Online Earning for Beginners - Wife Wants to Earn Some Money at Home

Can someone please guide me or provide websites for online earning. should be simple and easy access


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    Tupperware ?

    • Why was this negged? Always had the impression that this was one of those things that those at home partners could do because you had flexibility in the hours you worked. 🤔

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        Why was this negged?

        Greenies don't like plastic.

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        It's not the 1990s and people don't attend tupperware parties for coon cheese and cabanossi on jatz anymore. Plus, this is oz bargain and we don't pay retail price for tupperware. We wait for a half price sale.

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  • Go to job sites. Select remote.

    Research/invest stocks/etc.

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    If it was that simple and easy then everyone would be doing it and nothing else.

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      ozbargainers have been hoarding all the easy jobs….

    • It is. A lot of people don't want to work for minimum wage. Or less.

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    She could make stuff like jewellery or clothes and sell them. Or buy stuff from Aliexpress and resell it. Or get an actual remote job. Or study a degree online if she is not qualified for any job.

    There are no easy data entry jobs from home. Those advertisements are scams (maybe being a money mule, or will ask you to send them money for something before you start).

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    You will make money by not getting involved.

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    There's plenty you can do. Sign up to the freelance websites Upwork,Freelancer, Fiverr etc. It has never been easier to earn a living online. You can also get data entry jobs, they aren't all scams, very boring and repetitive though.

    • She can do as nubzy suggests, and supplement income by finding interesting or nice things in op shops and sell online or FB market place. That becomes a sometimes lucrative hobby for some people, especially when they can improve or value ad to the items.

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    should be simple and easy access

    Tik Tok?


    Look up bargains for you, so you don't pay RRP? The "savings" is the earnings.

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    Home made video's on Onlyfans

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    Look at doing focus groups. But they come around every so often. I did one recently, 1.5hours for $90.

    But to be honest if you're looking for steady income then she needs to get a part time job. There's not really anything "online" that she can just make money off.

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    get a video camera and sign her up to onlyfans, sure she'd make a few bucks…hehehe

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    What skills does she have?

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    Short of getting a remote job, she could do something similar to what Quantumcat said - dropshipping.

    I wouldn't expect to be making thousands of dollars immediately, but choose the right niche market and you could end up with some passive income. That's if you're willing to put money into growing the business.

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    Wow.. onlyfans seems popular around here 🤔

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    Work from home with probe group,

    Don't bother with drop shipping etc

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      If you've got the thick skin to work in debt collection.

      Personally don't recommend Probe. Not when I was working there for $16 an hour.

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        Only suggest because its a good resume starter if they haven't worked for a while with wfh option ongoing

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          With work from home you can pick 2 out of 3 - hours, pleasant, unskilled

          Debt collection has decent hours of work and is unskilled but not pleasant

          "normal" remote jobs may have full time hours and be pleasant but you'll need experience and/or a degree.

          (Edit - meant to reply to kanmen)

      • There’s a bunch of other gov contractors that still offer WFH like Serco, should be easy enough to suss on seek etc

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      probegroup….maybe this might go well with onlyfans?

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    She could advertise YOUR services on local sites….

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    She could write a blog and post amazon affiliate links to products in each one. You can get up to 10% commission for each thing sold depending on the product category. If the blog gets popular, like OZB itself, then all those clicks and purchases can add up to a small fortune. Of course writing a popular blog is very hard, most Amazon affiliates struggle to make even their first sale apparently. But who knows she might have a knack for it.

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      I used to run a Amazon Affiliate website (still have it) and it did pay well back in the day. I got it up to $1000k a month before Google's algorithm updates killed my site.

      Affiliate marketing does work but it is a miserable, boring slog that will scare off most people. If you don't like writing at all, don't even bother.

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        Damn, not sure if give up a million a month that easily.

        • Honestly, even if I actually meant that typo, Google's algorithm would've still killed or reduced traffic to my site sooner or later.

      • $1 million a month ORLY?

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    only fans

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    Vlog on youtube - Need 1000 subscribes and 4000 watch hours before you are eligible for earnings.

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    Askable or other research sites. I'm a researcher myself and run user research with people like your wife often, they get paid 5-70 dollars depending on the research activity.

    Another option is to register on Airtasker and watch the remote tasks. Some of them are calls or data entry, relatively simple to do. She will need to work on her rating to reduce the fees, but otherwise pretty easy and interesting way to earn.

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      I’ve had a go at Airtasker and it’s race to the bottom 😆 - commonly people want bar staff for events that they want to pay nothing for

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    What a ridiculous post.

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      Almost like those pictures promoting mothers to work from home and show a woman with +3 children hanging around her whilst "working" on a computer screen …
      What could anyone do under those circumstances, in that environment?

      Verbal/typed sexual chat?.

      Mystery, really.

  • Simple and easy sounds like data entry

    What skills does she have

    If none, then, no job

    But she must be able to offer something as a service.

  • Onlyfans.

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      Selling fans in winter?

      Mmmmmm … not sure … but maybe …

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