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Seiko 38mm Auto SNKK27 $106.22 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seiko 5 Auto SNKK27 Camel

4% cashback @ Cashrewards

  • Crystal/Lens - Hardlex
  • Diameter - 38mm.
  • Band width - 20mm.
  • Case Thickness - 11mm.
  • Automatic Movement - 7S26 (no hacking or hand winding)
  • Push Down Crown
  • Display Caseback
  • Water resistant - 30 metres

minitwatch Youtube review

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +9

    One review on Amazon says:

    “I bought this watch to update cause I have had Seiko watches for most of my life ( my old one had had it after years of faithful service) but as with everything nowadays product loyalty goes no were. It does not keep time & date accurately which is why you buy a watch for. Every few days it loses about five minutes & has to be adjusted & don't get me started on the date part of the watch. So if you like a pretty looking fashion accessory it does the job but if you want something that is practical as most men do then overall I don't recommend buying this watch.”

    • +2

      So one neg review at Amazon justifies your neg vote on this deal?
      How about the 73% 5 star rating?

      • +3

        Fair enough. I removed the negative vote, but still, a watch which doesn’t keep the time is useless not doing its job. You can say it’s a brand, you can say it looks appealing, but what is that all worth if it doesn’t keep the time correctly? Also you could say he had a faulty item, well it’s from the US and warranty claims made in Australia are always a bit tricky in this case.

        • +4

          Its worth keeping in mind that that one review could have been a manufacturing fault or something along those lines. If it was constant reviews saying the same thing then fair but theres plenty of great reviews for the watch so easy to pencil down as an outlier.

          • +1

            @doobey1231: Or being an Amazon review it might even be a fake review. However modern Seiko quality control has been hit and miss lately though.

          • @doobey1231: That was my first thought. These movements are mass produced and likely much more accurate than the review indicates. Cheap quartz movements are more accurate than expensive mechanical movements.

      • A valid neg review weighs more than just "one neg" review for buyers like me. I mean it's hard to figure out genuine reviews nowadays, with all the bots and air-taskers flooding market with fake positive/negative reviews. Thank you @callthespellpolice for posting it anyway.

    • +5

      I have this watch, works perfectly, keep time pretty accurate, the one negative reviewer probably had a faulty one. Keep in mine this watch use movement to keep it going, if you don't wear it for a few days it will stop moving because it's required movement for it to work.

    • +6

      Is an automatic.. they are not accurate for long periods

      • +1

        For the price, it's pretty good, if you want accuracy, the price are much higher and not worth it.
        Also for extreme accuracy, get one of those watches that sync with your phone or internet.

      • +1

        And unless you wear it almost every day, you need to set the time fairly often anyways.

    • +1

      Every few days it loses about five minutes & has to be adjusted

      This is either an exaggeration or a defect. My experience with the 7S26 is that it loses about 10 seconds a day.

      don't get me started on the date part of the watch

      This is just a meaningless statement.

  • +3

    I don't wear a watch since I bought a nokia 8110.

    • +4

      How's the 8110 performing? Still keeping time?

      • +4

        please tell me you got the 8110 in banana yellow - it would be almost an outrage to NOT get it in that colour.

    • +2

      How does it look on the wrist?

    • I don't wear a watch

      how dare you come into this watch thread and..

      since I bought a nokia 8110.

      god tier phone. all is forgiven.

  • +4

    Worth noting that the one in the OP for $106.22 is shipped from Amazon US. You can get one from Amazon AU for $107.61 by checking the other sellers list

  • +1

    If you want one that tells the time, get a quartz like this…it's good enough for bill Gates: https://www.amazon.com.au/Casio-MDV106B-2AV-MDV-106B-2AVCF-B...

    Or if you want it to look pretty: https://www.amazon.com.au/Invicta-Diver-Quartz-Stainless-Sil...

    • Yeah it's Bill Gates permenant watch. He wears it when he's in the toilet and also meeting world leaders.

      • +3

        I didn't realise people changes watches to go to the toilet

    • Whoa the invicta does look like a legit divers, unfortunately it’s not suitable for diving according to description.

      What’s the go to entry level certified divers these days? One that’s actually wearable for diving?

      • I've snorkelled with the Invicta (down to about 10 metres)…had no issues at all.

        The Casio is considered safe for diving…not sure if the lume is up to scratch however.

        • Good to know. Might get one of those Casio Duros next time it’s on special.. Been using dw5600 gshocks for diving, works great, but I kinda like having an analogue too, probably easier to read at a glance..

      • probably the best cheapest ones are the citizen range Citizen Eco-Drive Divers BN0158_____. These are iso certified to 200m; genuine diving watches. In reality a gshock should be good too, but maybe not as visible at 30 meters down.

        • definitely not with a negative display lololol

        • Yeah definitely having readability issues when it’s not as sunny. I’ve heard that Citizens are ISO certified too, still waiting for a cheap one to come by..

  • +5

    I don't understand the point of mechanical watches in this price bracket, a service at any point of it's life will cost more than the watch itself.

    • +1

      And the accuracy is shocking, completely pointless

      • +3

        I don’t know… I upgraded to this from my portable sundial, because it was getting to be a hassle on cloudy days, or when I was in the shadow of a tall building. In my experience the hands point just fine

        • Couldn't you use the shadow of the tall building to tell the time?

    • +1

      A cheap Seiko like this with an exposed caseback was a gateway drug for me for more expensive watches, so I guess there's that

    • +2

      LOL. You don't service a $100 watch. A new movement is $40 and tools are $12, both on Aliexpress. Watch YT, it's actually very easy. Right now I just picked up my Pop's Seiko with a movement that is the predecessor of the one in the post - manufactured in 1975 and it's still running like a champ with a couple of shakes.

      Personally, I don't see the value in these cheap Seiko 5s, but for $130 you can buy a ridiculous Chinese watch in comparison.

      • Hey do you have the link for the movement and tools? I would like to try doing it

    • It's for those who don't wear watches often. No need to worry about batteries, you just wind it up.

      • +1

        Automatic Movement - 7S26 (no hacking or hand winding)

        a solar-powered quartz would be best for those people

  • +1

    I own a similar watch. A horrible movement - no hacking or hand winding, shocking accuracy, ugly as hell. Get an Orient instead for just a few dollars more.

    • +3

      Or don't get any more crap at all? Buy 1 really good beater Seiko and get much better watches for the rest of your collection. So you don't end up with a drawer full of worthless junk that you don't even want.

  • Any seiko's for females on sale?

    • +5

      There are no rules to say a female can't wear this.
      It's only 38mm so wouldn't look too big either.

    • +2

      exactly what WatchNerd said. i'm female and i frequently wear a seiko tuna that's 46.7mm but has short lugs like this watch, as well as the g-shock ga2100 which is 45mm and is my daily.

  • Price is now $95.60 for prime members. Plus don't forget 14% CR later today.
    I'm on my phone atm so don't want to repost.

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