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Telstra Day: iPhone 13 128GB $999, 256GB $1169, 512GB $1519, iPhone 13 Pro 128GB $1399, 256GB $1569, 512GB $1919 @ Telstra


Thought these two deals were good enough to deserve a post of their own as they weren't mentioned in the announcement post

Full credit to lukehopewell

Apple iPhone 13
$999. Save $350 off $1349 RRP

Apple iPhone 13 Pro
$1399. Save $300 off $1699 RRP

Update: JB Hi-Fi have been giving the approval from their head office to price match all Telstra Day deals. Start a live chat with JB here to receive a price match link. Have the product details and Telstra link to the device you want matched ready.

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    highly recommend this case for those buying the 13 range, has the lens cover on the back iPhone 13 iPhone/ProMax Nillkin hard Case cover and Slide Camera Protection $14.90-$16

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      I am using RhinoShield since iPhone7, a different material rather than TPU and PC. super strong and really protect from drops. It definitely worth its price.

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      bought from here been rock solid (tech21)

      • The slimmer Tech21 cases are great with the rubber side protection. I remember when I used to work at JB Hifi when these came out (over 8 years ago) the rep came out and let us do the drop test with their iPhone, and repeatedly no issues. Convinced me.

        That one you shared is a monster, looks cool.

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      Thanks bought 10

    • The lens cover is very impressive but how is the front protection especially if it got dropped?

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        here's a youtube nillkin case review 1, review 2 to get a better idea, front is fine small lift should protect any drops, overall, firm fit, not bulky, good quality & lens cover is best thing they have done, usually would buy spigen cases but couldn't find one with the lens cover, of course make sure you get a tempered glass, I went with spigen but cheaper options around

    • Does that case protect front as well or do you need hard glass?

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        need glass

  • Can someone confirm that the ”easiest” way to obtain Telstra ID is to register a pre-paid Telstra mobile account? Or is there any other quick and/or free alternative?

    • Was a while back, but thats what I did

    • I also want to know. So cheapest one is $2? Is this instant or have to wait until they post the sim?

    • Yes easiest way is to activate a $2 sim. If you go into a store they should be able to do all of this in 1 go.

  • This looks like a good deal… correct me if wrong, but precious “deals” have the iPhone 13 126gb sitting at $1300?

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    Can price matching with JB HIFI or office works happen?

    • I heard that chances are not high due to the fact you need Telstra ID to purchase?

      • Would Apple be in the same situation too on the price matching Telstra?

        • Apple generally do not price match.

          I did not neg you nor do I know why people did.

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            @Nillionaire: Thanks!
            Yeah me neither, not too sure why it was negged. It was a genuine question as I’m planning ahead on my iPhone 14 purchase

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            @Nillionaire: Apple price matched the major discounters when I bought my MBP and also my iPhone 13 mini. You just call customer support. I learned that they would price match from a post on OzB.

            • @SteveB00: Yes they do.

              • @aofangbaike: do you know if apple phone team sends you a link to order and pay with the matched price or they place order over the phone? still not sure whether I want to go through telstra directly, or to try price match with OW or apple

      • Officeworks now price match Costco and Amazon which are both Subscription based services. There is a good chance they will price match.

        • This would make it very appealing

        • From my experience, the QLD Brisbane/ Gold Coast Officeworks have been very unsupportive in price matching to "Telstra Day" prices. However, you might have luck price matching to Harvey Norman

    • Just tried to price match at JB hi-fi refused due to needing a telstra service to purchase it

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    Worth mentioning these are the 128GB models

    • I think there was something about them being slower from memory?

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        ProRes on 128gb was limited to Full HD @ 30fps as oppose to 4k @ 30 fps for higher storage variants.

        • This, thanks!

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          For most people won’t be an issue

          I mistakenly bought the 256gb thinking I needed prores for non-professional work but it just eats so much storage - 22min record time with my remaining space vs many hours for normal 4k (h265).

          Side by side on a 65” tv I couldn’t see a discernible difference apart from some very slight colour variations and less sharpness on prores (which is better for color grading in post I assume)

        • Which is something thats 0.1% useful

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    What about the mini :(

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    Damn, just purchased an iphone 13 for $1,235 from officeworks last Friday using price beat guarantee.from this deal


    • Same, just got mine just under week ago for $1200 (gift cards). Would try to look into returning and trying to get on this deal for $200 less but tbh the hassle is not worth it for me.

    • I also feel your pain I bought 2 for me and the wife a few weeks ago for 1200 each

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    this seems like quite a decent deal actually; since it's a current gen model for under a grand, and not a mini or se

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    If Telstra doesn't screw you around with the sign up process, this is a great deal for iPhone 13 especially with the "upgraded" 128GB minimum storage.

  • Could someone kindly explain me whether these phones come with a telstra mobile plan? If so is there a way that I can cancel the plan? Do I need to always use a telstra sim with the phone? I don't want to switch to telstra. Thank you.

    • There is an outright purchase option so no plan needed…just a Telstra ID login

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        Thank you, since i dont have a telstra sim is there ay cheap way that i can get a telstra id?

        • I was told i could walk into a telstra shop and purchase the deal

          • @beesquared: Hmmm thanks, do you know whether getting a prepaid sim works for creating a telstra id

            • @Techefy: when i tried i was prompted for a telstra home, mobile or account number. Turns out I can use my boost account details as my telstra id. But if you have a telstra shop then u can walk in there and let them sort it out

              • @beesquared: Thanks, i have a belong sim, should give it a try

                • @Techefy: I have a belong sim and I got "The details entered don’t match our records. Please check the account details and try again." when trying to sign up

                  • @blurn: Thanks for the heads up mate, i will visit the telstra to buy

        • Quoting from the main page for Telstra Day on Telstra's website "New to Telstra? You’ll be prompted to set up an ID at checkout on the day."

  • Genuine question, remind me why everyone was negging last year's post (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/661033) when it was $500 off the Pro Max?

    Edit; nevermind I can see that was end of last year not, not mid. Guess it makes sense! Still not terrible I would have thought.

  • Are these locked?

    • No.

      • +2

        yes they are locked…in the storeroom none will get delivered like pass deals….

  • How do we join the Telstra club if we have no active service with them right now? Pre paid sim do the trick?

    • I also want to know

    • Curious to know too
      Is a Belong sim eligible for Telstra ID

      • No.

    • Quoting from the main page for Telstra Day on Telstra's website "New to Telstra? You’ll be prompted to set up an ID at checkout on the day."

    • Yes prepaid sim will work.

  • Hmm I wonder if there are android options

    • Listed on the other post, only Samsung flip and ultra

      • Yup just saw as I scroll further. Thanks!

  • Hopefully they discount the 256GB Pro at least a little, running out of time on my price protection!

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    To be honest their monthly plan costs butcher all/any deals…

    • +2

      This is outright

      • Ok then good deals for Apple devices. Better options out there for Android.

        • +3

          that's cause they tank 30% plus with in a few months lol

          • @DisabledUser426176:

            that's cause they tank 30% plus with in a few months lol

            So an even better bargain buying second hand!

            • @1st-Amendment: android phones tanking in value .. is actually not a good sign.

              • @prettyflyforawifi:

                android phones tanking in value .. is actually not a good sign.

                How is a lower price not a good thing?

                • @1st-Amendment: lower demand = prices get pushed down

                  higher demand = prices drop slowly as the demand is very high (iPhones for example)

                  nothing against androids, I use both. its just the truth.

                  • @prettyflyforawifi:

                    its just the truth.

                    Yeah but you forgot to day how this is 'not a good sign'?
                    Being able to buy near new technology for less money is a great sign for buyers of such things.

                  • @prettyflyforawifi: Not partially correct. There are many phone brands using Android as the OS therefore increasing the supply of Android phones and pushing the prices down since there are many options. As compare to IOS, there is only Apple available so the price tends to depreciate slowly..

                • @1st-Amendment: Because it obviously lowers the resale value. Apple devices are easy to resell for good money, most Androids are not. If you want a new phone every year or two and you take care of your phone, you can do that with iPhones by reselling them.

                  • +1


                    If you want a new phone every year or two

                    I don't want that. So how is paying $1300 for a phone that does pretty much the same job as a $500 phone good for me?

  • Cost to obtain Telstra ID?

    • +4

      $2 starter sim

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