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Up to 24% off AXIL, Seven Seeds, Padre, Code Black + Pillar (eg. BRAZIL MANTIQUEIRA $39.95/kg Shipped) @ Direct Coffee


Hey Folks,

Welcome to the new Financial Year!

We've brought back one of our most popular singles - BRAZIL MANTIQUEIRA from Pillar. Thanks to the support these singles are getting we're able to again secure a pretty solid price.

But wait, there's also something for those who like variety and bundles! We've also got deals on AXIL, Pillar, Padre, Market Lane and Code Black.

Value Packs

For those who know what they want and love a bulk discount!


How to Order:


Mix and Match with coffees from a wide range of roasters.


Product Name Roast Date 2x Bag Bundle 4x Bag Bundle 8x Bag Bundle
Pillar - PRIME ESPRESSO BLEND (AKA KENNY G) - 250g 25/07 $13.95 $10.95 $10.45
Pillar - WAYWARD ESPRESSO BLEND (AKA MU DOG) - 250g 25/07 $13.95 $10.95 $10.45
Market Lane - Rwanda Mbilima - Espresso - 250g 28/07 $18.95 $15.95 $15.45
Market Lane - Rwanda Marie Bedabasingwa - Filter - 250g 28/07 $18.95 $15.95 $15.45

How to Order:

Shipping Details:

Order before Wednesday at 10pm AEST: Coffee is then dispatched by Friday.

  • Local delivery in Melbourne (Saturday and Sunday) is free
  • Parcel Post is free
  • Express Post is $0.99

Enjoy :)

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  • Looking for some filter coffee for my v60 that is fruity and bright. Trying to find more of a crisp flavour than that strong chocolate kind of flavour. But also not something that you drink and it just sits in your mouth for 2 hours after.

    My ability to describe coffee is garbage lol.

    Any suggestions? :)

  • Any chance for earlier shipping? I'm almost out of my current coffee and last time it took 4 days for delivery even with express shipping.

    • Depending on where you are we can sometimes expedite orders - pop through a message and I'll see what we can do :)

      • I will pm you as well. going to get 200g of ONA from a local store (but that only last me a week at most)

        • Sounds good :) ONA and Cartel can be dispatched faster than the rest as they are sent directly from the roaster.

          • @directcoffee: thank you for sorting me out.

          • @directcoffee: My order arrived today. thank you for your suggestion on Pillar Brazilian.
            Interesting flavour. Definitely orange liquor kick in there. I wouldn't so as far as saying its my new favourite but decent.

            • @superbass: Thanks for the feedback. Just out of interest, what held it back from being a favourite. Eg. A bit boring, objectionable notes etc.


              • @directcoffee: Nothing boring or any dislikes for Pillar (having the second one for the day as I write this)
                it's 100% personal preference.
                Skittle Lane House blend was my top pick before and what I learnt from trying ONA Maple last week is that I really enjoy caramel and biscuits flavours (given that those are two common flavours between skittle land house blend and ona maple)

  • Hey Rep, im almost out of coffee. Im looking for Colombian SO foe expresso 1kg what would you reccomend?


    • Sure thing! Colombian coffees are getting pretty diverse these days - are there particular tastes/characteristics that you like?


  • +1

    My order just arrived today. Shipped last friday. Very fast.

    I find buying 4 different varieties the best way to enjoy coffee , variety is the spice of life

  • Too many choices, I'm having trouble paring it down to just a few! You got any filter recommendations that are a bit weird/experimental?

    • +1

      For something a bit weird and out there I'm really enjoying the Pillar Guji wine process: https://www.directcoffee.com.au/collections/pillar/products/...

      How does that sound?


      • Sounds great, will chuck that on the list.

        Edit: Ended up grabbing

        • Pillar Guji Wine Process (your rec)
        • Wood and Co Frinsa Manis (never tried Indonesian coffee)
        • Pillar Costa Rica Luis Campos ("special process" lured me in)
        • Code Black Vinhal Peaberry (double fermentation sounds interesting, had to flip a coin between this and the Catucai)
  • have the prices gone up since this was posted? The golden gate comes up as $60 kg.

    • Discount will be applied automatically when you add it to cart.

      Hope that helps?


  • Did I muck up my delivery time by choosing express when I'm in Melbourne suburbs?

    • Sorry mate, I've just had a look and your order has gone out by Auspost. You should get it on Monday. For the future, just select the Local Delivery option at checkout :)

      • My bad, should've read the entire post lol

  • Have Padre prices increased in the bundle deals? It says Wild Child and Daddy's Girl are $12.99 in a 4x bundle but they're coming up in my cart as $16.99 each, after discount.

    Likewise when added to an 8x bundle; bundle page says $11.99 but cart says $15.99?

    • +1

      Morning, my apologies about the confusion here.

      Unfortunately, we have been asked to pass through a price increase. I thought I updated the bundle deals page but I too can see the old prices - I must have forgotten to click save :(

      Please send me a PM or WhatsApp as I want to honour the price you saw advertised.

      My apologies again about this.


      • Nothing to apologise for Tim! Sad to hear about the price rise though… was really impressed with their Daddy's Girl espresso a few weeks back.

        Will get the 1kg bag from Seven Seeds instead, that's fantastic value! :)

        • Thanks for your understanding!

          Glad to hear it :)


  • First time i have been let down by direct coffee. supposed to get delivery on weekend. As they deliver on weekends in Melbourne.

    Now 25th, getting message that one item has been shipped today? Hope not a sign of things to come.

    • Sorry to hear this, I'm not quite sure what's happened here as I haven't hit the dispatch button on anything today.

      Are you able to send me the order number so I can take a look.


  • Hey Tim - big fan of the bulk-buy discounts you are able to offer here which are unbeatable anywhere else.

    I churn through a kilo in 3 weeks, having four shots a day.

    Considering the rise in coffee prices now, I'm looking to purchase all my coffee through you moving forward.

    Wanted to ask if you are planning on adding any new roasters to your line up so far, and is it mostly melbourne based roasters you work with ?

    Many thanks


    • Hey Josh,

      Thanks for the kind feedback :)

      We're always on the lookout for new roasters if you have any suggestions?

      At this stage we'll be sticking with predominantly Melbourne roasters for logistical reasons.


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