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Samsung Super Fast Charging 40W (25W+15W) Dual Car Charger $24.50 Delivered @ Samsung


Samsung Dual port car charger 25w plus 15w

Features: 40W Dual Fast Charging(max 25 W + max 15 W)
Interface: USB-C 1 Port + USB-A 1Port
Packaging Contents: Car charger, Manual

Unfortunately the Samsung Site is barebones on specs, but I manage to find the back of the box (from eBay)

Super Fast Charging (PD 3.0 PPS Max 25W)
Dual Port: USB-C Max 25W (PD) / USB-A Max 15W (AFC, QC)

Package Contents: Car Charger, Leaflet (Cable not included)
Input 12-24 V ⎓ 4.2 A,
Output (USB-C, PDO) 5.0 V ⎓ 3.0 A or 9.0 V ⎓ 2.77 A
(USB-C, PPS) 3.3-11.0 V ⎓ 2.25 A (7.5-25.0 W)
(USB-A) 5.0 V ⎓ 2.0 A or 9.0V ⎓ 1.67A

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  • How does this compare to a no-name with similar specs, price wise?

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    Lol @ thumbnail…

  • Thanks op, got 2

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    Another option is this Belkin 37W car charger which has PPS:

    25W USB-C and 12W USB-A. Can be had for $16 for those with a Good Guys Commercial account.

    • This belkin is better than samsung?

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        Belkin is a good brand, but to be honest I can't be sure. It loses out 3W of charging power on the USB-A port but comes with PPS which is supposedly better for charging efficiency and phone battery health. If can be had for the $16 I think it represents better value.

        • The Samsung one would have PPS as well given it supports super fast charging.

    • any idea what voltages the belkin 37W will output? I can't find any detailed specs online.

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        From Belkin Site

        The Belkin CCB004 has the following power specifications:

        12V – 24V DC

        5V / 3A
        9V / 2.77A

        3.33V – 5.9V / 3A
        3.33V – 11V / 2.25A

  • Samsung's site is a little bit light on specs.

    Does anyone know if this supports PPS?

    • if it doesn't say it probably doesn't do it? Belkin one does:
      $10 more though

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      Unfortunately the Samsung Site is barebones, but I manage to find the back of the box (from eBay)

      Super Fast Charging (PD 3.0 PPS Max 25W)
      Dual Port: USB-C Max 25W (PD) / USB-A Max 15W (AFC, QC)

      Package Contents: Car Charger, Leaflet (Cable not included)
      Input 12-24 V ⎓ 4.2 A,
      Output (USB-C, PDO) 5.0 V ⎓ 3.0 A or 9.0 V ⎓ 2.77 A
      (USB-C, PPS) 3.3-11.0 V ⎓ 2.25 A (7.5-25.0 W)
      (USB-A) 5.0 V ⎓ 2.0 A or 9.0V ⎓ 1.67A

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        Nice, thank you. I assumed it did based on the wattage.

        I just asked Samsung Support and they told me the charger does not support PPS. It looks like they're wrong based on the picture of the box.

  • Is this fast charging for all phones that support it or Samsung only!

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      is that a question or a statement!


    • USB-C port is PD/PPS. Check if your devices support them.

  • Bought 2. Thanks.

  • Hold on, some cars figgy output only 15w max isn’t it?

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      Accessory fuse is 10A or 15A generally, IIRC.

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      They are a lot more than 15w

  • Thanks OP - I find my s20 ultra really finicky with third party chargers, so have resorted to using only Samsung chargers at home - may as well switch the car charger as well. Cheers!

  • How much is this normally?

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      RRP is $49

      • Thank you!

  • In other countries they have one that looks exactly the same but is 45w + 15w

    Wonder why we cannot get that in Australia?


    • It doesn't look exactly the same.
      The Australian one has a silver highlight around the edge.
      It also looks like it might be smaller

  • If P = VI, then does this mess around with the V given I is constant?

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question, but would this work well for a iPhone 12?

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      Yes it will work

    • it would work, but would charge at a slower rate. Apple use a different protocol

  • Is it possible to charge two phones at the same time? Or power a dash cam and a charge a phone at the same time?

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    I'd like to recommend this Baseus charger that I recently purchased on eBay for $35 during EOFY promotion:

    It's 160w rated, so, it will charge anything you plug into it at full speed. My Google Pixel 6 Pro phone for example charges at the same speed as a 30W Google wall charger. It supports multiple charging protocols including PD 3.0 with PPS. It can charge three devices simultaneously up to 160W combined (100W + 30W + 30W). You won't find a better charger with this specs and at this price point.

    • This is just so powerful considering it draws all power from the car battery. Do you worry if the car battery is impacted? This charger is even better than loads of AC charger.

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        There should be no impact to car battery as long as your engine is running (assuming you're drawing 160W)

      • Why?
        Your cars electrical system will draw more from the battery than this charger will.

  • Just wondering if this works on any car and is there any risks to my phone or car if i use this? I usually just use the built in usb charging port on car so I am not quite sure. Thank you.

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      Perfectly fine. Using a similar one for more than 2 years and my iPhone 11ProMax battery is in great condition.

  • Is It gone? It says not for sale?

    • Can still add to cart and checkout.

      • Yeah, its working again for me now. But like for a few minutes it kept coming up greyed out and the words Not For Sale under it. Weird.

  • Thanks OP
    Pricematched at JB and used perks voucher

  • Thanks OP bought two.

  • Thanks RichardL

    Ordered yesterday- arrived lunchtime today

    ( Startrack)
    Good service

  • Hi All,
    I have wireless car charger which can fast wireless charge my S22 ultra. This charger doesn't work. So don't buy it if you are planning to use for car wireless charger. My current car charger is a third party charger and I would prefer to use genius Samsung charger. I was surprised this genius Samsung car charger cannot even fast wireless charger my device. So disappointed.
    Is there a way I can return or I have to call Samsung which is pain? Thanks

    • That's sounds like your third party charger is expecting some sort of input that this charger does not provide.
      It doesn't sound like a problem with the Samsung charger.

      • Tried on my friend's car wireless charger which has the same behaviour. Overall, if someone just use this charger charges a device directly which should be fine. Just avoid to use this charger for the car wireless charging.

  • This is great for charging macbooks for those of you on the road.

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