, bye bye NBN. Based on this feeling alone, I can only imagine the future of NBN.

    • Would like to know about the modems too. The Exetel one isn't locked to them, but is at least initially set up so they can administer it remotely I think.

  • Still on 50/20 unlimited for $54.95 until August with Superloop.

    They also gave me 1 month free for stuffing me around too.

    Worst ISP I have had but everyone on Ozbargain thinks they are the bees knees.

    Exetel was fine when I signed up but their new connections are slow.

  • 50/20 @$55.54/m 💪🏿😷

    • +1

      How. They refused me 😡

      • +1

        He's lying.

        It was that price 3 years ago. After which Exetel made it $59.99/month for everyone coming off it after 12 months.

  • +2

    Just called them up and they were very defensive about this deal, exetel rep kind of rolled their eyes.

    • +4

      Probably the sudden influx of calls about this?

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