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20% off Storewide @ Dell eBay (E.g. AW3821DW $1289, G3223Q $849 Delivered)


A new 20% promo for Dell starting tomorrow at 10am AEST.

One item that I get heaps of requests for through Ozbargain and Best Aussie Markdowns is the AW3821DW. After trying to drum some interest via BAM for this, I managed to get a small batch available for this promo. Only 50 units available so you need to be quick to grab one.

A couple of new monitors -

There have been some small price drops in some of the other monitors since the last promo. I'll add these in once I see if they are best price possible.

These are all direct links, but I would really appreciate it if you went through my site Best Aussie Markdowns.

Thank you everyone for the support - DB.

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  • Waiting to see prices….. Gift cards waiting to be used

    • where did you get gift cards from?

      • Shopback mostly, when they have their 10%, 5% etc promos running
        I just expected bigger saving for end of year though.. Waiting haha

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    that monitor is absolutely gorgeous

  • +1

    I wanna swap my AW3821DW for a AW3423DW Lol

    • Downsizing?

      • +7

        It's more about the QD-OLED, not really the size

        • +4

          AW3423DW is only good for gaming not reading text fyi

          • +1

            @rainbowyen: Is that because of the sub pixel layout?

            • +34

              @2022: Yeah, it has a triangular subpixel, intentionally (sic) instead of a Pentile LCD vs OLED/WOLED.

              The Samsung S95B and Samsung's panel for the Alienware AW3423DWQD-OLED has a 'white' OLED behind the QD 'colour' layer.

              In theory this makes the colour accuracy and brightness over 1000-1200 nits, but it also means you get a moire/pattern behind images instead of a grid, and straight lines in GUIs and menus will have blurred/fringed edges.

              This means you don't have a white pixel, but that also means brightness won't be lost for a Red/Green/Blue subpixel, it will be lost for the whole pixel … (like regular burn-in and retention on IPS, VA/S-PVA/MVA and OLED/WOLED )

              [RGB] vs [bgrW] vs [BR]
              [RGB] … [bgrW] …. [G]

              you get fringing because each pixel isn't in a grid with the QD-OLED.

              IF you use this as an Office/Excel monitor … you'll definitely feel like you need glasses where there's any Grey/White or Black/White contrast will show this fringing unless you boost font sizes up or zoom the display above say, 19pt to 25pt. https://youtu.be/XVgUosc-64U?t=80

              As for games, you can probably live with the inaccuracy. :/

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                @toliman: Awesome comment ๐Ÿ‘

                Iโ€™m the kinda person that notices. Thanks!

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                The Samsung S95B and Samsung's panel for the Alienware AW3423DWQD-OLED has a 'white' OLED behind the QD 'colour' layer.

                light source are blue LEDs, not white. QD layer transforms blue into red and green sub-pixels, letting light through for the blue sub-pixel.

              • +1

                @toliman: While this is technically correct, most users won't notice this if they haven't been told about it. You need to move closer than the correct viewing distance for it to really be noticeable. I've had no issues using this for text work at 100% scaling at a correct viewing distance.

              • @toliman: Great explanation, and can confirm I get this on my LG C1.

                I can live with it, however.

          • +1

            @rainbowyen: Dunno who downvoted you, you're kinda right so I upvoted to balance it out. And for the person below, yes, it's because of the subpixel layout - it also depends how much you tend to notice that kind of fringing on things like text though too.

          • @rainbowyen: I love my AW3821DW … couldn't go back to a 34" UW no matter if OLED … not to mention the AW3821DW is impressively colourful and clear enough. Yeah its not as dark as OLED (I have a LG CX TV) but you don't notice when gaming IMO

      • +1

        @edfood what RowanLucas said.

        AW3821DW is a dream for both work & gaming though.

        Here's a YT review (Hardware Unboxed) of the AW3423DW that got me thinking Lol ~ https://youtu.be/YleSuwK8vR4

        (soz for the unpublished comments was trying to work out how to tag people and was unsuccessful sigh Lol).

    • +4

      AW3823DW would be ๐Ÿ’ฆ

      • $1839 on their site whole its $2299 and after 20% is $1839…๐Ÿ˜‚

        • He said 3823, not 3423 (i.e. he's saying it would be great for a 38 OLED equivalent)

      • Hoping for AW3824DW!!

    • I did exactly this few months ago

    • I did and have zero regrets. Noticed the size difference for a few hours then forgot and absolutely love the colour difference. Gaming is perfect with or without HDR and reading text is fine. Only had a few occasions where the text looked distorted but depends on the website rendering and background etc.

  • +1

    Is there any word on whether the 38" size will be getting the QD-OLED treatment in the future?

    • Don't see why not, would be nice. :)

    • Something about bad yields (from memory) so expect it at some point but not cheap or soon.

  • Had this monitor since the last sales.. you will not regret getting one of these babies

    • Agree, great price for a great monitor

    • I have the AW3821DW and it is absolutely amazing. Size is perfect and the extra vertical space is priceless for productivity. However if I were buying now, I would seriously consider the AW3423DW for OLED goodness.

    • -1

      So, you got a baby on sale eh?

  • +5

    S2722QC would be $399, expected it to be at a better price.

  • Any deal on G3223Q?

    • It's in the post…

  • +6

    Any chance S2721QS to be $299, like last time?

    • +8

      In the very near future.

      • +1

        Any chance of S2722QC at $369 again?

      • +1

        I'd confirm, if it wasn't for all that "future knowledge is dangerous" stuff…

      • Is that near future before eofy?

  • Anyone have a suggestion for what monitor I should get? I have a MacBook Air M1 and the current FHD monitor I have as a secondary display is pretty frustrating as the text seems fuzzy and not crisp like the Mac Retina display. I work mostly with excel files and need the text to be quite small as I work with big files that take up a lot of the real estate so zooming in isn't an option.

    • +2

      Closest PPI would be a 5K 27" (or 8K 40".)
      Eg. Studio Display or something like https://www.mwave.com.au/product/lg-27md5klb-ultrafine-27-5k...

    • +1

      For your purpose, any 27" or above, 4K monitor should be good. Of course, you will need to also consider the connectivity.

    • +2

      To expand on McFly's comment, this article sets out your options for the Mac if you care about getting the resolution precisely right https://bjango.com/articles/macexternaldisplays2/

      None of those options are particularly cheap though

    • +1

      get a $350 4k monitor and call it a day

      • +2

        This is probably the right advice, just make it a 27โ€ and not a 32โ€+

        • +1

          I agree, have had a 32" 4k monitor, 27/28" 4k monitors and also a 34" ultrawide. I'd never ever get a 16:9 32 inch monitor again.

          • +1


            16:9 32 inch monitor again.

            I am opposite move from 34" flat to 32" 4k flat, main reason I always put everything in the middle to use, extra height is better for me.

    • Thanks everyone

  • anyone using S2722QC as a main one + S2721QS on the right in vertical position (visual studio code/ browsing etc)?I have a S2722QC + going to buy another 27", so just thinking whether to buy another S2722QC , or cheaper one , ie S2721QS, would be sufficient ?

    • +1

      They have the same panel so S2721QS will be good enough. The only good thing about QC is the type c charging.
      I used to have QS as a second vertical monitor paired with my iMac.

  • +2

    Thank you dealbot! ๐Ÿ™Œ
    I will be camping this deal @ 10am tomorrow!

  • Does anyone know whether you get charged by Dell or Ebay? Wondering if this will work with the Dell Amex Offer?

    • +4

      The title clearly states Dell Ebay….

      • Yeah I get that but I wonder if the processing via Paypal is still considered a purchase from Dell. Just asking whether anyone had any experiences.

        • +3

          It should count as a purchase from Ebay, not Dell.

    • The charge will be from eBay. Offers from Dell won't be honoured by eBay Dell or vice versa

  • What is that last $399 32inch monitor called?

    Is it the SE3223Q

    Is it any good?

    • +2

      Looks like it.
      Annoying when people/companies don't list model numbers.

    • -1

      Bought it on the last saleโ€ฆ very good price but nothing really out of the ordinary, however a bit of screen flickering going on but otherwise itโ€™s good

      • +1

        however a bit of screen flickering going on but otherwise itโ€™s good

        I also bought it from last deal I don't have flickering problem, added 4k max firestick so far so good.


        • Only happened once when I left the screen on for too long but yeah so far so good

  • +1

    Beware when buying a monitor from Dell, it could be 3 months of more before you even get it.

    • that sounds like a bad experience
      id say cross your fingers when you buy from dell! some of us got free upgrades on the alienware monitors
      we brought the $1100 og model and got the latest model ($1500 at the time it was brand new, yet to be discounted) as an upgrade for free

  • Damn I pulled the trigger on a G3223Q on the last promo, I assumed it would never drop back to the old promo pricing again.

    • How is it?

      • Size, sharpness & brightness/contrast are excellent. I am noticing that when I sit as close as I did for my 24inch monitor I get some issues with the viewing angle/grey at the edges.

        Normally I don't like curved monitors but for 32 inches 4k it may be nessessary unless you plan on having the monitor further back.

        • +1

          32 inches 4k it may be nessessary unless you plan on having the monitor further back.

          For 32" I still prefer flat, 34" and up curved.

        • What is your viewing distance? I'm using this monitor with ~55cm away from the monitor, and playing fps game like csgo comfortably.

  • +6

    How do people afford monitors that cost over $1000? How did the ozbargain community grow to be so prosperous? smh in broke

    • +8

      Tbf, if you've been on ozb for a decade you've probably only just broken even on savings and cashbacks from buying stuff you don't need.

      Beyond that it's probably because of the ten years of price savvy exposure.

    • You don't have more than 3 investment properties? Peasant…

    • Keep it for 10 years, then the cost per week stays low. But I won be buying anything from Dell ever again.

    • IDK. You can survive a few months on bulk purchases of frozen chicken and rice… food banks…

      But seriously, Afterpay/BNPL, it's a one-time purchase that will last 10+ years if you get a decent monitor the first time.

  • Can we purchase official Dell's extended warranty when buying an item via Dell ebay store ?

    • +2

      Can probably add it directly from ebay after purchase. go on chat and ask for the price.

    • +1

      You need to contact seller from eBay before the purchase, the agent will create you a customized link with upgraded warranty. Good thing is you also get discount with the code.

  • I'm still waiting for a decent XPS13 deal. It's been awhile

  • can we get S2721QS @ $299 on Dell website.

    • Following.

    • It's currently showing $384.30 and can't even add it to cart

  • At 38 inches, would you want to go into 4k? Don't know if would notice the pixels at that point

    • At 4k for gaming you'd need serious hardware to get even 60fps with medium settings. 3090 is struggling. Not sure if the 40 series would be much better in practice vs their paper expectations.

  • Any idea how long this deal will last?

    • The promo? Till 30/6 at this stage.

  • Is G3223Q have full res support for PS5 / Xbox?

    • Yup it has HDMI 2.1.

    • Yep, support pretty much all features except Dolby audio

    • Res is okay but it's capped at 4:2:0 over its HDMI 2.1 24Gbps bandwidth, for console gaming might not be a problem but it's not future proof cosidering the furture PS5 upgrade. For mainly console gaming such price I would spend $200 more for an oled FO48U although its HDMI is 24Gbps too… When you see pictures on oled you wouldn't want to change back

  • Really wish there were these kind of awesome cost savings for the Alienware Aurora R13.

    I purchased an Alienware 38 Curved AW3821DW previously under similar discounts, the savings were over $800 which were amazing. The AW3821DW has probably been the best screen I've ever owned.

    Would love to pair my AW3821DW with an Aurora R13, but the price point if just that little bit too high. Will keep my eyes out for possible Aurora discounts.

    • Mate not for nothing, but having looked at the actual specs of the R13, you could get yourself a much better PC if you were willing to buy the components individually and put it together yourself. Spending ~1200 on a 3080, ~300 on a 5600x, and then maybe 500-800 on the remaining components, you'd end up with a far more capable PC than what they offer at $4k.

      • I agree, and there would have been a day when I have done and would have done that. Unfortunately I just dont have the time these days, and having purchased pre-assembled 'powerful PC's' from various well known suppliers, only to get junk, I figure it's time to get a brand name. I recently purchased a Lenovo Legion Laptop, and it is nothing short of awesome. So that is driving my thinking on sticking with top tier brands, and the Alienware Aurora.

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm the price the S3422DWG will come down to please?


    • +1

      Eh. $569. it's not cheaper than last deal.

  • Finally the new XPS 13 are on their Ebay store!

  • Why does it say "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later" Dell S2721DS for https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393108044186

    • Starts at 10am. I made the same mistake

      • Thanks Mate !

    • I'm looking to get this same monitor but it still seems to be $300+ with the discount. Trying to decided whether I wait for it to go back below $300. There were so many good deals for this monitor last year.

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