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3100 Points (Worth $15.50) for $50 Spend in One or More Shop (In-store or Online) @ Woolworths


Consistent offer over all my accounts or may be for the accounts that recieved a boost to 2000 points last week

Just spend $50 in one or more shops in-store or online at Woolworths from Monday, 4 July until Sunday, 10 July.*

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    All i got was a measly 2x points

  • Does anyone know whether I can use the reward dollars as part payment for the $50 spend? eg. I spend $50, but pay for it using $10 reward dollars and $40 actual money? Would that count as $40 spend?

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      It would be $50 spend. I once use $30 rewards dollars and still got the bonus points.

      • Cool. Thanks for confirming.

        • Just redeemed EDR$, paid $1ish and got bonus pts today. Nothing has been changed.

          • @Neoika: Noice

          • @Neoika: When did you shop? I shopped on Tuesday night for $50.20 but no bonus points issued as of now (Friday night). Can see my receipt in the app. T&C says within 3 business days. Thanks

            • @davidlee: You must shop for your own offers in the App. Everyone gets own personalised offers.

              • @Neoika: Thanks for your reply! i have this offer and activated before shop. Was the bonus instant or need to wait?

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                  @davidlee: If your purchased items are all eligible, bonus pts should turn up in 2 mins.

                  • @Neoika: Thanks, will give them a call as it's all normal grocery. May be its stuck in the system.

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        My housemate says she used rewards dollars once and it basically counted as a discount and didn't give her the points so I guess it's at your own risk.

        • I’m sure I r read the same as this on this site. I’ve never tried

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          Now you know she is not reliable

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    Meh - 5000 points to spend $110/week for 2 weeks. Nup.

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    One account got 3x points, other was 5400 by spending 100 in one or more shops.

  • 5x points on every shop between 4/7 and 10/7 for me.

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    Received on 3 of family accounts.
    Get this 3100pt offer every few weeks.

  • Very good deal.

  • Received due to inactivity since the cost of living Woolies deals. 31%, fantastic.

  • I got 10x points.
    Question - I have got a booster - 60 points for min $3 of bananas. How many points do I get if I purchase $6 of bananas?
    60 X 2 X 10 = 1200 points?

  • Does this mean I can make multiple transactions adding up to $50 but each are less than $50 and still qualify? The wording confuses me…

    • I was wondering this too.. the wording seems to suggest that's the case but would like to have it confirmed. I'll try contact them in chat tomorrow.

  • Can you use rewards dollars in the payment of the $50 shop?

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      Yes, payment method does not matter

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    Used 5 offers yesterday. Have about 5 more left

  • what is the best buys for 50?

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