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Edifier R1380DB $95, R1700BT $119, R2000DB $215 & More + Delivery (Free Over $200) @ Wireless 1

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  • Is the 1380DB arevamp of the 1280DB?

  • The R1700BT is awesome for $119
    They sound so good.

  • Bulky item, pretty expensive freight on my postcode spending over $200.

  • Does anyone know how to hook up a subwoofer to the 1380DB?

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      You can't directly. You can either get an rca splitter and feed one end to the speakers and another to the sub, or you can get a seperate dac that has a subwoofer out and speaker out via rca

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        Straight splitter without any control over the low pass is a bad idea.

        • Do you have a better idea?

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            @aec: Yes, a splitter with a low pass filter. Or a subwoofer with a low pass pass-through. Or at least add some inline rca crossover filters.

        • Most subwoofers have some sort of control. And if they don't they will have a fixed one inbuilt. Not being able to cut the lows to the edifiers is not the worst thing, as that's what they naturally receive

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            @Hamez89: Yes, it quite literally is the worst possible thing, as you'll get edifiers playing the same range as the subwoofer. You need to cut so that one does one, one does the other.

            • @Obsidiate: Not true at all, you dont have to cut the lows to the tops

              • @Hamez89: I'm going to give up here. No, you don't have to, but not doing it is very, very stupid. Have a good night.

        • Isn't he's actually right? Why would you be okay with your your low's go into your mains? The advantage of getting a sub is not only to have a dedicated sub to play your lows, but to also free up your tweeters to play only mids and highs. The less low's your mains have to deal with it, the better it'll play mids and highs and better the overall sound? Maybe I'm missing something?

          • @AldoRaine: You're missing the fact that they're clinging to being "right" about not "absolutely having to" to make the speakers work, which is apparently incompatible with admitting that doing so is the worst possible away to run such a setup. It's weird the hills people decide to die on, as though not being the first to make a point makes them stupid, or somesuch.

  • +9
    • Good find! I love mine

    • Nice

      Wondering if I should wait until prime day

  • I wish edifier would make a 5.1 solution with HDMI 2.1 passthrough.

    • I would be happy with 2.0 with ARC, I'm using the 1280 connected via optical and would be nice controlling the volume with the TV remote.

  • Will this go well as my front speakers in my 5.1 setup? (Yamaha RX-V485 receiver, Jamo center speaker, Yamaha rear speakers and Yamaha subwoofer). Currently have cheap Yamaha front speakers which I want replaced.

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      Normally you want centres to be timbre matched with the fronts. I don't see these sounding better than even cheap Yamaha's tbh

  • Been eyeing the S350DB with great interest and still no luck. Bummer.

    • I’m also in in the market for something with sw although the 2750 has one in built?(I’m no audiophile expert)

      Curious Why this one?
      And what’s your target price?

      • I have read and watched countless reviews of the S350DB and all of them mention the earth shattering bass performance of the unit which I am really liking and wanting to experience.

        When the unit hits @ $250ish, I'll pounce and till then, I can wait for as long it will take.

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    Do these come with there own charger?

    • These dont use batteries

  • Can anyone recommend a set of affordable stands to suit? Desk or free standing

    • define "affordable"?

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        Tweny bux.

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    Been looking at this for a couple of months now, Not sure if this is a good price tho. Amazon is currently selling for $105 including delivery.
    I have a PlayStation and a Mac. Mac got a 3.5mm jack so guessing I can connect using that, any idea how can I connect it to my PlayStation as well?

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      DAC for the PS4 or just run it to the TVs headphone jack

      • Thanks, I completely forgot that TVs/ Monitors headphone jack slot.

      • One more question, would there be any major difference between using a standard type c to 3.5mm vs using one of those fancy DAC connectors. Thanks

    • $105? Where?

  • Yeah - found this one. Was excited until I noticed the shipping price took it up to Amazon prices anyway :(

  • Would these do for a sim racing rig? I have headphones but for when someone else is over I want some speakers.. pc gaming mainly, maybe some ps5 action..

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