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Xiaomi Mi Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser & Hand Soap Bundle $25 Delivered @ Panmi


This foaming hand soap dispenser from Xiaomi has been quite popular previously and Panmi currently have it for the lowest price yet.

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Check this video to see an easier way of refilling. Mix 1 part soap with 4 parts water to create foam.

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  • Have you tried the code OP? It's not working

      • Weird because I got "This code isn't valid for the items in your cart"

        • You have the exact one in my deal added? Have you used the code before?

  • @Clear, I assume Panmi has local stock here so we don't have to wait 2 - 3 weeks for overseas delivery?

    Do you know if any particular type of foaming liquid that should to be used with this device?

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      Yep Panmi is all local stock since they're the official Xiaomi distributor ;)

      If you mix 1 part liquid soap with 4 part water you'll get foaming soap. People have noted previously it can be a bit hard to refill, but this video and the first comment on the video by Hakan make it super easy.

      • Where can we buy the bottle with a modified refill hole?

        • You put the hole in yourself.

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    Have been using the xiaomi, however change to the above unit and haven’t looked back.
    Much easier to refill, rechargeable. Worth considering.

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      Thanks for sharing. How long do the batteries last before they need recharging?

      • I have had it 2 months so far, still on first charge.
        Gets heavy work out in kitchen (refilled 3 refills already). Issue with xiaomi refill is that it takes forever unless you’re willing to drill a massive hole which would be hard to plug.

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      Xiaomi use 4 AA battery

      • -1

        Which last…. how long?

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          I get around 5-6 months from my white eneloops. Get onto the refill hack, drill a 9mm hole and buy the rubber grommets from aliexpress and easy to fill with a mini funnel. I've got 2 units and mix 20/80 Liquid soap/water - True ozbargain style. Tempted for another 2 to cover the laundry and ensuite, but that is another 8 eneloops that I don't have.

    • +2

      I have this one as well and stopped working after 6 months. YMMV

  • hi OP does it come with okay google/hey Alexa dispense feature? I wanna speak to as many electronics in my home as possible so I feel like im living in cyberpunk 2076

    • nope

    • +2

      "Hey Google,
      Make the [name] squirt"

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    It's showing as "pre-order" for me, so I guess they're out of stock.

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      I’m not washing my hands until it’s back in stock and in my dirty hands.

  • Next batch arriving by 31/07. We will dispatch the item as soon as it becomes available.

  • Thanks OP. got one.

  • https://www.kmart.com.au/product/automatic-soap-dispenser-43...

    $17 bucks

    These ones are pretty good. Except I recommend to buy 1.5 x the amount you need to save return trips. They punch them out in bulk with sfa QA. I bought 4 took 1 back, originally wanted 2. Kept one spare in the cupboard.

    I've had about 4 different brands but FINALLY the soap is automated without failure. so far..

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      The Kmart one looks ugly.

      • +2

        Whoever designed that should be in jail

      • +1

        Agree with you there mate. There's a black one too that's worse: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/rechargeable-automatic-soap...?

        At the end of the day trying other brands including the xiaomi that repeatedly failed, it's about something that works.

        • Oddly I think the black one looks better than the white!

          But I'm with you, so many of these units are 'nasty' and fail. I've had 2 out of 3 xiaomi units fail, one around 6 months, one around 18 months.

          I'm using one from amazon atm, so see how they goes. I wouldn't mind if they had been $15 units, but the xiaomi ones had been around $40 at the time shipped. So crap money for something that fails so fast.

          • @JimmyF: all personal preference. Gotta be PC round here, right ?

            The black one is rechargable.

            Sounds like you're at the stage I'm at. wife laughing at you. don't give a crap anymore as long as it works.
            End of the day it's kmart, doesn't work just refund it. Like the awesome anko hot water dispensers, they break within 12 months which is great don't worry about descaling or cleaning them just get a free replacement.

            • @barg99:

              Sounds like you're at the stage I'm at. wife laughing at you. don't give a crap anymore as long as it works.

              Basically…. I'm sick of throwing good money after bad. Just want one that works!

              End of the day it's kmart, doesn't work just refund it.

              Ahhh so true, forgot this angle! Might be a kmart one coming up soon!

  • +5

    Have gone through 4 of these, none have lasted more then 6 months . Tried the Bl1tzwolf and 3 X Baesus ones aswell, all are shyte. These in particular are a little annoying as you gotta snap the cap off. Still got a few unoopened Palmolive foaming refills which are now useless.

    • +1

      Put a hole in the refill to fill it up more easily. Plus Panmi have 24 month warranty on all Xiaomi products besides scooters so you can raise a warranty request if faulty.

      • would adhesive tape over the hole work rather than getting a plug?

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    • Bought 2 in June 2019. Both are still working perfectly today.

    • +3

      Same… I've had 3 units, only one left working after 18 months. Honestly wasn't impressed with them for the price, but to other buyers YMMV

    • I've got four of these and have drilled a hole in the soap bottle. Noticing that the amount that is dispensed on the first go is reduced, either to a very small amount or nothing. After waving my hand beneath it, the second pump will come as expected.

      Anyone else experiencing this?

      • Noticing that the amount that is dispensed on the first go is reduced, either to a very small amount or nothing

        Yeah I've had that for a while, it was an internal air leak somewhere and the fluid is draining back into the bottle between uses. So the first 'pump' is sucking it back up, and the 2nd pump is doing what it should.

        But on mine it was leaking back inside the unit, so it died a quick death as all the batteries got wet and rusted out.

        I tried to open mine to fix it as it was stuffed, but they are not really user friendly for opening.

    • same boat mate. Check out my post above. The white is not that bad looking and about the same size. Also no metal on. It's like kmart Rev 4.0.

      fingers crossed.

  • Do we need to use a specific hand soap in order to get the foam?
    I use Aldi's hand soap which is closer to a gel texture. Will it still work fine with this?

    • +1

      Typically dilute 1 part soap with 4 parts water.

      • Oh right, makes sense.
        A dillution ratio of 4 to 1 means that 1 soap refill would last 4x longer.
        That's pretty good, I might get one of these. Thanks for the reply mate

  • Can you use any liquid soap or it has to be xiaomi soap?

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      yes you can i believe, use a 4:1 ratio of water to liquid soap

  • Plenty of other dispensers which don't require mucking about drilling or breaking the cap to do a refill.

  • There's a dispenser on Amazon which charges via USB C too. Think that's the way to go.

    • Could you please share the link? :-)

  • +1

    Had two died after six months. Not sure why.

    • +1

      Also owned 2 that died within 6 months

    • +1

      Seems to be the way these units go…. 6-12 months of use before they fail.

      But at the price of around $30-40 normally, it isn't really acceptable.

      • Do keep in mind that you're not hearing from the many people who bought it and have no issues with it.

        • True, most people come out to whinge but there is a good handful of people on this thread alone that have multiple units like me that have failed under 12 months old. Not really a good track record.

          My point was for the $30-40 these units normally cost, the 3 that I've owned haven't been great and I couldn't recommend them at this price point.

          I've dropped over $100 on these units and I did not get 'value' out of that.

          • @JimmyF: Were you able to get any replaced under warranty?

            I am guessing it would be too much hassle if you bought them from AliExpress.

  • +1

    I own 3 of these. 2 are approximately 6 months old. Very practical, easy to use BUT… a nightmare to refill. Still I think this is a great product

    • +1

      I used to pop the top off, but after seeing the drilled hole, that method is the way to go. Use some tape over the hole if you don't have a plug.

      • I ll give it a try. Apart from the re filling problem, this product is fantastic and well built.

  • +1

    I found that after popping the cap off with a screwdriver the first few times, it now remains attached to the motor body. When I need to refill (or change batteries), the cap and straw separate with the motor. Absolutely no trouble to refill. But agree this could be better and trust it has been improved in the new versions. Same experience as @eug - I have two in service since 2019, still going strong.

  • I have the one john_conner above linked and also this one https://a.aliexpress.com/_mOvxTYW, both are much better than the Xiaomi. Aside from the fact that the xiaomi is difficult to refill and runs on battery, the major problem is that it only gives a small blob of foam. My friends also have the Xiaomi and they all complain it's not enough at all and gives a rather 'sad' blob, and have to get 2-3 rounds for a good wash. The one in link has three different modes depending on the amount of foam you want dispensed (with the lowest mode probably 40% more than the xiaomi already!). Paid about $16-18, can also get cashback from Ali. I get that the xiaomi refill issues can be bypassed, but heck, why not go for the product which is cheaper, way more user friendly, no hassle, does the job better, and looks just as good!

  • So not local stock? It's been over 2 weeks :(

    • Same here, hasn't received mine.

  • Got the email just now. Giving 2 free chargers and maybe end of August. Worth the money now I guess.

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