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Free 3 Months Spotify Premium (New Subscribers) @ PayPal


Saw this from my paypal account. Doesn't seem to be targeted.

Mod: Previous deal with different URL - Duplicate exception (Older than 6 months.)

Note, it appears to now be asking for a code, marked as targeted.

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    "Only open to users who haven't tried Spotify Premium before"

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    My mate is going to enjoy 3 months of Spotify premium. Cheers Mike for this.

  • Does this plan includes Hi-Res files? Does Spotify have Hi-Res files, finally?

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      Somehow Spotify still doesn't have HiFi when every other service does 🤷‍♂️

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      No high-res files. No Dolby Atmos or Sony 360 Reality Audio. Best generated playlists and song suggestions.

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      does the 3 free months include popcorn?

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    Verify your code

    To validate your offer, enter the code that you received.

    Is there a promo code sent by email?

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      In the same boat.

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        Yeah what's the code

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          Same, created new account, asking for code.

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      I'm still waiting for this promo code after three attempts.

        • Thanks but I've tried again and agin but still no luck

          "Oops! It looks like this funding instrument is being used in another account with PayPal. Follow these steps to get this offer:
          Go to your account settings > payment preferences
          Choose a different bank account, credit or
          debit card as your preferred way to pay
          Come back to this page and try again
          We apologize for the inconvenience!"

          I've changed my credit card and it still doesn't work!

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    I've been using the Android modded app for the last year, works great on phone other than casting.

    • Link plz ?

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      What is wrong with casting?

      • When you cast, you are sending a command for the device to play from Spotify, rather than streaming the audio from your phone like with Bluetooth. Since the cast device itself isn't modded, it won't block adverts.

        • installed modded apk and login on but it is not showing as premium.

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            @justchill: Can you select a specific song to play?, the normal free version can only shuffle play.

            • @Jimbuscus: Same thing happening with me. Uninstalled Spotify, installed this Spotify Premium apk, logged in to normal Spotify account, still have ads and can't select specific songs to play. Any advice is appreciated! ✌️

              • @konichiwa: You should be able to play the song you selected when you tap on the song. Just make sure you actually installed the modded version.

                There are still limitations though at least not as strict.

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    Doesn't work - asks for a code to validate offer.

  • Been using the YT Music (Vanced). Too bad the company packed up so no more updates.

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    What is so different compare to YT Music premium except for music collection?
    Does Spotify P have higher bitrate?

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      I want to know that too. YT music is good enough for a free service with YT premium($3 a month) 😋.
      I don't see a reason to spend extra on spotify.

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    Doesnt work for me, asking for a code

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    Asking for code

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    I have free music on the YouTube premium trick. I get YT premium AND YT music for $1.40.

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    To validate your offer, enter the code that you received

  • You can download and use premium for free albeit pirating

  • what does "targeted" mean? What makes someone eligble for it?

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    You have to go from the link below to get the free trial. Works for me on a new account.

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      That link is for US only. Switch to Australia changing the flag at the bottom of the page and it’ll work…

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  • Yup same, need to switch country and go to the link twice to revalidate

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