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AKG K371 Over-Ear Closed Back Headphone $182.48 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Very widely reviewed at this point, and largely considered the closed back headphones to buy for audio quality under $400. Comfortable, light, fits most head shapes and sizes. Build is flimsy if you want to throw it in a bag without a case, but otherwise it's a great headphone for daily use if you need the basic passive isolation a closed back provides.

Sound is an excellent take on Harman neutral, with a nice sub-bass kick and great timbre and good soundstage for a closed back. Treble is its weak point, but it's still above average and not harsh or brittle, just not quite as well executed as the mids and bass. Overall a really great execution of AKG bringing their house sound into an affordable closed back without making it too dry.

Might be worth holding out a little longer for cashbacks on/near Prime Day. See previous deal listings for comparisons and reviews. Enjoy!

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  • I used to have some Shure Srh840. I loved them dearly and they lead sheltered lives until…(surprise, surprise) the band snapped! :(

    Anyone have any insight as to how they would compare?

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      The Shure are more musical to some, as they are gently v-shaped, should have good imaging but a narrow soundstage. I would say Shure takes the edge in the treble, maybe the upper mids a touch in terms of detail and resolution, but loses on soundstage and comfort.

      Band snap is apparently still common on the Shure, but I'd imagine they've slowly made improvements. The other alternative is the 840A which has a new design and driver targeting the same sound signature, but I am very happy with the K371.

      If you want the final closed back option to look at in this price range, it's the 1More H1707 (just not the version with a titanium driver), but it's been heavily discounted before in the past:


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      Shure SRH840 have slightly less bass but a more pronounced high mids (1-4khz) to my ears. More fatiguing for long listening and the pads are noticeably worse on the 840s. Build quality is definitely average at best for both. What are you using them for?

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        Occasional general listening at the computer. An eclectic mix of music from Hans Zimmer soundtracks to The Corrs to Jazz. I can't pin myself down too narrowly I'm afraid.

    • Can confirm, the band in my SRH940 snapped also after only a year of use

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  • I did find a Reddit post that covers this to some extent and favoured the Shure slightly for comfort and stability.

    • One thing about Shure’s equivalent range is that they don’t seem to fit large heads. Even on the maximum setting the 840/840A was too small.

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      What does that mean?

      • probably referring to samsung aquiring AKG

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      wait is that how it works? Lamborghini is just glorified VW?

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    I have these, and for anyone looking at these thinking about getting into the audiophile headphone game, think again. Theyre for professional use. They sound quite dead. Correct, but dead. You wont enjoy them as much as say, dt770, he-400i, hd58x etc

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      I love my HD58X.

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      lulwut? They're far from dead or flat (if thats what you meant), harman tuning with elevated sparkle and sub bass.

      • Flat is not what i meant. But if you want to tune it the harman target, these follow it the best in this price range. Thats what I meant by correct.

    • I have to agree with @krisspy. These are far from your accurate monitoring headphones.

      The Harman target tuning which these (K361 too) follow is not a good representation of neutral. Because of the design, closed back headphones tend to be less accurate than open back or IEMs within the same price range.

      They are most certainly designed for the average consumer for content consumption, and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Actually mixed opinions the more I look. I just can't bring myself to buy the Shures again.

  • Thanks for the replies so far. I feel the pull of the rabbit hole and I know I should run away. I don't need more headphones but not feeling the love with my Fidelios and this looks promising.

    • Just do it. These are well worth the admission

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    I really dislike my pair and regret not refunding them.

    Tuning is solid, but the second the seal breaks around your ear (which many people have issues with), they sound awful.

    I also find them junky in the hand with notches that don’t stick, as well as very uncomfortable.

    Highly recommend looking at Australia’s own Rode NTH-100’s.
    They’re a warmer sound that many people will prefer, with a nice roll-off on the top end for extended listening.
    Build quality is night and day.
    Only caveat is that the earpads aren’t particularly tall (I’d estimate under 60mm), but if you fit into Beyers then they’ll likely be fine.

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      The only thing the Rodes have over these is build quality. Tonality is off, and detail just isn't there at all. At say $110 on sale, they're really affordable for basic vocal monitoring, but that's it.

      Sorry that the K371 didn't work out for you, but can't recommend them as regular listening headphones while the other options mentioned in this thread exist. I'm also expecting Sennheiser to start hitting hard with some closed back releases in the next 6-18 months.

      • I don’t really want to argue with you again.
        But again, I disagree.

        The Rodes are:

        -Australian made.
        -Far, far better built.
        -Extremely pleasant to listen too.

        Again, I doubt you’ve even listened to them. Just because Resolve or some other hobbyist think’s they’re too dampened, that doesn’t make it true.

        Personally, Resolves graph shows my almost ideal tuning. Strong treble roll off with a little more mid-bass warmth.


        You’re kidding yourself if you think the average punter would be happier with the K371 simply because it tracks the harman target a little bit closer. Both are tuned excellently, with the AKG’s sounding a little cleaner under ideal circumstances… but you give up a lot for that small clarity,

        • Australian made

          Blindly supporting any brand on that basis is a fool's errand in this day and age, but as long as we both agree that this isn't really a mark of quality in modern manufacturing or scientific development in this field, you're entitled to your choice.

          Far, far better built.

          Yes, we covered this, in the sense that it is a sturdier design.

          Extremely pleasant to listen too

          That hump in the upper bass is straight bloat, and what I should have clarified earlier is that the sound itself is extremely muffled. At the original $300, it was ludicrous. At $120 on sale, it's a sturdy vocal monitoring headphone for beginners.

          You’re kidding yourself if you think the average punter would be happier with the K371 simply because it tracks the harman target a little bit closer. Both are tuned excellently, with the AKG’s sounding a little cleaner under ideal circumstances… but you give up a lot for that small clarity

          We've been over this: it's not about the target, it's about understanding the driver technology, the enclosure design, and bringing in what's good about the reference curves that's complimentary to the technology and design intent.

          I like the curve when it's well executed, but I have headphones which deviate, and without that deviation, they wouldn't be able to let their technical prowess come to the fore and deliver something unique and valued. The Rode is like trying to calm things down with a pair of ear mufflers.

          Fantastic enclosure for repeatable seal, solid comfort, and it will take some knocks, but the acoustic side is akin taking to things with a hammer in an age of far greater precision. Would have won awards in 70s, but we're almost 50 years in the future.

    • I upgraded the pad to brainwavs. They're much thicker so the headphones no longer lick my ear, they still break seal but only if you look to the side.

      As for the build quality, yeah absolute shite. My adjustments are loose and when you're twisting the cups in, it tends to come off the notch and ends up twisting and eating the wire of the headphones.

      • If you bought "sheepskin" Brainwavs pads, expect them to start flaking sooner or later. They're comfy but the pair I bought started flaking on the insides. Just like this. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of this before buying. Replaced with these which are 100% genuine leather according to the reviews. Comfort is good. Paired with Takstar Pro 82 v1.

        • Real sheepskin shouldn't flake though. Are they just selling vegan stuff as real leather?

          • @kron: I assume there'd be some actual sheepskin, but there's pleather in some areas of the pads, perhaps just the insides as just like that review, mine only started flaking in that area.

        • No I think they were leather(ette?). They were $22 and still no cracking yet

          • @krisspy: Sheepskin leather I mean. If they're leatherette then they're bound to start flaking eventually, but even the pads that are advertised as using real sheepskin leather flake in certain areas of the pads.

  • +3

    Same experience as @seerious

    Headphones sound amazing and at the price point it's definitely very competitive if you're looking for closed back headphones.

    However there's so many negatives that it's hard to justify.

    The most important one is these headphones only work their magic when you can make a perfect seal. If the area around your ear isn't relatively flat, give these a big miss as it likely won't work for you.
    To make things worse, the headband pressure is very weak and it clamps the cups on your head at a weird angle.
    Swapping the pads and breaking in the pads helps a lot but likely won't fix the problem.

    Secondly the head band design is flimsy af and there's numerous cases of it breaking online.

    Basically the headband design ruins these headphones.

  • Received today. Great sound, happy with tuning.

    They're likely sufficient for what I want closed back headphones for. I've got Aeons coming later in the year and it will be interesting to see how the two headphones compare.

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