Gaming PC: i9-14900KF, RTX 4080 Super, 32GB 6000MHz RAM, 1TB Gen 4 NVME, 850 Gold PSU: $2888 + Delivery @ TechFast


Happy easter everyone. For this deal only at this stage we've arranged a quantity of 6000MHz CL38 RAM from Team which has been requested on other deals, plus the Leaper Edge fishtank case and the high spec 14900KF | 4080 Super pairing.

To reiterate because I'm definitely going to get asked this — at this stage there's only enough for this deal - we can't offer it to existing orders or add as an upgrade to existing deals, sorry! Please don't bodyslam my PMs or our sales inbox over easter as it's not doable rn.

Intel Core i9-14900KF | RTX 4080 SUPER Gaming PC: $2888 after 14900KF-4080S-APR

  • Intel Core i9-14900KF processor
  • RTX 4080 Super 16GB graphics (PNY Verto Triple Fan)
  • MSI Pro Z790-P WiFi motherboard
  • 32GB 6000MHZ DDR5 RGB RAM (Team CL38)
  • 1TB Gen4 NVME (Legend 800)
  • 850W Gold PSU (MSI and XPG PCIE5 in use)
  • 360mm Liquid Cooler (brand/model may vary, guaranteed MSI CoreLiquid M360 upgrade available)
  • TechFast Leaper Edge Tank RGB ATX case


RTX 4090 Gaming PCs: i9-14900KF: $4333, R7-7800X3D: $3933
RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming PC: R5-7500F: $1888
RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming PCs: R7-5700X3D: $1888, i7-14700F: $2198
RTX 4070 Super Gaming PCs: R5-7500F: $1488, i5-14400F: $1648, R7-7800X3D: $1928
RTX 4060 Gaming PC: R5-5500: $748
RTX 4060 ITX Gaming PC: i5-12400F: $728


RX 7800 XT, RX 7900 XT & RX 7900 XTX Gaming PCs: Ryzen 7 7800X3D RX 7900 XTX: $2488, RX 7900 XT: $2128, Ryzen 5 7500F RX 7800 XT: $1488

Have a good one!
Luke, Caleb and Zac

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  • What is the dimension of the case?

  • WOW, very nice deals. Hi man, how long will it take to ship to Brisbane city ?

    • +1

      5-10 business days to dispatch, and Brisbane is usually a handful of days from SA.

      • Could you send the brand box come with the PC as well (such as CPU, motherboard and GPU boxes)? it might be helpful for future upgrade if I want to sell them. Thanks!

        • Our manufacturing process and scale just isn't setup for that sorry - offering it can lead to disappoinment so we don't.

          • @luketechfast: Hi @luketechfast , just tried to process the order today. However, the coupon is not working. Could you help me to check it ? Thank you

            • @Rolanddo: Update: Worked again, just ordered it! Thank you

    • +1

      Luke says 5-10 business days for dispatch but my experience with the previous 4080 deal took 4 business days to dispatch to me. Your experience may vary though as some people report long waiting times

  • Hi Luke,
    Are these PNY cards the full-fat Verto X overclockable cards or the slimmer version?

    • I've never seen a slim version of a 4080 Super from PNY, only MSI

      • Is it the XLR8 RGB variant or the mainly black one ?

  • Really wish you guys had Go mastercard installment options

  • +5

    Hi Luke,
    Any deal coming up soon for 7800x3d with 4070ti Super? Thanks

    • +1

      Keen on this as well!

      • same been waiting

  • Hi Luke,I just ordered the 4090 desktop . It turns out that this desktop uses better DDR5.

    • this is 4080. 4090 still comes with ddr5 5200.

      • Yeah. That is what he is saying.

  • Hi Luke,

    From your quality/stress tests - what sort of idle & load temperatures are you getting on the 14900kf with this set up?

    • 40-50 at idle, we test at max load so it goes into the 90s as you would expect with the i9.

  • Hi Luke, just wondering if there are any 4060ti deals coming up?

    • +1

      Can I ask why the interest in this card? (Genuine Q as I’m edging closer to pulling the trigger on one of these deals and still getting up to speed with PC parts after a 10 year break) From what I’ve read, the X060 model is almost always inferior to the previous gen cards from 70 and up yet more expensive - is that right? If so, is there some kind of future proofing you get from the 4060ti? Cheers

      • The 4060TI has a model with 16gb VRAM. With graphic rendering, and other editing software, that spec is king. With the price around $600-$700 thats cheap, less than half the cost of higher end cards. Not to mention more room for different gaming capabilities. Yes it doesnt have the CUDA cores like other cards but that VRAM can be a big gain. Most higher end cards max out at 12GB. Speed equivalent to 3070ti. But with current gen processor, so can do better with certain tasks. Its a good buy for a lot of people.

  • +1

    Still 7800x3D / 4070ti super deals incoming?

    • +1

      After easter yep

      • can you please make it have mobo wifi

  • Is it advisable to get the GPU shipped separately?

    • We fully package everything, transit cover is included at no cost (ie we take full responsibility but it can take time to resolve) and the vast majority of orders don't choose to be shipped separately without issue, but there is no accounting for the careless couriers out there, so that removes the risk.

      • +2

        If the GPU isn't shipped separately, do you internally pad the case to prevent stress on the pcie slot?

  • perth shipping?

    • Yes.

  • -2

    If you would sell the 14900K/14700K instead of the F variants, I would insta-buy. iGPU is paramount for many applications especially video streaming and editing. You are missing out on a large portion of the customer base by sticking with iGPUless F variants.

    Example systems:
    14700K + 240mm AIO / Thermalright Phantom Spirit / AK620 + 32 GB DDR5 + 4070 Ti / 4070 TiSuper
    14900K + 360mm AIO + 64 GB DDR5 + 4080 / 4080S / 4090

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • +4

    I personally wouldn't spec a system exactly like this, but just threw together the cheapest "like-for-like" components I could (and/or matched the same where components were guaranteed, like the RAM and the Motherboard - bolded) and overall it's a great price!

    Part Type Vendor Price
    CPU 14900KF PCCG $849
    Cooler AZZA Blizz 360mm AIO MSY $99
    MOBO MSI Pro Z790-P MSY $268
    RAM Team 32GB 6000MHz CL38 PCCG $149
    GPU Inno3D 4080 Super CentreCom $1599
    SSD 1TB Gen 4 NVMe OzBargain History $100
    PSU Thermaltake BM3 PCIe5 80+ Bronze Mwave $139
    Case Various Various $60
    Total $3263

    Works out to roughly $375~ in savings over buying the parts separately (depending on your case and shipping costs etc).

    • +3

      It seems reasonably future proof and at a competitive price.
      Why wouldn't you spec a system like this?
      Is there anything extra that you'd want to include?

      • Sorry for the late reply!

        For gaming, I'd personally swap to Ryzen and get a 7800X3D, maybe opt for 16GB of RAM (should net about +$300 maybe?) put the savings into a better case, CPU cooler, fans, maybe extra storage (etc) for a quieter and/or more compact rig. Or just pocket the savings.

        For an intel based system (or one for more than just gaming) it's pretty great! Definitely future proof with 32GB of RAM/4080 super, hence the upvote :)

    • Thanks for compare. Does anyone have any review for Inno3D? Is it good? Havent heard of them much.

  • Hey Luke,

    Any chance CPU can be changed to 14900K?


    • Nah, just the KF ordered in bulk for this deal

      • +4

        Next time order a smaller batch of K and we'll pay extra for it. Many people use their PCs for more than just gaming and will only purchase K. Thanks.

        • Agree, I would bite on that one if it was a K version. T_T

  • great deal, ordered.

    • Thanks!

  • Hi, is the RTX 4060 Ryzen 5500 PC available?

  • Hey @luketechfast ,

    I purchased the RTX 4090 PC yesterday morning - and I've tried to reach out via email and contact form without reply. Largest purchase I've made online so I'm a bit nervous and I need to amend my order slightly.

    Is there a contact number I can call to get confirmation?


    • I've PMd for more details

  • Has there been any issues or returns regarding the PNY 4080 Super lately @luketechfast ?

    As of recent, there has been a lot of Reddit posts, product reviews, and retail store complaints about the fans revving from 0% to 100% sporadically even under idle. It also seems that this is unfixable through Fan curve controllers (MSI Afterburner & PNY Velocity X).

    I believe PNY are currently aware of this issue as loads of complaints are rolling in.

    Just wanted to check if your ordered batch of 4080 Supers are affected.


    • Honestly first I've heard of it!

      • Yeah I only started reading about it after putting my order in for this deal.

        Fingers crossed no issues years to come.

        Great deal!

  • Any chance of a 7800x3d with 4080s combo?

  • @luketechfast any 4080 super deals with this CPU?

  • @luketechfast Just checking, is the front USB-C port on the leaper edge case USB 3.2 10Gb/s?

  • +1

    Waiting for a Ryzen 7 7800X3D with these ram timings (6000) and case. love the MSI cooler option too!

    would be an instant cop for me

  • +1

    @luketechfast any chance of this but with a R7-7800X3D? Or this deal in the tank case?

    • yes please and 6000mhz RAM! Love the case

  • Hey Luke

    How does local pickup work? There's no option at checkout.

    What's the current lead time on these builds?

    Me and a friend want to purchase ASAP.

    • Just ping through a request via [email protected] post purchase and we'll arrange, assuming you're in SA. We don't have it at checkout so interstate people don't get confused. We're pretty close to the 10 business days on most systems at the moment being realistic. We have a decent volume of 4060 orders to work through which is happening now so the time will shorten a little after that, but yeah closer to the 10

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