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Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G $1624.35 (256GB) / $1721.85 (512GB) Delivered @ Samsung EPP


35% on Galaxy Fold3 in Samsung EPP portal, plus 50% off selected Galaxy Fold3 accessories. Offer ends on 31 Jul 2022.

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  • I think if you add trade in, it should give you more discounts right?

    • Depends.. is samsung running trade in promo on this phone right now? It did, in December 2021

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      Only trade in value, don't think you get any bonus credit on EPP or $100 chat coupons.

  • -2

    My screen is cracked at the fold. Need to claim warranty

    • +27

      Thanks for letting us know

      • +3

        You're welcome.
        It's a good phone but just be mindful the technology is still not that robust. Will probably trade up to the Fold 4 when it comes out soon

        • You sure it isn't just the protective screen protector? Linus didn't even know it had a layer of protective film on it until last wan show and took it off

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            @Godric: Could possibly be the film. But the film isnt meant to be user replaceable. So will take it into the Samsung store when I get a chance.

            • @julz: If you have a Fold 2 or 3, then you can replace the screen protector no worries. I have a Fold 2 that I've used since it launched, replaced the inner protector a couple of times as each previous one got scuffed, no worries at all. Haven't had any cracking or damage, although of course I'm not suggesting that my experience is the same as everyone else's.

        • Wait so you possibly have a damaged screen and still want to upgrade to the 4 when it comes out. People are crazy…

          • @solidussnake: My screen protector started to peel off in the hinge part quite heavily around week 10. I just took it off and it's been 4 months. I take good care of the phone and there's been no noticeable damage to the actual screen.

            • +1

              @Schmerkin: Mine started peeling in the hinge part a few months after I got it. I brought it to a Samsung service center who replaced it on the spot for free. Got them to replace the outside one as well since the oleophobic coating was wearing off.

    • +8

      My good friend had a crack at fold too. Samsung refused to budge on warranty and said to cough up so he’s taking it back to vodafone and telling vodafone to remedy.

      That being said there is also heaps of people with flawless experience….

      Guess I’ll wait for fold 69 at this rate

      • Oh damn I thought they'd simply comply. Hopefully I don't have an issue getting it replaced or repaired

        • +2

          He uses it for work too - and said okay if I cop the fee (little over $800) can it be a priority fix?

          Samsung: best we can do is 8-10 weeks


          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Wow that sucks. I'll probably wait until mid August when the Fold 4 is released and upgrade to that and then try get my Fold 3 repaired. Don't really have a spare phone to use in the interim. Could probably use my work S21.

            Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Price speculation
            One rumor for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which comes from Korean leaker yeux1122 on Korean site Naver, and another from Ross Young, says that the phone will be getting cheaper, which given that the Z Fold 3 costs $1,799, would be quite welcome news.

            The Galaxy Z Fold 2 from 2020 launched at $1,999, which might suggest that after falling by $200 in one year, we may see a $400 drop over two years to $1,599 for the Z Fold 4. That would still be much more expensive than even the most fully-specced phablet-style phone, but as the gap shrinks, more and more phone buyers will be tempted to go for a foldable.

            • @julz: The thing about rumours is they tend to merge several pieces together and lead themselves into a confirmation bias hole.

              There is suppose to be a model "A" which is a stripped down low cost Fold. I doubt Fold 4 will be cheaper and instead get more expensive with a separate entry model instead serving as the price anchoring strategy.

              • @plmko: The model "A" is also rumoured for 2024 so that's a complete extra release cycle before then as well.

      • Samsung have the worst customer service imaginable, I dont understand how they have such a strong brand when they are so bad

        • +1

          Maybe you only hear about the negative reports. If everything went fine, there's not much to say so people don't bother looking for a forum to write a post to complain about it.

          My screen protector started peeling. Brought it to a Samsung service centre who replaced it on the spot. I was satisfied, the whole process was easy. It was a positive experience, there's really not much to say.

          If they refused to replace it and I wasted an hour on the phone back and forth, I'd probably be annoyed enough to complain about their service in every Samsung post I see. But because it was fine, you just wouldn't (normally) hear about it.

        • Samsung have the worst customer service imaginable

          Totally agree from every experience I had with Samsung support. Had issue with getting Care Plus, got flapped about by various Samsung reps, unresolved. Another purchase with Care Plus, could not get it activated, also got handballed through various departments, finally was told it was some IT issue and will be escalated, still not resolved. Another purchase, got the phone but no tax receipt, also got flapped around through several reps, was told to wait because their system showed the phone has not been delivered yet, never got the tax receipt. I totally give up on buying Samsung. Although these issues don't stop the phones from being use, their flaky system gives me no faith in their support if you do have a real technical issue and can't use the phone…

        • Gotta disagree here. I've a washing machine that's four years old that they're still sending techies out to fix at no charge. This is after my three year extended retailer warranty expired. Won't be bothering with warranties ever again with Samsung products, they have been awesome

        • Have to disagree here. You haven't had terrible experience until you've had to repeatedly warranty a pixel.

          My various experiences with samsung, while not cheap, have been fast and efficient.

    • There's a big difference between a cracked screen and a cracked screen protector….

    • +1

      Jerry Rig has tested the durability

  • Waiting for $1K price.

    • +1

      Same. But again looking at oppo fold, i think oppo is better

      • Gd luck with yellow bolt

        • Will Samsung give Epp price on upcoming fold4?

    • same as 3080

    • +10
  • Great idea but a fortune to repair

    • +1

      That's what contents insurance with accidental damage is for. $250 excess for no questions asked repair as long as the item is below $3000 with QBE,for example

  • +3

    For eveyone concerned about the screen cracking, you could buy it with an Amex card and use the screen protection insurance if your screen cracks.
    Hope there's no Galaxy Fold exclusion clause in the fine print lol.

    • -2

      Can we just have a screen that we don’t need to worry about cracking from normal day to day use? If I had one for sure I’d be opening and closing it 100 times a day or more

      • +1

        Can we just have a screen that we don’t need to worry about cracking from normal day to day use? If I had one for sure I’d be opening and closing it 100 times a day or more

        Neither me or any of my friends with folds worry about cracking from normal day to day use. It feels like people who have never used or don't have any intention of buying the phone are more worried about it cracking than the people who actually use it every day.

    • +2

      Hope there's no Galaxy Fold exclusion clause in the fine print lol.

      that made me laugh :)

  • -2

    Why are these things so expensive

    • +3

      Things cost money to develop and manufacture. Also, public listed companies are not charities. They want to make money.

      • Whatever. I'll make my own samsung galaxy fold from scratch. That'll show you all.

        • Putting 2 Samsung phones side by side taped by packing tape?

          • +1

            @lunartemis: No I'm starting by mining the lithium in my back yard.

  • -2

    The EPP stores are considered completely separate to the regular samsung stores if you ever need to ring up for support.

    You’ll probably get it in August after no updates on packing and shipping.
    Just something to consider if you need a ohone urgently.

    • I regularly buy stuff from Education store and it gets delivered as per normal.

      • I regularly buy stuff from Education store and it gets delivered as per normal.

        Same. I ordered an S22 from the education store on Saturday 25/6. It got delivered on Tuesday 28/6.

    • I got it next day…

  • What is the deal with EPP stores? Are they open to only employees or anyone?

    • +1

      OP listed all the companies eligible already up there.

      You may also can get via certain employee perk programs. I can access it via Fond for example.

  • Jerry Rig has tested the durability , wondering why the screen still easy to crack

  • To everyone worrying about durability - can confirm these things hold up much better than you'd think. I've dropped my Fold 2 multiple times with no damage, and the screen hasn't given me any grief whatsoever. I've replaced the screen protector twice in 12 months (at home myself, very easy and simple) and as long as you've got a protector on the screen, it's safe and sound.

    I think people forget that the inside screen is almost always protected in your pocket or when not in use, so accidental key or pen scratches aren't a big worry at all.

    • +2

      Very minor issues from my perspective and agreed it definitely held up FAR BETTER than I expected.

      For me though, I found the exterior screen was easily scratched though which seemed odd given it's meant to be quite tough… and the Fold 2's design meant there were usually flaws in case design unless you went with the super thick Spigen Slim Armour Pro (which I did for a while but it just was too damn bulky). I switched out to the Aramid case instead which was much slimmer but I found the front had lots of micro scratches on it.

      That being said, I finally used my Care+ and got a new Fold2 the other day for $300. Maybe I'll find a screen protector for the front face!

      • Was there anything wrong with it for you to swap? Nothing is really wrong with my Fold2 other than your usual wear and tear, but I would be keen to replace it for $300 and get a new one to keep for the next year or two.

        • +1

          Honestly I was hoping for a fold 3 based on some anecdotal comments but it didn’t happen. But I figured $300 for a fresh phone why not. I do want a screen protector on the outside this time as the micro scratches annoyed me. Also my care+ was coming up to the final six months so thought I may as well use it even if only for new battery.

          • @jace88: I did find the screen protector on the outside was definitely necessary also - and very interesting to hear your experience with Care+. I've got 11 months left on mine and was hoping to be sent back a Fold 3 as well, so maybe I'll hold out until right at the end to swap out…

            • +2

              @ngengerous: They were sending out Fold 3's earlier this year, and I suspect I just missed the cut off because initially when I tried to do the swap it said no devices available for at least 10 days… and it used to freeze in the swap process when it was 'searching', but then when I finally got it to work, it said new device being shipped immediately (and it was an identical Fold 2).

              What I'm confused about is initially when Care+ was advertised they said you could swap colours at no extra charge… I found no such option anywhere to change colours. And WP says you have to pay a fee.

              • +1

                @jace88: Ah that's a shame about the colours… Wouldn't mind changing that out on my next Fold!

          • @jace88: Thanks for that. I’ve just processed my swap as well and it appears I’ll be getting a Fold2 as well. A Fold3 would have been nice but I’ll take a new replacement at $300 as well.

            Have you received your device yet?

            • +1

              @rne88: Yeah came within a couple of days but worryingly Australia post left it on the floor in our apartment lobby building.

              • +1

                @jace88: Cheers, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for mine as I live in an apartment building as well.

  • EPP and education store the same price?

    • YES

      • +1


  • I don't have any problems with my fold 3 yet.
    I wonder did the people has cracked screen clean their screen too often?

  • Where are people getting these problems. I have a Fold 2 and dropped it couple times just some minor dents. The real question is based on the rumours of 4 will it be any significance upgrade to the 3?

  • Anyone having with their EPP email verification?

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