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Apple iPad Air 5 2022 (10.9", Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Purple - $886 (5% off) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like a pretty good deal on the latest iPad Air. Only the purple model is discounted

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU


  • That Purple is quite a nice shade

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    $ 849 at Apple Edu plus you can get the 10% off Apple gift cards from Coles since this Wednesday:


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      As long as you don't look like an old man the chances of them asking for student ID is very low too.

      • You can always put in the notes your parents is picking up the laptop for you.

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        Or just have it delivered for free.

  • Was hoping for 128gb…

    • Yeh 64GB for a $900 device is nuts. The wife's iPad air 2 from 2014 has the same capacity and cost the same as this.

      • Yeah I have the iPad air 2 as well and looking to upgrade to newer one with larger storage

  • If only stage manager is available on non-M1 chip iPad… Gotta love Apple.

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      This is an M1 iPad though. Unless you mean that's the only good thing about this tablet, in which case I agree. M1 is pretty overkill for iPadOS, feels like limiting it to M1 is solely to help sell their more expensive versions.

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      this is an M1 chipped ipad… So in theory it should have stage manager…

      In practice, this 64gb model does not support stage manager. AFAIK.

    • So, how many people will actually use and benefit of Stage Manager?

      • TBH not people buying the cheapest m1 iPad.

        or anyone buying an iPad probably.

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    What awful business practices by Apple in regards to storage. I don't know why people worship them so much.

    64GB is not enough in this age, 128GB is the standard/minimum for the last few years.

    So because this isnt enough storage, you have to "upgrade" by adding 192GB which costs an extra $271 or $1.41 per Gig

    256GB micro sd costs around $40 - $0.15c per Gig
    256GB nvme drive costs around $50 - $0.19c per Gig
    500gb gen 4 nvme drive costs around $110 - $0.22c per Gig

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      or buy icloud storage

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        How does that help you with installed apps and offline content?

    • That's how they get you to upgrade, or alternatively buy cloud storage lol
      People vote with their wallets and apparently they're willing to pay for this shit so…

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