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Alienware M15 R5 Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3070 $1,899.04 Shipped @ Dell eBay


Additional 470 bucks off through coupon. Hell of a bargain

Alienware M15 R5 Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3070

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    Bought the m17 @ $2600 with 6800h and 3070ti, I would definitely recommend the m series. Yes, they are basically a reskin of the G15s but with much better build quality.

    • Is it worth the 700extra for the Ti and 6800h? Are you getting at least 10% extra fps over this model?

      • bigger screen, DDR5, 1 TB SSD, and a few more upgrades here or there. I would say it's worth it for my usage. I bought it as a desktop replacement and $2600 for the spec I bought is too hard to pass on.

        • Cool, that is a killer price you got it for!

        • PCIe 4.0

    • Link to deal please

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        Ask them what is the lowest on chat, you might need a student ID to pull this off. Otherwise, PM me if you need a code. First come first serve.

        • How is the screen? I mean fhd on a 17.3”, a qhd would be nicer

          • @Jackfruit: Yes, true it's decent, 300 nits 1080p with g sync. TBH though, whilst QHD would be nice, I don't find it to be a must given that even 17 inch is a bit too small for me to notice the pixels. if I could work with a 24 inch 1080p before, I could do with 1080p 17 inch

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    So tempting.

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    • Exactly, wait for 40 series coming out or get this?

      • Not sure.

        I think laptops of new generations take time to come out, so even when desktop GPU's are available, it will be a while before we will see 40 series laptops. If I remember right, the 30 series was released in Sept 2020, and ASUS released its first 30 series laptop in July 2021, 10 months later. It does feel like Dell seems to get new stuff out before everyone else though, so Alienware might have a laptop sooner that the rest.

        People are saying the new GPU's are going to be very power hungry, no good for laptops, so they are going to heavily throttle them compared to desktops I imagine. So the performance jump in laptops probably won't be as big as what the desktops are getting, but we won't know until they are released of course.

        So for now, it is a guess and a gamble.

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          Yea, I guess you could be right. I heard the same rumor saying 40 series GPUs will be power hungry… tbh I’m not I a hurry, just wanna get a gaming laptop for Diablo 4 next year. I guess I’ll wait then.


          • @May23: New laptop GPUs will come a bit late and take time to go on sale. So if you want one or not, you are the best decision maker depending on your need. The new GPUs are more power efficient than current ones. If they are drinking more power then they are spittng out more frames than the current gen can do for the same power. So dont worry about the power part.

            • @John Doh: Just thinking and sharing here, I've read on the rumour mill (pinch of salt with it) that performance is expected to be 2.2x that of the current generation, so that seems pretty good but also that the power consumption is pretty close to double as well. That sounds like the efficiency per core / transistor increase is not not as much as previous generational increases. If true, that would mean those systems that care about power consumption won't benefit as much from the change to the 40 series, such as laptops.

              So that might make laptop deals like these, more of a better buy. Any thoughts on that?

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                @FabMan: The 2X increase in performance is only for 4090 and above(as per the leaks till date). The power increase is not double unless its that 4090Ti/Titan or whatever they call it where they are pushing the chip far too far that it enters inefficiency zone.

                The 4080 and below would be 1.5X to 1.7X performance probably and the power increase would NOT be 1.5 to 1.7X. They are moving from garbage Samsung to efficient TSMC.

                The laptops chips would have core/frequency count proportional to what power they can afford.

                Again take everything with a bucket of salt ;)

            • @John Doh: Thanks for above, John.

      • I'm thinking along the same lines needing something with discrete graphics, although my current laptop isn't that old - finding some limitations now with Iris XE and needing more grunt on the graphics front (and just hand-me down that notebook at some point to my partner).

  • This is really good. I was looking only a couple of days ago and a discounted g15 3060 was going for this price

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    this M1 with 3070 is definitely better than https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/709221 ? Alienware X15 R1 Gaming Laptop 11th Gen i7-11800H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3060 $2,119.20 Shipped @ Dell eBay

  • This is a really good deal, but I don't have time to play lately. Might leave it for another opportunity

  • $1799 now

  • I'm looking to replace my old MSI with NVIDIA 870m. Tempted with this Alienware or the Dell G15

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