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Gaming PC: Ryzen 7 7800X3D, 120mm AIO, RTX 4070 Ti Super, B650M WiFi, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 750W PSU $2048 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, loooooooooads of requests for this combo which we haven't actually offered before, so here it is! 7800X3D + 4070 Ti Super, in the white Leaper Maxx ATX RGB case.

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D | RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming PC: $2048 after 7800X3D-4070TIS-APR

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor and 120mm liquid cooler
  • RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics (PNY primarily)
  • B650M WiFi motherboard (MSI 650M Gaming WiFi / Asus Prime in use)
  • 16GB 5200MHz RAM (Team in use)
  • 1TB Gen 4 NVMe SSD (Legend 800)
  • 750W Gold PSU (FSP in use)
  • Leaper Air Maxx white ATX RGB case (various upgrades available)

Quite the gamut of

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Luke, Caleb and Zac

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  • +3

    :( i should of hodl

    • +19


      • deserved

  • +2

    Damn i literally just built myself this PC a month ago…

    • +7

      How much did you spend?

      • +14


        Im guessing the answer is not good

      • +3

        2k, but I already had a PSU and Case from a previous build, so you can do your own maths..

        The "damn" is more because of the effort it required. I would of preferred to buy one built.

        • +9

          As a fellow PC enthusiast, the knowledge you've gained from building your PC is well worth the effort. It will come in handy down the line, I'm sure.
          And, you can appreciate your PC more while using it for the next few years, cause YOU built that son!

        • -2

          pre build from named sellers I.e hp omen, Alienware > builders > self build. Screening for each component, waiting for every bit, installing buying OS, shipping fee, assembling etc all are costs and god forbidden if the pc you build doesn’t run

          • +1

            @khamzatchimaev: You're being downvoted but this is very true. I personally find learning and building part of the fun, and there are benifits to doing so, but there are also some big risks involved if you are inexperienced.

        • +1

          how did you build one like this for that cheap, the cpu and gpu is nearly 2k alone

          • +1

            @tomlaf: You can get some decent deals if you're patient and not too picky.
            I have found going into stores you can talk prices down quite a bit, as long as you ask nicely.

    • Me too, but last week.

      Spent way over this (though I had 64GB and its got the full corsair lights in a 7000X case and cost me at least a grand and a half over techfasts)

  • Is it possible to offer the MSI PANO M100R in white?

    • We're not getting that in anymore sorry

  • Is the 5-10 day despatch reasonably accurate or will it take weeks?

    • +1

      Majority of systems ship in that timeframe - we are closer to 10 than 5 on most at this stage.

    • +1

      10 business days is still 2 weeks, plus dispatch and postage time as well, so still going to be up around 3 weeks from time of order to delivery.

    • +1

      My order was placed on 23rd of March, and still no confirmation that it has been shipped. Seems like 5 days is far from accurate.

  • +1

    Is it possible to get some actual pictures of one of these builds?

    • They're not built yet, so not really in any timely fashion. We're working on current orders.

  • +7

    Great price, just one thing that irrationally triggers me - Micro ATX motherboard in an ATX case!

    • Change to mid tower case for $19

      • +2

        which is still ATX…

        • +2

          Was just about to comment isn't a midtower still ATX?

          That's why I want pictures to see if this looks weird

  • -8

    wish they took, btc…

    I have some floating around I'd buy one with that.

    • +8

      Sell the BTC, buy the PC

      • +2

        Guessing he wants to avoid the tax hit on the profit from the btc sale

        • +3

          Pretty sure you still have to declare that - at best you'd be saving some fees?

          • +1

            @astevens: And putting all of the taxation and price fluctuation risk on the merchant. No merchant who hasn't also got the brain worms wants to deal with that.

    • +2

      Sell the BTC? Or is it not that easy to access therefore making the value of it arbitrary?

    • +1

      Do any Australian computer stores accept crypto?

  • +2


  • +2

    Are there any more details (such as dimensions) on the Leaper Air Maxx white ATX RGB case?

      • +1

        Thanks, but the linked image is too small to read

        • +4
        • +5

          Lol that wasn't an overly complicated gag, just original link was to the thumbnail and couldn't be edited.

          • @luketechfast: Not gonna lie, this seems like a good deal.

            We've had several years of bad pricing in the Gaming PC space, and it's good to know you guys are still around and trying to serve customers with value. Well done, Luke.

  • +4

    RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics (PNY primarily)

    To save you from clicking through, it's an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070Ti Super 16GB graphics card.

    16GB 5200MHz RAM (Team in use)

    Another thing not mentioned clearly in the deal is that it's 16GB DDR4 5200MHz RAM

    • +2

      16GB (2 x 8GB modules) of 5200MHz DDR5 RAM will be installed. RGB heatsink included.

    • Are you sure that it's DDR4? Link says "16GB (2 x 8GB modules) of 5200MHz DDR5 RAM"

      • Read the description after clicking on the link, that's where I got it from.

        • Oh yeah, you're right description says DDR4 but specs say DDR5. @luketechfast can you please clarify whether RAM is DDR4 or DDR5?

    • +2

      DDR4 RAM can't even be used with an Am5 motherboard

    • +3

      DDR4 doesnt even go past 4800 + no AM5 motherboards have ddr4, only ddr5

  • Hey Luke. Is it possible to get windows installed but not activated?

    • +7

      No, that's against MS terms of service and anyone doing it is in breach.

  • +1

    Hey luke, possible to swap out the aio for a tower cooler instead?

    • +3

      Could be done post purchase, no price difference to the AG400 or equivalent in this deal.

  • @luketechfast is it possible to get it in Micro ATX Case please?

    • Not for this combination at this stage sorry

  • Hi Luke sorry if this has been asked before but do you guys do unassembled?

    • We don't offer unassembled, sorry.

      • Thanks for replying, any chance to up the cooler to a 240mm AIO?

        • +1

          Not in this case with the graphics card length and the cooler being front mounted which is where it fits in this case. It could be done in one of the other cases offered (but I don't tend to offer upgrades that aren't compatible with the base case which is most commonly purchased). We can easily arrange it post purchase via email if you ordered one of the other cases.

          • @luketechfast: Yeah I was gonna swap for a MSI MAG instead cuz I prefer its looks, will email you once I purchase.

        • +1

          Tbh unless you're going for aesthetic, even a 240mm AIO is overkill for this, its a 65W part in all but name (88W PPT), it has the same power draw as a 7600 which could be cooled with the stock AMD wrath stealth cooler. The 120mm AIO on this build is more for the aesthetic to attract people who has no idea what they're doing, rather than any real performance increase though, but at least there's an Air Cooling option offered at no additional cost (plus you don't have to worry about the AIO failing down the line)

  • Hi lads!

    I have recently placed an order for a 4070S build and would like to upgrade! I have also sent you an email with the details of my old order.



    • +1

      I have also contacted them regarding an upgrade but they are refusing to do so despite the terms and conditions allowing a credit towards another one. Dodgy

      • Yep, I read their terms also and requested the credit long before it shipped to put towards this offer, but have just got notification it has shipped.

        This is super sketchy practice, at least update your terms if you don't plan on honoring them @luketechfast


        • We would normally approve a request as long as the system hadn't already been built as that can get really complicated and messy/delayed, I can only assume something has been missed or gone wrong without any reference to look at.

  • @luketechfast Any new 4080 super deals this month?

  • +1

    Nice deal for a gaming machine. You'll get several years of top end games at 2k gaming on this..

  • +2

    wish there was more case selections

  • Hi luke, is the psu full mod or otherwise? cheers

  • The discount codes don't seem to be working for me, even tried it for this deal here

    • I just tried the coupon for this deal and it worked fine for me in the checkout

      • Did the 4080 one work for you too?

        • No. I suspect because the 4080s was a March coupon deal

  • Hey just wondering what case would u all suggest to change to.. My son doesnt want white lol and i dont like the look of the mesh white. Thanks heaps

    • The MSI MAG Forge case looks clean

    • Best option? Just order it, request the change to the aircooler, and just rehouse it in a case of your choosing when you do get the machine. With an air cooler the rehousing takes about an hour max, and most of it is going to be redoing cable management.

      The +$20 Leaper Edge Tank look ok though if you want the fishtank look, the O11D clones tends to have good airflow anyway because of the side intake.

  • would jump on this SO FAST if it came in the ITX case you guys offered for the previous deal this month

    • second that

  • Tax deductible? should I wait for better deal…

  • Hi Luke, is afterpay dont work in this Ozbargain deals?

    • I believe AP is not accepted due to merchant fees making OZB less OZBargainee.

      • I wanted to buy this so bad but wanted to use afterpay 😞

  • @luketechfast
    Do you mind if i ask for some warranty information?
    Just wondering if i were to upgrade parts e.g ram or cooler would that affect the warranty in any way?

    • Generally it's fine - the only disclaimer being that any modifications you make, if they end up causing or contributing to, the fault occuring, it may have implications for the warranty. Basically, if it's changed from what we provide and gets borked because of that, proabbly not covered.

      • Ahh right, i think ram would probably be the only thing id end up switching unless i go to a new gpu in the future. The only way this could be a problem would be through poor installation on my part i imagine?

        • RAM is pretty safe yep. Unless you try to jam DDR3 in

  • Do you have any shop fronts for support or fixing of components? I have a friend who is not quite tech savvy mentioning he would buy it if not for this side

    • We're an online business based in Beverley in SA. Local customers can bring PCs in but we don't have physical locations in other states. All warrantable faults are covered by postage-paid return to base warranty.

  • +2

    I put an order in for another build but wanted to upgrade to this one. Multiple emails sent but Zac and Caleb refused to consider it. Was hoping to get a credit/coupon towards this build as per the terms and conditions allow but they still declined. Poor experience so far unfortunately

    • +5

      I approved that not long ago. Your order was fully built so we have incurred all the labour costs involved with it, whcih then has to be rebuilt, time spent changing it around, etc, which absolutely has associated costs to our business. On such tight pricing/margins on deals like these, they are following instructions from management intended to reduce the risk to our business of additional costs that aren't accounted for. But, we have allowed it.

      • +1

        I understand. I also run a business. The problem is when the terms and conditions state that the customer can cancel the order with a restocking fee OR a get full credit to use for another purchase then I am just following your conditions and your management should know their own rules. I would suggest removing that clause from the terms and conditions if it's that much of an issue for your business.

        For anyone curious…

        2) Order cancelled and a credit for the full amount provided, in the form of a coupon code to use on our website at any other time. This can be used in one full amount or multiple partial amounts.
        We strongly recommend you consider this cancellation policy carefully before finalising your purchase, as it is not negotiable.

        • My understanding of those terms is that the latter option is for prior to it having actually having being built, whilst the former is for after it has been built. If the build has been made, then it makes no sense that they would offer you a full refund when they've already incurred labour costs in completing your order.

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