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Dell SE3223Q 31.5" UHD FreeSync LED-Backlit VA LCD Monitor $399.20 ($389.22 with eBay Plus) @ Dell eBay


Starts 25/5 10am AEST! Only 100 available!

After seeing this comment, I nagged the rep to bring this monitor over to eBay for a run. Currently selling for $699 on Dell.com.au so this is a sizeable discount.

Pay with discounted eBay gift cards for further savings.

A couple of new laptops -

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    Can you please ask them put u3223qe on eBay as well.

    • You sure is U3223QE ?

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        It's not U3223QE (it's SE3223Q) - and this is precisely why the model number should be in the title or description!

        • I think he mean he wants to buy u3223qe on special

          • +15

            @superforever: Yes. I know.

            ehn: wants a deal on U3223QE.
            jl434: confused by ehn's comment (and lack of model number in title or description), thinks ehn means that this deal is for U3223QE (and queries whether this is correct).
            caprimulgus: explains that this deal is NOT for U3223QE (like jl434 mistakenly thought ehn was suggesting), and explains that this confusion wouldn't occur if the model number was in the title or description.
            superforever: mistakenly thinks that caprimulgus is confused, and explains to caprimulgus that ehn wants a deal on U3223QE (even though caprimulgus clearly understands this already).
            caprimulgus: explains this whole conversation need not have occurred if model number was in the title or description.

            I hope this clears any confusion. Just like having the model number in the title or description would have.

            Edit: Thanks to O O for putting the model number in the title! :)

    • Mentioned a few times previously. U series monitors are considered business/commercial items and won’t be made available via eBay.

    • Can you please ask them put u3223qe on eBay as well.

      Try the student 20% discount on dell site.

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    VA panel for anyone wondering

    • +4

      I would jump on it if it was IPS

    • -1

      I noticed if plastic is black then it is VA, if grey then IPS

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      Deal starts tomorrow (25/5) at 10am AEST

    • +12

      Yes, you are Out Of Sync already.

      • I just clicked and thought Dell had pulled a fast one.

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    Still a chance for the G3223D?
    Or did they really sell out of them

  • +1

    Dell 32 4K UHD LED-Backlit LCD Monitor 3840x 2160 AMD FreeSync

    How many times do we need to be told its resolution?

    • +15


      • Still there is no model number, not even from the ebay page

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      • +3

        Ahh, no it's not me, ah I mean it's not jv 🤥

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      Better then allot of amazons monitors that somehow have"1080p Ultra HD UWQD 32.9" in the title.

    • +1

      It's good that it specifies the pixels rather than the useless 4k marketing nonsense.

  • Model no. in title or description, please. (It's SE3223Q)

  • +8

    Hz in title or description please!

    • +2

      Agree. Especially relevant given marketed as Freesync but it's a 60Hz panel
      Edit: But thanks, good deal OP!

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    Any luck with deals on P2723QE or U2723QE

  • Panel colour in the description plz!

  • +4

    any chance the aw3821dw will get down to <=$1500 again?

    • +1

      For the love of god THIS! Waiting for that $1399 deal and I will swooooooooop right in!

    • +2

      The best I can get is $1499 which I don’t consider to be a good price. I’m moving on.

      • It's definitely worth waiting for a few more QD-OLED monitors to come out before paying the early adopter tax. Ideally they'll also come without a cooling fan too.

  • Is this a good monitor for me to do photo editing work off my mac?

    • +1

      The color is not perfect but for the price it is good if you want 4K.

    • +1

      No. You really want an IPS panel for photo editing. There's also no USB-C, which is also preferred if you want the single USB-C connection to a Mac. There are better monitors than this for photo editing. More 27" options if you can work with the smaller size.

  • Read the ebay listing and still couldn't figure out model number or if it was IPS.
    Other helpful ozbargainers told me though - so thanks.

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    nice,,, where can i get discounted ebay gift cards pls ?

    • I was curious too but couldn't find a posted deal about them. Do we just magic them up? OP may as well include "pay with money you find lying around outside"

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    Why not consider the S2722QC instead?

    • Might not have a USB-C cable?

  • Too new couldn't find any review.

  • They managed to iron out the curve and put a cheaper see stand in.

  • Any chance of a good deal on a U3821DW? Thanks mate.

  • Anybody after ultrasharp try this still works https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662785

    • I couldn't get it to work

      • I couldn't get it to work

        Still works for me , should work with any email address like outlook.com, gmail.com, etc.

  • The reviews say that this monitor has terrible local dimming and low native contrast ratio. Would this be an issue for gaming and desktop applications? If I'm understanding correctly the reviews seem to say this is mostly an issue when using the monitor in dark rooms?

    • The reviews say that this monitor

      Where is the review?

      • opps my bad, just realised that the review was for a slightly different model. Ignore me..

  • dealbot, any idea on what items are dropping out today ? as part of Plus weekend ?

    • +1

      I know of some things but the prices won’t interest this community.

  • Crazy silly question coming up, can I use this for gaming as well as browsing / videos / MS office work?

    • +7

      You can only use it for Excel spreadsheets.

      • Actually doesn't work with Ms products. Only works with google spreadsheet

      • And ozBargain chrome instances.

  • So basically no one knows if this is good or bad monitor ?

    • I sent another VA panel 32" back - the dimming towards the corners was just too irritating.

      This is due to the viewing angle, it's a fine panel for a TV where one sits further away, not so good for a monitor.

      Still, an excellent price.

      • How did you send it back? Do they accept a change of mind policy?

        • Eventually. The fading towards the edges is easy to photograph and prove.

      • Some VA panels are terrible these days. Not all IPS are up to scratch either, but you at least have the chance of decent uniformity. I rarely see that with VA panels. They're fine for watching TV/film content and some games, but otherwise I'd never recommend VA to anyone.

        • Will it be a lot better regarding text reading compare with my LG IPS 21:9 FHD with VA 4K?

          • @superforever: Obviously with a bigger screen you'll get more real estate, and 4K will offer a much sharper image than FHD, but ultimately it depends what you want to use the monitor for. IPS has far superior viewing angles and colour accuracy, so if that matters to you, IPS is the way to go. There aren't too many 32" IPS panels around though, not at this price point anyway. Quite a few 27" options though.

            • @atomicus:

              IPS is the way to go. There aren't too many 32" IPS panels around though

              32" IPS too expensive for me, mostly use it for browsing, email and with my 21:9 most of the time I only use the centre of the screen, so may be 32" can give more height is better for my case.

              Just not very sure if text clarity on 4k really a lot better, I still do a bit casual gaming but my graphic card won't do 4k gaming and not sure will it looks bad when I play with 1080p on a 4k monitor.

              • @superforever: Clarity on 4K is absolutely better, no doubt about it. Depends on the quality of your vision of course, but a 32" 4K monitor has a PPI (pixels per inch) of 138 - the higher the number, the more pixels you get in that space, therefore a sharper image. A 27" monitor has a PPI of 163, so sharper still. That said, 27" at 100% scaling can be a little small, so you might need to bump this up a little in Windows settings. 32" is generally considered the sweet spot for 4K - for normal sitting distance at a desk anyway.

                I am not sure what size monitor your 21:9 is, but it will have a lower PPI than a 32"/27" 4K monitor, and when it comes to browsing, images etc. you would notice it. Even with a 21:9 that achieves 1440p vertical pixel height though, with 4K being 2160p vertical height, it would give you an extra 50%! That's significant and impossible not to notice. If you're on a 1080p 21:9, then the pixel height of 4K will just seem like a whole new world to you!

                In gaming, yes, that's certainly valid if your GPU doesn't have the grunt to play 4K games, but you can still play at lower resolutions on a 4K monitor if you want. It's not necessarily ideal vs playing at a monitor's native resolution (can sometimes be a touch blurry for example), but you don't HAVE to be straining your GPU at 4K just because you have a 4K monitor. Worst case, just keep the 21:9 for gaming and use the 4K for productivity etc.

                Ultimately it really just comes down to what your priority use case is. There's always a trade off, and no one single monitor is perfect for every single task.

                • @atomicus: Thanks for the reply, after measure my 34" I found that the 32" is still quite wide with my desk viewing distance, the 34" only have like 1" more on each size but 32" have a lot more height.

                  Anyway bought this last night, can't wait to try it.

                  but a 32" 4K monitor has a PPI (pixels per inch) of 138 - the higher the number, the more pixels you get in that space, therefore a sharper image. A 27" monitor has a PPI of 163, s

                  My FHD 21:9 only 81 ppi

                  Ultimately it really just comes down to what your priority use case is

                  Mostly browsing and docs, a little bit of gaming not much, with the new 4k monitor I think I will use it more for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (don't have a 4k TV).

                  • @superforever: There's no way you won't notice a difference going from 81 PPI to 138! Especially in windows and others tasks. It'll be a nice visual bump for 4K resolution video also. Hopefully you get a good VA panel without any issues.

                  • +1

                    @superforever: I have a 34" 21:9 as well, but mine is 3440x1440 (110ppi), and a 32" 4K (138ppi) - a Dell S3221QS. Even between 110ppi vs 138ppi, there is a noticeable difference in text sharpness, so from 81ppi to 138ppi will be a massive jump!

                    You will probably need to sit a lot closer to the 32" than your current 34" - or you might have to use scaling (FWIW, I don't use scaling). 125% scaling would still give you an effective desktop real-estate of 3072x1728 (but output at 4K resolution, so would be sharper than that).

                    You might like to try 32" 4K in front of you as main monitor, and your old ultrawide off to the side in portrait mode. Yes, it will be very tall, but will give you two smaller workspaces (top and bottom), or one epic tall space for scrolling through a long document or website.

                    FWIW, I use my 34" ultrawide (110ppi) as my main monitor at a regular distance, and have the 32" 4K (138ppi) off to the side, but sitting closer to me (and switch between portrait and landscape as needed). My laptop screen (157ppi) is even closer, sitting below my ultrawide in front of me (I use this as my main video conferencing screen, since I use the laptop webcam). So even though I have 3 different ppi screens, they are balanced out a bit by being at different distances. This setup works well for me!

                    I also don't have a 4K TV, and when I switched from watching The Expanse on my regular full HD tv to 4K on my 32", it was awesome! :)

    • VA panels do not make for good monitors. I've never seen a good one. Gamma shift is always extremely obvious to my eyes. I've tried, but have never managed to find a good example. IPS has its faults of course, but you're far more likely to find a good one.

  • +1

    any good laptop sub $800?

  • is there any vesa holes on the back for wall-mounting?

    • +1

      just saw dell website about it: 100x100

  • Would this monitor be the 31.5" equivalent of the 27" S2722QC ?

  • Thanks OP!!

  • Cheers dealbot for organising the deal :)

    Estimated delivery date of July 1 (but from past experiences, Dell eBay can be crazy fast)

  • Thanks OP

  • Thks got one
    if even meet dealbot I would buy him a drink for all deals that made me broke

  • does this monitor have DCI-P3 support? it doesn't mention anything about it in the specs.

  • Also grabbed the Dell Dual Arm MDA20, same deal applies as here, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/700133

  • Any deals on 32" IPS monitors?

    • I'm waiting on the deal for the G3223D
      Was told to wait so hopefully dealbot comes up with something great

      • Did dealbot said will have further discount on it over 22% off?

        • Didn't say that exactly, only said wait to buy. So I'm assuming something better is coming

    • 32" IPS 4K has always been poorly catered for, especially at an affordable price point, more so when you want USB-C functionality. LG have the 32UN880 which is a good choice if you can find a deal on it, and their Ergo stand is really good. Some others include the Philips ‎329P1H, BenQ EW3280U, Lenovo L32p-30, and Asus VP32UQ. All sub $1K. The Asus is the cheapest of those but has no USB-C. There are more affordable 27" options, if you are OK with the smaller size.

  • should I get flat monitor or curved?

    • Yes

    • For 32" flat, 34" curved but make sure you have enough viewing distance.

  • OOS

  • Dispatched today, ETA of 30/5

    • Which State?

      Sydney here still waiting for them to dispatch.

      • Sydney too. I receieved a Startrack tracking link via text message.

        • Received earlier today.

          It's looking alright, definitely not as great as other Dell monitors I've bought previously (DGF and 1DS), but considering it's VA and I'm only going to be using it for movies, it seems alright.

          • @jjsu: It is OK for me, my first 4k monitor and I don't even have 4k TV.

  • Wow dispatched today & my eta is 24th June-1st July :(

    • Mine dispatched on 30/5 and arrived the next morning…from the moment of purchase, it takes around one week to arrive.

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