Hot Wheels Massive Loop Mayhem $19 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


Dimensions/Size: 86cm (L) x 74cm (H) x 82cm (D)
Material: Plastic
Battery information: Requires 4 x D (LR20) alkaline batteries

The Hot Wheels Massive Loop Mayhem track set is a huge looping challenge that's full of excitement and thrills!
It includes a 70cm wide track loop around which multiple cars race and avoid near misses
One Hot Wheels vehicle is included, but the challenge lies in how many cars kids can have flying around the track at one time before there's an awesome crash (additional cars sold separately)
A battery box booster keeps the cars in continuous motion through the epic loop (Batteries not included)

Update Jul 6 9:20am: Sold out online, low stock at selected stores

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    Bought from this deal and have not even opened it! sigh,…

    • same here, and just bought another one

      • +3

        just like DJ Khaled

    • -1

      Return it and buy this one for $10 cheaper.

      • that's more than 2 months ago

  • +2

    Thanks OP - Purchased 1 - Not holding my breath as Kmart are not very good with there stock system with orders.

  • +3

    ‘Suitable for ages: 5-10 years’

    I’m turning 30 :( might not be suitable for me

    • +6

      If you buy 3 of them then its suitable for a 30 year old.

    • Buy 3

    • There are 30 year olds that still play with Lego.

    • buy 4 and be mature.

  • It doesn't look 28" wide

    • It sure is. Check videos. “Not made to be disassembled” either, which I take to mean it’s a real PITA to do so. Great price though. Thanks OP.

    • Got this from the last deal…can confirm it’s a little less than 1metre all set with the bits sticking out.

  • Damn! $10 cheaper now than the last deal I was suckered into by the kids.

  • +2

    Just a couple cons:
    -really hard to take apart
    -works well with flatter cars like the one included but others don't and even bends the axles on others
    -d batteries

    • +1

      Also quite noisy! I'm happy for the kids to make a ruckus when they're playing, but can only handle the continuous noise of this thing for so long. Still well worth it for 20 bucks though (plus battery cost)!

    • Just use eneloop with adaptor.

  • WOW bargain!

  • got one but how much are the cars that are sold separately?

  • +1

    It's a GREAT loop if you can find those few cars that can perpetually keep going in the battery powered loops without getting thrown off after a few loops.
    Gave my son this and he has two huge buckets with hot wheels which we raced narrowing it down to under 6 cars that could keep going and going forever.
    The manual launch track that goes the opposite direction that is meant to crash into the racing cars is a bit hit and miss but still fun for a kid.

    • I had exactly the same experience

    • are you able to post a pic of the 6 cars?

      • +2

        Sorry, they're back in the buckets. But it's some of those that look super future hybrid looking ones . The one that comes with it is pretty good . The 'winner' was like a weird 'batmobile' looking car

        • all good mate, thanks for replying

  • I got one of these in the last deal, and my five-year-old loves it. It's chaotic and loud and enormous. It's pretty battery hungry, though, and it's almost impossible to take apart, so be sure you have room to leave it set up for a while.

    It also doesn't fit other pieces of track very well. There's a bit of movement so connected pieces tend to come loose.

  • Where do you get cars that actually work in this? Only comes with one.

    • Technically, most of the standard-sized cars work. The heavier, flatter ones with a low centre of gravity tend to last longer before crashing out.

      • Has not been my experience, most dont work, the motor doesnt seem strong enough either and is weaker for a second or two after a car goes through.

        • Definitely the case with any of the motorised tracks in our house too, the motor doesn't get time to spin up enough in between for continuous loops unless batteries are brand new.

    • Any of the metal F1 style cars work well, but don't look as good as they sit low on the track.

  • Thanks OP. Got this for my grandson. 😏😁

  • Got 2 last time for two kids in my family. They are both extremely happy with this toy.

  • -1

    much more successful than the Hot Wheels Massive Poop Mayhem product

  • +1

    Ordered first, ask questions later. :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP - bought a few

  • +1

    this toy takes up too much space and is difficult to take apart.

    Caution: check with your wife before you assemble this at home!

  • -1

    Got an email to say my order has been cancelled

    • Got an email to say my order is ready to pickup. ):

  • Cheers, got the last one at miranda

    This will keep me awake for next few nights

  • Thank you OP.
    Got one at oxenford (1 left). It’s well worth the price. Says adult assembly but my 11 yr old is managing.
    Yeah not designed to dismantle easily.

    • Protective eye wear recommended if you want to crash em.

  • Plenty left at roselands. Grabbed more as gifts

  • Thanks, but D batteries turned me off

    • +2

      Yeah, the D turns my wife off as well

  • +1

    Someone putting their Hot Wheels massive loop mayhem to good use…

    • +1

      hahahahahaha that cracked me up

  • Had my order cancelled online and just went in and grabbed 2. Plenty of stock in Melbourne

  • +1

    Tried with these batteries from Amazon.

    Thing is loud. Kept the included car going in loop for 5 times before turning it off. Pretty cool stuff, the car included looks like the low gravity one suitable for this.

    The thing which you push/hit to intro another car into the track however, is pretty meh - needs quite a bit of momentum to get the car in properly

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