[WA, TAS, NT] 50% off RRP on iPhone 12 when Bundled with 24/36 Month Postpaid Contract (Selected Postcodes) @ Optus


Experience iPhone 12.
Now half price.
When you add an eligible SIM plan and pay it off over 24/36 months

iPhone 12 64GB Save $599.76 off RRP $1,198.80. $24.96 per months + plan cost for 24 months

iPhone 12 128GB Save $640.08 off RRP $1,278.72. $26.61per months + plan cost for 24months

New customers in eligible postcodes. Device discount forfeited if you cancel, recontract or change to an ineligible plan. N/A with other device discount offers unless specified. T&Cs apply. Ends 26/08/2022.

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  • What postcode is actually eligible?

  • Tried 6000 which is eligible, seems like it might be the same as WA/NT?

    • 4812 is eligible, so I am guessing it is regional areas

  • I am in Victoria so that didn't work

  • +4

    If it wasn’t half price then we would be paying $53.4 for the phone. Seems a rip off for a 2 year old iPhone.

    It would have been better if it was half price phone + half price plan. $24.96 + $25 ($55 Optus sim plan) could have been deal of the year 2022.

  • +1

    I can confirm it has to be a new number, or prepaid to postpaid number, or ported in from another provider to take this deal.

    It’s available in only WA, TAS, NT & “Regional” only. And in those areas there are eligible postcodes.

    • Recontracts are eligible

      • Are you sure? This is what i saw in the Game on PDF


        Which says existing customers cant recontract to it. Not sure if they changed that by now though

        • You might be right then, I remember reading both new and recontracting on internal correspondence .

  • Northern NSW is eligible, GC isn't

  • +1

    Nothing great about this deal, move along guys.

  • +1

    If this was 12mo plan it might be tolerable, 24 is ick

  • Not a deal. If this was 50% off plan for 24 months with the iphone then it a no brainer deal.

  • +8

    do the math far from a deal, almost 2yr old phone & still well above buying outright & sim, just trapping you into a 2yr contract:

    Optus: $640.08 + 20gb $45pm x 24m, $1080 = $1720.08



    iPhone 12 128GB - $1079 @ JB - (can be found cheaper)

    2 x 12m Boost 300 sim = $480 (cheaper when stacked with eBay codes)

    Total: $1559

    • +2

      the good part about your deal it works for 100% of all postcodes
      Not like dodgy postcode sh!t from floptus
      i am in the. middle of bumf$ck still wont work. floptus PR get rid this stupid offer….

      • +1

        this deal just got alot worse, can get the iphone 13 128gb for $999 outright through telstra

        • iPhone 13 128gb is $949 over 12 months on Vodafone plus the $60 Vodafone plan is better value than the $65 optus plan as its only for 12 months then $115 and slows to 1.5mbs which is SLOW

          Where as the Vodafone while for less data at 300gb (before bundle discounts and aged pensioner discount) and slows to a useable 10Mbs or 1MBs, 4.5gb an hour! https://toolstud.io/data/filesize.php?speed=10&speed_unit=Mb...

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