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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Fitness Tracker (Global Version) US$38.98 (~A$56.82) Delivered @ Hekka


Xiaomi recently launched the global version of the Mi Band 7. It now features a larger 1.62-inch AMOLED display, (25% larger according to Xiaomi), with higher resolution 490×192 (326ppi) and peak brightness of 500 nits. Also the screen can now be always-on. It features a larger battery 180mAh up from the Mi Band 6's 125mAh cell, more sport tracking modes, VO2 max pro readings (measuring the max amount of oxygen at your disposal while training) and continuous SpO2 monitoring with alerts.

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  • deja vu

  • does it have nfc payment?

    • The global version with NFC hasn't been released yet, only the China domestic version so far, but it is expected to be released soon

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        I'll save you the waiting, no

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      FYI in case it's useful for anyone: the Chinese NFC version doesn't work anywhere else. The global NFC version (for Mi Band 6 at least) only works with some EU banks, doesn't work in AU.

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    In case it's useful for anyone, I wrote a mini review of the Mi Band 7 here: https://www.reddit.com/r/miband/comments/vji5u7/mini_review_...

    TL;DR: It's okay, but not great. Upgrading from a 6 isn't worth it.

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    • what about upgrading from 4?

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        Yeah huge update. Better battery life, more screen size being used.

        • thank you. ordered

        • better battery life……really? I get a month from 4. Do you get this with 7?

  • If I am on the train wearing this, does it count it as steps like the mi band 6?

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    Has hekka fixed their site/region problems and mailing delay issue?

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    I'm going to add to the Review that was posted on here now that I've been using it for ~2 weeks as well.

    • Always on Screen is a let down when it's "always on". But you can also control how battery draining it is. More on that below.
    • Notifications are far easier to read on the 7 vs the 6. The wider band lets you fit more than 2 words on a line. The app icons are nice and match the apps, and some app notifications let you even quick reply - I don't recall being able to do that on the 6.
    • The battery size is much larger than the 6 - 180mAh on the 7, vs 125mAh on the 6. Even accounting for the very slightly larger screen, in the same settings I would expect that the watch will last longer between charges than the 6. They done this because they know the user will likely do more battery draining things - like yes the Always on Display.
    • The sports modes I can't speak much about like the other reviewer, but in general the UI is much improved. Swipe behaviour is more like a typical smart phone (you can partially swipe sideways, instead of the janky low frame rate fixed transition on the 6). Text in the settings screens are larger and more readable, it feels more user friendly. The settings menu has a little "i" button at the bottom of most screens that explains what each option means which is helpful.
    • The "torch" mode is practical on this, the screen seems like it's brighter to the last one and pretty usable for late night toilet trips.

    With the larger battery, I find that I can make the wake on screen be longer - 7 seconds instead of 5, which feels slightly less hectic to read.
    With the always on display, the Battery takes a 25-28 percent per day with it on all day. For comparison, with it off the drain is typically 5-10%. I quickly realised that the setting "on" means also on while you are asleep in bed though. So there are a few other options to help reduce that drain.

    Smart will turn the screen off while you are asleep or you're not wearing it. So that helps. But you can do better.
    Scheduled means you can have the screen work like normal (it's off until you tilt it) outside of those hours. So you can choose to have it always on during the working day (Drain of about 15-20%), as a nice compromise. It's a nice feature.

    I would have liked to be able to have the always on brightness to be dimmed all the way down as an option, maybe they will add that.
    Comments about it being just a watch in that mode are a bit strange - WearOS will strip down to similar modes as well too, only showing the bare minimum of available things to you.

    Overall it's still a worthy upgrade over the 6, partly because I feel these are better than a smart watch due to having an practical battery life while still showing notifications. The much lower cost of these to a Smart watch means you could buy the annual releases, and still be better off than a $200-300 smartwatch (typically do not have NFC either) with its battery being worn down to being laughable after the first year.

    For anyone asking about if this one finally has NFC, I don't think it will ever come to the Mi Band unless they upgrade it's processing power a bunch. The NFC being used in the AU and most other places can't be replicated on a "dumb" band like these ones, The Chinese edition has no advantages for you to buy (unless it is cheaper), although it will pair and work in english fine if that's a worry too (I have the chinese nfc version, albeit in english and obviously no nfc use).

    I paid ~$64 from Aliexpress if that helps.

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    Can't see shipping time, where am I missed?

  • Actually, Aliexpress is not cheaper because you need to add GST at the checkout which brings it to just under $60.

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    Has anyone ordered from Hekka before? If so how long did it take you to get your order?

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      I ordered on 30/06 - still being 'processed'. First time I've ordered off this place - it might be the last!

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        Oh damnm I placed my order right before asking the question. My mi band 6 decided to stop responding to touch and needed a fast replacement. Oh well live and learn.

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          With that said, I've got an e-mail saying it has just been 'shipped' - a week after being ordered. I'll let people know when I actually receive it! Good luck with yours!

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