1 Month Free Trial of Paramount Plus (Normally 7 Days) Payment Information Required @ Paramount Plus


Tested working on AU site.

Full credit to HUKD for the find.

Credit to lars06 for the title.

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    is the Halo series complete? (ie Season 1) might get for that

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      Yes it’s pretty good

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      I wouldn't bother. I gave up after 5 or so episodes. The first was alright and I hoped it would get better. It got worse. You might enjoy it if you're not a longtime Halo fan.

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        I wish Microsoft just invested some money into the production of a proper Halo series, taking inspiration from the evocative live action trailers that were released more than a decade ago for Halo 3, ODST and REACH. They should just include it as part of the Game Pass subscription, like Games Workshop. Come on Microsoft, take care of your IP!!!

        • Didn't MS greenlight then cancel like 3 separate Halo movie projects with some A list stars a while back?

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      You can also use TVNZ+ for free - just need VPN/DNS

      • thank you!

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    Paid $7 for a year and felt that was barely worth it.

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      Can’t believe I missed that, but kept hearing similar sentiments.

    • Extra much?
      There's some decent shows on there.

      • There's some decent shows on there.

        Like what?

        • see cheapandused below, also 1883, The mayor of kingstown

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            @poohduck: never heard of any of them.

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              @jv: You just did

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                @Pricebeat: I guess I have to take up the offer now then….

            • @jv: that doesn't mean anything. There are so many serials and movies that are just on streaming services. If you get recommendations like this check out IMDB - there are many supposedly popular shows that I don't like at all.


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                @poohduck: OK, thanks. I won't take up the offer then.

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                  @jv: Awesome 😁

                • @jv: We're fairly recent to the streaming scene, less than a year? I used to hear about the awesome movies that people could see on netflix. Since having a streaming service I've never thought "gee, I wish I had of started this earlier". It does bring back memories sometimes of video stores and libraries - searching endlessly for something that looks interesting. Something like a firestick is an easy recommendation though, it's great for the streaming freebies; youtube, iview, sbs on demand, tubi, plex etc. Commercial channels too, but they're pretty mind numbingly boring.

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                    @poohduck: I just watch cooking shows.

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    We have had a free trial this last month, so my opinion is.. could barely find any movies to watch, except the new Beavis and Butt-Head which was a little better than expected.

    On the shows though:
    -In the dark
    -Star Trek - Strange new worlds
    -The man who fell to Earth
    All have been good to great depending on episode.

    The Twilight Zone anthology series is also on there, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    Probably enough content for a month or two and then need to wait for more to arrive

    • Did you cancel your sub immediately? Does it continue to end of trial?

      (They seem to have avoided making this clear by wording the cancel disclaimer about paid subscriptions)

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        I cancelled straight away when I took this up the last time & still got the full month trial.

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        I cancelled after about 2 weeks and the trial continued to the end date.. The account screen looks very similar to the netflix account screen so it was easy to navigate.

      • I just redeemed this code and cancelled immediately, still can stream until the end of the month.

    • Tokyo Vice is well worth a watch as well, but I'm not seeing many reasons to continue beyond my current one month trial.

  • Just a random one for people - Avast on my Samsung phone pinged Paramount+ as containing malware last night

    I didn’t actually look any further into it for details as already had stopped using P+ as there’s very little on it and they were an absolute clusterf$&k with the A-League but thought I’d let people know about the malware thing.

    Again, unsure what it was exactly but this is the only app that I’ve ever got that notification from Avast regarding

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      Avast must have been programmed by Foxtel.

    • -1

      Watch Pickard and you'll understand avast's decision to protect you ;)

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    I have a amazon prime subscription says 7 day trial for me

    • +1

      Did you put the shore code in?

      And how is this related to amazon prime?

      • Where do you put the shore code in? I didn't get an option to put a code in and it is only offering 7 day free trial.

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    Confirmed you can use code SHORE and get a months free even if you've recently had a free P+ trial already

    Thanks OP :) now I can finish watching ST Strange New Worlds

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      Did your account expire first? I just tried and it says new subscriptions only.

      • +1

        Yes it had already expired a while ago from the last OZB free month deal :-)

        • Thanks, I'll wait until it expires and try again

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            @griffy: Mine expired and it still says its only for new subs. Maybe it needed to expire before the code was available/set up?

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              @Jackson: Don’t use OP’s link. I got same error.

              Just sign in directly on paramount+. You might need to use a different payment method.

              • @me1stt: Just tried this on my phone and still doesn't work, same message

                Edit: Just went on the PC to try and lo and behold it worked!

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    Series The Offer Is actually pretty good. Got this for Halo but is was average didn't even finish it yet but we finished The Offer.

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      Check out Tokyo Vice

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    Any Turkey subscription deal yet?

  • Or you can get some shows free all the time via TVNZ+ with a VPN.

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    Have a promotional code?

    Shore do

  • this service is terrible, i got the last month free and there's no solid shows on here, waste of time

    • +5

      Strange new worlds is a solid show

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    Nice - my free month expires tomorrow. Guess I'll grab another one, get around to watching Yellowjackets and Tokyo Vice. This month I watched;

    Strange New Worlds
    Gilded Age
    Corporate S3

    All of which were very much worth my time.

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    The only thing I enjoyed on my free trial was strange new worlds. The writing is alright, it feels a bit rushed and could do with some consistency, but at least it actually feels like you're watching star trek unlike discovery and pickard..
    Halo stank as halo, if you watch it as a random sci fi tv show, then it's ok for the first few episodes then it falls flat.

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    Ugh, doesn't accept revolut virtual cards.

  • Anyone else remember the ALMOST free year

  • My billing date is today, so I cancelled and when I try the coupon it says it's for new subs only. I will try again tomorrow when my service actually stops working to confirm, but anyone who's tried feel free to let me know of your experience

    • +1

      You'll probably need to use a different email address for this offer.

      • And probably different payment information too - this is recorded and tied in with your account.

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    Great if you want to watch the original Maverick movie from almost 35 years ago.

  • Do they have console apps yet? Also, does anyone know if it works through Amazon channels?

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    Have been watching "Evil" series which is pretty good… the complete Star Trek movie series (13 of them) is on there as well if you feel like a marathon trek-movie fest!

  • Do they have any good kids content?

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      Yeah theres a decent selection, particularly spongebob and paw patrol. I would never pay the full fee though.

    • I think avatar the last airbender is on there after leaving Netflix, and there's 3 new animated movies set in that world coming soon

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    I recommend watching EVIL, it is the best show available on paramount+

  • Does this subscription include live sport?

    • "Watch every match of the A-leagues, Socceroos, Matildas and FA Cup live plus get the biggest headlines from around the world 24/7 with CBSN."

  • Got one month for Halo. Now waiting for Maverick to come out maybe in Aug/Sep and will do a trial under partner's name

  • Thanks, OP, extended from the previous 1 month's trial which expired today.

  • Is the 50% off deal for a year still available to new subscribers?

  • When I tried to sign up, it said that my first 7 days are free. On the payment details page it says I won’t get charged until 9th July. I didn’t proceed further. How do I get the free month? Do I need to input payment details first?

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      Use code "SHORE".

    • Use code SHORE at the payment page (where you enter your name, address and credit card details). On the right hand side there's little blue writing that says "Do you have a promotional code?". Click it. Once you enter Shore, the "Trial Period" will change from 7 days to 1 month at the top right, under "Your Plan".

  • Anyone else facing an issue where you get an error saying a show is not available outside your country?

    Getting it with Jerry and Marge Go Large specifically.

  • Is Evil season 3 on paramount plus yet? TIA

  • cycling through whatever code + gmail hack with a period - [email protected] then [email protected] etc etc) and same cc card seems to work

  • I made a rookie mistake.

    Forgot to cancel and got charged. Arrrrrgh.

    Didn't watch a single show. Paramount+ has f all content for me. Dang!

  • Paid for the year membership working fine until last night. Received a few emails telling me account had been updated and password etc.

    Logged in from desktop takes me to Colombian paramount and no longer active account. No way putting in bank details again

  • My $5.99 yearly sub from last year is still showing up as $5.99 yearly

    • True the new Beavis & Butthead episodes are great.

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