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Norton: 75% Cashback (Was 50%, 85% with ANZ Max, Uncapped) @ Cashrewards


75% cashback at Norton. 85% with ANZ Max

I can vouch for Norton products as I currently use them, they work and aren't dodgy and the antivirus works well.

I can't see an expiry at this time, but I will update when I can.

Special Terms
Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
Cashback is ineligible on free trials.
Cashback is ineligible on legacy products or any products not listed on the "Products and Services" page of the Norton Lifelock website.

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    the antivirus works well.

    Almost as well as the free one Microsoft supplies, and Norton hasn't crippled any large corporate networks for ages

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      Not since large corporates uninstalled it.

  • Has anybody here ever got infected with serious malware while using only Defender?

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      Never in my ten years or so of not using any of that bloatware - just MS updates and use the rule if you wouldn't walk into the physical shop maybe don't visit the website ;)

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      Has anybody here ever got infected with serious malware while using <insert any AV product>?

      Yes. Don't install unknown software or from untrusted sources (i.e. 99% of the internet), don't click on links in emails/msgs/etc, don't enable macros in MS office files, Keep your browser & OS updated and you'll be fairly safe with just Windows Defender.

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        All good points. I’d like to add a few - dont use flash, always use latest browsers, try not to use many browser extensions (I’ve been reported by chrome and edge on separate occasions about malware detected in some extensions I’ve been using since years), keep your OS updated.

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          Oh yes browser extensions. Gawd they're a disaster waiting to happen.

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      I’ve read multiple comparison assessments over the years and go for home use Microsoft Defender is consistently one of the most effective at identifying and removing malware and viruses, but just as importantly, the least resource hogging.

  • my norton will expire in 24 days. Should I renew now or later?

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  • Just buy it on eBay already 75%+ off

  • Won't use it even they pay me.

  • I have been a Norton user for many, many years with a 5 devices subscription to cover our family PC's. I have always bought it during the mid year sales with cash back offers so typically after cash back it costs around $50 to $60 for 5 devices.
    However, I will NOT be renewing my subscription this time when it's due in 13 days due to the most annoying behavior over the last few months. I have received lots of annoying pop ups with additional Norton products such as password manager, online storage, software updates, etc. You have to go into settings and click on multiple items to try to turn these pop ups off only to get another one. My elderly parents complain about their pop ups and their PC being slower. So I finally got fed up and uninstalled it from their computers and only use Microsoft Defender. No more pop ups and no more complaints and no more money wasted on unnecessary third part AV products.

  • Doesn't Norton use your PC as a crypto miner?

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