iPhone 13 128GB $1299.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required) ($1234 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


iPhone 13 128GB at Costco $1299. All colours (apart from Red) appear to be in stock at time of posting this deal.

Officeworks price beat - $1234.05. Receipt proof here. Link to Officeworks here.

Same as this expired deal.

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    Usually Can’t price beat Costco at OW due to membership

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      You can. See my receipt. I confirmed with the manager that it's their new policy that they price beat Costco. Perhaps try a different Officeworks if your local declines to price beat.

    • I had to call a couple of stores, but the second one was more than happy to price beat Costco. No membership card required.

  • Anyone knows if Apple price-matches Costco? I know they price-match officeworks

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      Apple won't price match Costco, I have tried before.

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    That's a magic price!


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      I'd pay 51c more.

      • Shocked you haven't been told to hand in your OZB card for saying something like that

        • He can hold on to it for the purposes of numerical supremacy

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    Officeworks did a price beat from Costco on iPhone 13 Pro max coming in at $1700 last week, no problem at all, just give them a call

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      Who was it price matched against?

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    OW also do price beat from 3brothersmobile.com.au which carry AU stock iphones and have the lowest possible pricing as long the model you are after is in stock. GL

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    $1300 for only 128GB 😵

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    • The device is brand new, but the external sealed packaging boxes may have been broken or resealed for quality assurance purposes.

      • Yeah i don't suggest buying from them, simply using them as a medium to get a cheaper price at OW

    • OW does not honor skyphonez because their models are not AU stock. I’ve tried several times and they clearly stated this

      • Every single office rep I spoke to was happy to price beat last week (I kept getting disconnected due to poor service so kept having to start again with different people) - using their office number

    • WARNING … Check out these horrendous reviews for skyphonez … It's ugly !!!


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    I had OW price beat Costco back in march when they had them for this price. It was not a problem.

  • Any deals on iphone 13 pro atm?

    • check 3brothersmobile.com.au and then have OW price beat it by 5% by calling them

      • Do u have to pay over the phone or they will generate a link for u?

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          over the phone, you dial the bank card details on the keypad

  • Any deals on the 13 mini?

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      pretty bad phone, just get a normal 13 or wait for the 14

      • what's wrong with the mini?

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  • Does jb also pricematch?

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      I have had a lot of success with price matching at JB. Try your luck

    • jb-hifi only price match, OW actually beat the lower price by 5%

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