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DJI Action 2 Power Combo $298, Dual Screen Combo $398 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Sold Out) / Harvey Norman (C&C)


$70 price drop since the $368 deal a couple weeks ago. Price matching Harvey Norman.

In store or $7.95 delivery at Harvey Norman.

Edit: Dual Screen down to $398 too (thanks impoze). Harvey Norman link

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  • Beat me to it Hamza just got the alert from X3 Camels, still undecided on this purchase as it does have its flaws.

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      same, but at this price it's worth it.

      • I guess stack with giftcards as there is no cashback on amazon for cameras at least with shopback

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      Thanks, Amazon just matched it too.

  • What are the drawbacks on this compared to Hero 10? Obviously price is a plus.

    • overheating is the main one that stops recording

      DJI include a free case which helps a little bit.

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      this is a great review

      I'm on the fence aswell

      action 1 was really good

      • it's a good review, but this low price point makes it very different

        • yeah goanna wait for prime day. don't really need it yet but damn it's a good price

  • Damn. This thing has dropped like a rock over the last 12 months. It's the same price the Osmo Action was pre-pandemic.

    • Yep i bought the Osmo Action in 2020 for $289 i think

  • wtf just bought it last week. is there any price protection thing?

    • amazon? do a live chat.

      How are you finding the cam?

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      If Amazon, buy it again and return the new one through the original order.

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        This is the way

  • I bought action early last year. Not sure if I should buy this too (then we will have two action cameras, which seem a bit redundant). We do have a ski holiday in August though. Anyone can comment if it’s worth the upgrade?

    • It is notorious for overheating but if you're skiing….

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    Is there anything that can even compete with this at $300? Maybe a second hand GoPro?
    Definitely doesn't seem like a perfect cam but the price is real tempting

  • Power Combo comes with sd card expansion.. battery up to 180 minutes..

    • screen module also has sd card expansion and extra battery life

  • I'm looking at the insta360 as it seems a lot better but it's double the price

  • Guess it might go down further on the prime day

  • +2

    paid $370 this month and amazon refunded the difference.

    but not really sure if i should of opted for the insta360 x2. i already have the $140 osmo pocket.

  • watched several review. i will wait for action 3!

  • +1

    $399 and $489 respectively on Amazon now.

  • Would JB price match?

    • just give it a shot

    • I price matched at JB last night. No issues.

  • RIP, paid $500 for Dual Combo a few months ago.. But it's worth it imo. The magnetic neck string is pretty unique, I find most people don't even notice the camera if you use it.

  • Just got my from Harvey Norman. However, they do not carry the free protective case which DJI promised to include after 1st April. Anyone know where you can get one? DJI is not offering free coupons if you chased it after 1st of April.

    Update: contacted DJI customer support directly and got a coupon code to redeem in DJI store.

    • did you contact them via email or form?

      Did you have to submit any proof of purchase/serial?

      • Just talk to them on online chat. They asked for my serial at some point. Just talk to them, they will likely have you sorted as it is something they are offering it for free anyway.

        Remember - they are offering this in an attemp to rescue it from all the bad publicity around the overheating issue.

        • yeah, just picked it up from HN and they were clueless about the free case so i'll do live chat tomorrow.

    • I just went in and explained it to JB and they gave me the case. No code needed.

      • HN doesn't have any stock or list it

        Did you have to show your proof of purchase

        • Yeah my digital receipt, they then added it to my receipt coming up to a total of $327 and then discounted again to $298.

  • Bought one from Amazon - did not come with a protective case. Contacted DJI support and was told to contact Amazon. I did contact Amazon, the guy said the protective case should've been in the Amazon box, then offered a full refund as they can't just post a protective case :(

    • do it via DJI live chat

      and try again via amazon chat, you can try ask for partial refund of the case price.

    • Claimed my via live chat done within 5 minutes. Don't forget to buy DJI Care Refresh for peace of mind.

      • DJI or Amazon live chat?

        also costs $ every time you replace the camera..

        I guess that's insurance for you.

        • DJI

      • How much was refresh?

  • Had no issues receiving a coupon for the Magnetic Protective Case from DJI live chat, but it has a one month expiry and shipping is $20.75 (for orders under $769). It's not store credit, just a coupon for the case so you can't use it to discount DJI Refresh either.

    Looks like I'm going to be looking for another case for this, preferably a waterproof one since the dual screen module (like the power module) is not waterproof, just the main camera itself is.

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