25.6% off RRP (Including UltraSharp, Professional Monitors) or 7% off Discounted Items via K-12 Program Coupons @ Dell


Greetings everyone, I previously posted this deal however it expired very quickly. It seems as though Dell has reactivated the page (big thanks to Pixima for letting me know) back again to be used.

This seems to be the best way to get products which aren't listed on the Dell eBay site or are on sale for cheap. Perfect for anyone who needs a U or P series monitor, as these aren't on sale very often.

If you want a coupon/s, I would advise filling out the form now and keeping your code for later.


  1. Go to the linked page HERE and click on the "Get Your Coupon" button.
  2. Go to a Temp Mail website such as Cryptogmail and enter the temp mail email on the Dell form and submit.
  3. You should receive a success page and the emails will be sent within a few seconds to your temp mail page.

The coupons are not tied to this temp email, you can use it on your own Dell account or on the Dell website with no link to the temp email.

I have tried this method with a range of browsers and on mobile with success, I really hope it works this time around for everyone to try and reach as many people as possible (I personally have sent hundreds of coupons via PM but hoping it now works for everyone).

There are 2 coupons which are delivered via email, these being save 20% on XPS, Inspiron, Alienware, Monitors & Accessories, and save 7% on discounted bundle offers. These can be stacked together to get 25.6% off RRP.

These is no maximum cap on the discount, so can use this on as many items as you'd like in one order. As this is the main Dell website, you can also use other Dell Advantage coupons, and any order made will also provide a Dell Advantage coupon on its own.

The coupons expire on 31/1/2022.

Some Examples:

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Just to clarify the 25.6% is for RRP only? So if an item is on sale it's 25.6% the RRP and not the sale price?

    • 20% off RRP and/or 7% off items already on sale :)

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    Ahhh, RRP, I tried the codes on a S2721Q and it increased the price to $21 more than the current sale price, lol …. $350 to $371…

    • +5

      Yeah the RRP discount is only good on U/P monitors and other items never on sale. If you just apply the 7% code it'll come to $324.84.

      • +1

        Cheers.. .I've been hoping for a price a bit closer to the previous $250 deals, or even $270…

        • +2

          Stack with a Dell Advantage coupon (people sell them in the classifieds) and you can achieve that pricepoint.

          E.G Someone has a $100 off $200 spend coupon for $40 atm in the classifieds. Stack that on top and you've got a $264.84 total.

          • @doweyy: He's sold out unfortunately :( , but thanks for the heads-up :)

    • Also tried doing this too. Got one back in May, thinking of getting a second one.

    • +7

      People have said this for years about the Apple Education Store, I don't think these companies give a f*** and are just glad to make a sale.

  • +2

    good way to get the alienwarer r13 with 12th gen intel?

    • That is what I thought.

  • +1

    wondering if we are going to get cashreward to work too?

  • +2

    Bought U3421WE in Aug. Order finally confirmed in Oct after complaining 3 times, and expected ship date is Feb 2022.
    Not worth the time

    • Just wait until they actually ship it. They'll probably screw it up.

  • +5

    Bring back Keanu.

    • +2

      I love Keanu.

  • Do these codes work in Dell outlet?

    • +1

      I just tried, and I it didn't seem to work

      • Yeah same here, looks like Dell outlet is separate. Thanks.

  • Worked a treat.

  • Any offers on AW3821DW?

    • It was on sale for $1799 last week but no codes to use with it to bring it below $1499 :(

      I'm waiting as well

    • I jumped on a refurb for $1309, ordered Thursday and shipped Monday - condition looks "like new" enough to me, and still has 3 years warranty.

      For those who don't mind, there's a few Ultrasharps there: https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet/shop/monitors

      U2520D $529
      U3415W $699 (6 years old, ouch)
      U3219Q $1029
      U3421WE $1059

      • U2520D is $520 new.

        • Oh, thanks for the pickup - I hadn't looked before.

    • Currently listed for $1749, use the 7% code to bring down to $1626 and then Cashrewards 6% ($88.73) down to $1537. I needed a monitor now, so pulled the trigger.

      I can't see it coming back down to $1299 any time soon. Dealbot already said they've moved on from this model and the last deal was $1499. I think this may be as close as we'll get. If Dell do mark the monitor even more, than you can use the Dell price guarantee to get a refund, this won't be applicable to eBay sales though.

      There is a chance it may be marked down to $1800 on eBay and then you'll need to wait for an eBay 20% off coupon, will bring it down to $1440.

  • Interested in U4919DW, but price still high for a 3 year old monitor. I guess it's at the niche end of the market and price will just stay there. Even thought it was very cheap at one point.

    • +1

      Everything is still being impacted by the chip shortage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020%E2%80%932021_global_chip_...

      It’s expected to continue well into the new year.

      • Interestingly it seems U4919DW is ready to ship, smaller ones are on back order.

        Probably less demand on the 49, too wide for most people and also too expensive.1.2m wide!! Same width as many desks.

  • ohh.. that makes the R13 12 gen desktops very tempting…

    • Worth 1100 more than Techfast Intel with 3080?

    • +1

      Can I suggest R13 can be had for $6k for 3090/32Gb/512NVME/i9KF if you are going via phone order.

      So anything above that even using this code, is a no go.

      • +1

        using codes bring it down to around 5950

        still over my budget though, hoping for something like 5000ish。maybe I am dreaming。

        • It is very pricey at the moment.

      • They increased the price on their website by $1000 around 6th November. The listed priced for the i9 3090 model was $6999 before that and suddenly went up to $7999.

        • +1

          Ooh so thats what it is. I knew I wasnt dreaming when i thought it was $6k

        • Must be a price error. I have been tracking R12 online list price since last 6 months and it has been steady at $7799. surely R13 can't be cheaper than R12.

  • anyone else getting this error:

    Oops something went wrong, please click on the FAQ.

  • Just an FYI on potential lead times - I ordered an Ultrasharp using a coupon (with a legitimate .edu address) on September 22nd. Estimated ship date is still 2 weeks away.

  • +1

    I just got an S3422DWG for $597.26 with the 5yr ProSupport Premium Panel with Advanced Exchange Service.
    About $45 more than the monitor gets down to, but the extra warranty makes it about right.

    • Thank for noting was checking all day yesterday as I want this monitor but no discount. $543.44 standard price with discount, looks to be around $30 more than last deal with 7% disc but still decent.

      • I'd expect it'd get down to sale price in the coming weeks, Black Friday and all, but stock (or delivery) could be an issue, I want it now so I bought it now.

        Now to get a nice articulating stand for it…

  • 750 bucks for a 'hdr' 400 monitor?

    1200 for a monitor with 300 nits peak brightness…
    Delta E under 2 as if that's some sort of an achievement these days…

    At least Dell has good gaming monitors like the S2721DGF. Might be some other decent monitor around their site you can combine this deal with.

  • Funny the 7% coupon has the clause: "Extra 7% off product with or without existing discount offer (Cannot be combined with other coupons)" yet it stacks with the 20% off coupons.

    guess its still a win

  • +2

    Guys. Don't forget AMEX spend $900 get $100 off.

    • How does the AMEX deal work? I can't seem to find any mention of it?

  • Thanks for this! Knocked over my 32” monitor at work today and smashed it on a hammer, ordered a new Dell at a heft discount an hour after, perfect timing!

  • great post, thank you, monitor usually ships within 2 months…can you still cancel order if you change your mind within 1 month?

  • Can someone confirm if cashrewards will work with these coupons? been eyeing R13

  • My workplace has a Dell offer for up to 40% off, details are here: https://www.dell.com/en-au/lp/member-discount-purchase-progr...

    I managed to get 30% + 7% off on a Dell 24" P2422HE using my work email.

    The coupon page looks the same as the K-12 program so might be able to do the same method using temp email but haven't tested.

    • Tried using both my own and my partner's work email and got an error saying 'Oops something went wrong, please click on the FAQ.'

    • Do you have any spare coupons? If yes, can you share one? I wanted to buy an XPS desktop. Thanks.

      • +1

        The T&C's section has a breakdown on discounts per product range. The corporate discount for XPS products is the same as the K-12 program offer in this deal which is 20% + 7% off so there's no difference.

  • I have 2 codes if anyone wants them:

    Extra 7% off product with or without existing discount offer (Cannot be combined with other coupons) ?8NL44XSL46?Q1

    Save 20% on listed price XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, G Series, Monitors & Accessories (Cannot be combined with other offers) PFXXX2NTPWDW$H

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