1 Month Free Trial of Paramount Plus (Normally 7 Days) Payment Information Required @ Paramount Plus


I saw this on the South Park FB page promoting the new special.

Unfortunately I’m not able to verify if this works in AU as I already have an account. EDIT: confirmed working!

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    Can confirm it works. Thanks OP!

    • -9

      Don't thank OP, thank breast implants and Pi-pi's wee for the streaming wars

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        It's okay fella I got the south park reference

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          "I'm offended!" as they use the code SOUTHPARK to get a month of Pi-pi

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            @King Steuart: I'd be more offended if the code was HALO. Man, what a stinker that show is.

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    Long enough to relive first top gun

    • the first 30 seconds is.

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    The Offer has been pretty good

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    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a paramount plus subscription to Amazon prime or do you have to separately make that purchase through Amazon. I was having issues with linking it after I bought the half price year subscription.

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      Also would like to sub through amazon prime but want 1 month free

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      "I'm an existing Paramount+ subscriber. Can I use my subscription to watch on Prime Video?
      No, you will not be able to verify on Prime Video if you originally subscribed using paramountplus.com or another app store other than Prime Video, such as Google Play, iTunes, Fire TV, or Roku. However, if you originally subscribed to the Paramount+ Channel on Prime Video, you can stream on Prime Video, paramountplus.com or the Paramount+ app! Just verify your Prime Video credentials at paramountplus.com/amazon to be able to stream on paramountplus.com and any Paramount+ supported devices . "

      Looks like you can link your Paramount+/Amazon account to Paramount+.com but not Paramount+.com account to amazon prime..
      That sux

      • bro that's for America

      • That looks like US site?
        Anyway, Signing up as a Prime channel or through Apple TV+ Or Google play seems to be still only seven days.

        • I just cast my phone to the TV .. works well
          My samsung phone has smart view option in the pulldown menu :) just need to be on the same wifi

    • half price subscription, how who when ~ did you manage that?

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    FYI: You can use Google Play credit to pay subs

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    Do they accept a Revolut card?

    • +3

      Yes. Just signed up with disposable card.

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      Just put $1 into your revolut account. There’s pre authorisation.

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    Can we cancel now and still get the access for 30 days ?

    • -1

      Time to read FAQs

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      I just did that.
      It says "You will not be able to access Paramount+ content after your billing cycle ends on 01/07/22". So sign up and cancel straightaway If you don't want to get charged next time.

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        this should be on the original post on the top. how to sign in and then how to cancel straight away :)

    • Just did exactly that. Worked ok.

  • While you are there, watch yellowstone and 1883

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      Only the prequel series 1883 is on Paramount. Yellowstone is on Stan.

    • 1883 is bloody awesome! Much, much better than Yellowstone.

  • Nooo don't do it, there's too much wee coming out of Pi-pi!

  • is there official app on chromecast with google tv ?

    • Yep

  • how to find if where i can stream the original friday 13th and the original mission impossible?
    paramount? any complete list of things that they support?
    i want to watch those 2 tv shows.

  • Noice. I used Amazon Prime to watch Halo lol

    Time to explore this thing, Samsung TV Tizen OS app: Checked

    Thanks OP

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    Thanks, OP. Signed up and cancelled. I have got 30 days to watch Top Gun now.

  • +1

    New accounts only

    • Correct. The promo code won't work if you have already enjoyed a trial on an existing account.

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    Reminds me, I need to cancel this now that the A-League is done for the year! This streaming service is by far the worst user experience of them all.

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    Can anyone share 'must watchs' if signing up to only one month?

    • mission impossible 1996
      friday 13th the original 1980

      • mission impossible 1996

        Why would anyone watch that again? It's basically 1x watch and forget… Beyond weird…

    • +2

      The only reason I have the account is for the full South Park series + new specials

    • +6

      Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

    • 4 seasons of yellowstone
      1 season of 1883

    • Tokyo Vice. Great show.

    • Yellowjackets!

    • Mayor of Kingston

    • Dexter - New Blood

  • Thanks OP! Got it for Strange New Worlds!

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    Any idea when this might end? If I can put it off for a week it will cover the school holidays.

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    I signed up for the $6 annual subscription price error last year.
    Never watched anything lol

    • +2

      Waste of $6

    • +1

      Star Trek Strange New Worlds and Halo

  • If I sign up and then cancel can I still use the subscription for a month?

  • I was going to snag a month next week to watch Strange New Worlds.

    I guess may as well do it now for free.

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    Still no Xbox app

  • +1

    anybody know how long this code is valid for?

  • any more episodes season 1 planned for Halo? want to get the sub and watch in one go until then.

    • No.

      I can see your halo, halo, halo.
      I can feel your halo, halo, halo.

  • Or 6.99 for 1 year if you own a time machine

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    when do you see the free month ? I am at the credit card page and it still says 7 days

    • +4

      put in the promo code and the 7 days becomes 30

      • thank you I missed the Promo SOUTHPARK

    • +1

      Just choose monthly and put the promotional code in the promotional code section on right.

      • +1

        thank you I missed the promo code SOUTHPARK

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    Nvidia plus app barely works lol

  • +1

    Are there any shows worth watching on Paramount?

    • Hear a lot about 1883. prequel to Yellowstone.

  • Good enough for 1 month.

  • When I open the link it just throws me into the paramount app and signs up normally via subscribe in Google play. Where exactly am I entering this code?

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      Have to go to the website on a browser to enter in a promo code. Confirmed that you cannot do this on the app.

  • Signed up for this. Paramount is absolute trash there is definitely nothing worth paying for.

    • +2

      Love startrek.. so theres two great shows on there

      • About the same as Netflix then and twice what Disney+ or Binge can manage.

    • It has DC movies

      • Animated?

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    This streaming service doesn't even provide info on hdr, audioi, or resolution - at one point i turned off the amp for the fronts and there was no sound coming out of the center! Unbelievable.

    • What a waste of a checks notes free month!

  • +2

    Check out Yellowjackets, peeps. :)

    • So good!! Just finished it

    • @Jigowatt @brokeneither

      i tried 1st episode yellowjacket - felt boring .. am i weird?

  • Thanks OP :) going to watch Star trek and Gilded Age

  • Can we do the trick with Paramount Plus from Argentina folks? You know what I mean ;) ;)

  • Worked thanks!

  • +1

    Everyone needs to watch Yellowjackets.

    …and for laughs, Nathan for You, and Key & Peele.

    • When's the latest I can sign up? Won't have any time to watch TV in the next month.

  • +1

    Signed up using Revolut, thank you OP.

  • Worked for me in Au , new subscription! Thank you!

  • Not working for me. :-(

    I got the deal when I clicked yesterday but today it's only offering a 7 day free trial.

    • whups…. any way to confirm before we commit ? or when i fill up name email and click agree it is too late ?

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