[Switch, PreOrder] Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet Dual Pack Steelbook Edition $128 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Release date 18 November 2022.

Seems like Amazon has randomly dropped the price to beat Big W by a few bucks. Save an extra $6.

Individual games seem to be $1 cheaper as well.

*edit: Amazon is price matching Harvey Norman

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Seems like Amazon has randomly dropped the price to beat Big W by a few bucks.

    Not randomly. Price matching Harvey Norman.

  • Pre-orders are doing well then I take it?

    • Certain games.

      Only reason I'll pre order if there is a history of limited quantities like the Xenoblade Chronicles games or limited editions from Atlus.

      I think there will be a lot of these dual packs available after release.

      I pre ordered only from EB games as they sometimes have a pre order bonus which can sometimes be worth a bit but if they dont I can always cancel my pre order.

      • Truthfully though it's almost a buy first ask questions later. You won't lose a cent selling it the moment it arrives anyway and odds are you will sell for a few dollars more if you wait (and that way inclined).

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    huh, luckily Amazon had pre-order guarantee

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      I need to figure out what to do with my EB pre-order. Silly me, I thought this item would be limited.

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      Unfortunately, Amazon continues to ship games like this in thin padded mailer bags instead of boxes.

      Collectors take note.

      • Yes. This has gotten me burned a few times already. Find an alternative if its something you value.

      • Refund. Or pm them for discount

        • +4

          As a collector, I don't want beaten-up game boxes. The refund is less important to me than the box being in pristine condition.

          Yes, you can return it for a refund….only to have them ship you a replacement the exact same way. They do not care.

          • @OzDJ_: If you get a refund you can buy elsewhere though. But fair enough if not worth your time

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    Tempted, but want to know if they're keeping the same mechanics as Arceus or not, especially around catching Pokemon.

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      Hopefully with less dialogue and what felt like constant mashing of buttons to get the NPCs to shut up lol

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    If only Amazon could send it out in time for it to arrive on release date.

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    Good price. Pretty sure my EB pre-order is $150. Time to cancel

    • EB games never have good launch prices. Idk how they are still going but I always see a few fools in there getting ripped off.

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        EB games never have good launch prices

        Fixed that for you. Even their 'sale' and pre-owned prices are ridiculous, the only time you might see a decent price is when a game is on clearance a few years after release. Their only advantage is for people who want want to trade in their old or completed games and can't be bothered selling on Gumtree or Marketplace or if they have the exclusive for a limited edition version of a game, or have a unique pre-order bonus.

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