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Gaming PC: Intel Core i5-12400F CPU, RTX 4060 Ti GPU, H610 Mobo, 16GB 3200MHz RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD $1048 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, there haven't been many deals with these cards so this should be attractive paired with the 12400F, for 1080p into 1440p gaming at this pricepoint.

Intel Core i5-12400F | RTX 4060 Ti Gaming PC: $1048 after 12400F-4060Ti-APR

  • Intel Core i5 12400F processor
  • RTX 4060 Ti graphics (primarily PNY in use)
  • Gigabyte H610M-H motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RGB RAM (Adata D35)
  • 500GB NVMe m.2 (Crucial P2)
  • 750W PSU (650W Bronze and 750G upgrades available)
  • Leaper Cruise White MATX RGB case (various upgrades available)


RTX 4090 Gaming PCs: i9-14900KF: $4333, R7-7800X3D: $3933
RTX 4080 Super Gaming PC: i9-14900KF: $2888
RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming PC: R5-7500F: $1888
RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming PCs: R7-5700X3D: $1888, i7-14700F: $2198
RTX 4070 Super Gaming PCs: R5-7500F: $1488, i5-14400F: $1648, R7-7800X3D: $1928
RTX 4060 Gaming PC: R5-5500: $748


RX 7800 XT, RX 7900 XT & RX 7900 XTX Gaming PCs: Ryzen 7 7800X3D RX 7900 XTX: $2488, RX 7900 XT: $2128, Ryzen 5 7500F RX 7800 XT: $1488

Luke, Caleb and Zac

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  • -4

    8GB video card ???

    • +2

      The 4060 Ti is yep

    • +1

      my old 6800 ultra had 256 MB

      • +4

        My ET4000 had 1MB, although that's not so relevant these days…

        • im not as old as you i guess, started on a geforce 2

          • +1

            @SS625: You could say that - my first video card had 16KB (CGA)!

    • 1080p mid graphics, it'll do just fine.

  • OP, what is the size of TechFast leaper MATX ? thank you

    • +3

      400mm (h) x 210mm (w) x 400mm (l)

      • Thank you, do you have anything with ITX case?

        • +2

          All sold out sorry. hard to get in quantity, so might not be for a while now

  • does this come with Windows10 pre-installed OP or do i need to purchase it seperately?

    • +1

      It looks like Linux Mint comes with it.

      • -6

        thnx. is this computer sufficient to just only browse twitter?

        • +7

          You could get a $200 pc that could browse twotter this is a gaming pc with a gaming graphics card which would be wasted $600 graphics card.

        • +3

          you could browse twitter on a $50 phone

          • @tomlaf: Gross, but technically the truth. To be fair I wouldn't want to browse Twitter on a $1000 phone either.

    • -2

      It comes with Windows 8.

  • How will this perform at 1440p? Thanks

    • +2

      Depends on the game but it's probably not ideal for higher settings in AAA games

    • +3

      I bought a 4060ti 8gb recently for ~550.

      Only really played hell divers 2. I get between 60-80 FPS generally at 1440p; on ultra settings.

      On an old ryzen2600 CPU though, so that'll likely be bottlenecking it a few frames as well I think.

    • +3

      My i5 (two gens older than this deal) and 3060 runs games decently at 1440.

      I can do WoW at 120fps on medium/high settings.

      It ran Fortnite (with the next gen like settings off) really well.

      Forza Horizon 5 and Age of Empires 4 really well in medium high settings too.

      This system should noticeably outperform mine.

      Incredible price for an above average entry level system.

  • +8

    4070 TI Super + 7800x3D soon please 🙏 🙏 🙏

  • +3

    4070TI + 16GB Ram + 13700 + wifi MOBO please 🎯

  • +3

    Any deals coming up, more for workload PCs? Eg:
    CPU - AMD 7900x / 7950x
    GPU - 4070 ti super / 4080 super
    RAM - 64gb

  • -1

    Could you guys be convinced to add an upgrade option to have a 4060ti 16gb?

    • +3

      4060 Ti 16GB is a pointless card when the 7800 XT is so close in price and the 7700 XT is cheaper

  • +5

    Any chance of bringing back the i5-12400F with plain RTX 4060 at around the $800 price point (like the ITX build for $799 the other week?)

  • Any updates on the 5500 4060 Systems are they still in queue?

  • Hi Luke, is there enough space under the gpu to install a PCIE network card?

    • Also wondering the same. Doesn’t the mobo only have one PCIe slot?

    • Looking at the photos of the Mobo (Gigabyte H610M-H) it does have an x1 slot and it's far enough away from the x16 slot (used for the GPU) that there should be enough space for a PCIE network card. You'd be limited to a 2.5 Gb/s card as x1 PCIe doesn't provide enough bandwidth for a 10Gb/s card to run at full speed (it'll work but be limited by that bandwidth) .

      There is an onboard 1GB/s port as well built into the motherboard (as they are on most motherboards).

      • What is the name of this extra onboard 1GB/s port?

        I only see the PCIe 3.0 x1 socket and the PCIe 3.0 m.2 socket, which is x4. That would be 1GB/s and 4GB/s respectively.

  • Any spec sheet for the case yet? How many drives does it support? Which of the top ports does this motherboard support?

    I assume an allied power supply by default?
    Anyone spending $1000+ on a PC should probably pay at least the extra $39 for a bronze power supply upgrade

  • +1

    Intel Core i9 14900KF | RTX 4070Ti Super $2628 - Sold Out
    Intel Core i7-14700F | RTX 4070 Ti Super $2198 - Sold Out
    Intel Core i7-14700F | RTX 4070 Ti Super $3129 - Too expensive

    Any more i7 4070Ti deals coming? Thanks.

  • What’s the best wifi solution for this build?

  • +1

    Would have bought this if it had onboard WIFI or at least an option to upgrade to a WIFI motherboard.

    In 2024 USB added wifi is a dealbreaker for me…

    • What about PCIe wifi?

    • I commented above a wifi solution

  • +1

    which one is better deal, please?
    i5-12400F RTX 4060 Ti GPU, H610 Mobo, 16GB 3200MHz RAM, 500GB - $1,048
    R5 7500F RTX 4060 Ti 8GB, , ASUS A620M Wi-Fi/BT, 1TB M.2, 32GB DDR5 RAM, 650W - $1,388

    Thank you

    • +2

      I chose the latter, a better cpu was my main requirement, but of course it came with other better components, basically an all-around upgrade. I think they are worth the $300, but that's just my personal choice, hopefully it will help!

      • thank you, I plan to use it not only for gaming, but for dev works and llama too

      • Yeah problem with that Nebula deal is you can then come back for a 7800xt for just $100 more… this cycle never ends

        • Definitely! I was torn between the two DEALS for a long time, and very much went with Nebula, which I still haven't fully convinced myself of…

  • Hello! I am looking at buying this today but I don't know much about PCs. Can someone please confirm that this is a good deal for this price point and will run games like Eldin Ring and Helldivers 2 ok?


    • Yes it’s a good deal. If you were to buy these parts separately and build it yourself it would cost at least $1200.

      Search YouTube for ‘Elden Ring 4060ti 12400f’ ‘Helldivers 2 4060ti 12400f’

      But yes this build will run any game max graphics at 1080p. It’ll even play at 1440p and 4K on lower settings

  • Any chance you'll ever do a non F Intel? I want a rig for video editing and the iGPU on Intel will do h.265 4:2:2 unlike Ryzen. A 3060 would also be better, the 4060Ti is not so good for DaVinci.

  • is 16GB ram still a good idea these days?
    thought maybe 32GB should be the norm

  • Any chance of a CPU upgrade option on this? Would like to go 14th gen, 12th gen is getting a bit old.

  • Hi Luke ,

    Just wondering how many fps for Valorant in this PC ? I am looking for PC with around 300-350 fps for Valorant :)

    • Best to check out benchmark videos on youtube that feature this CPU and GPU combo like this

      Lowering settings should easily hit 300+ FPS

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