RCA Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2.5L/Wireless Handheld Massager $39, Mistral Stand Mixer/Keyboard/Drumkit $49 [email protected] AusPost


This Hot Water Dispenser has a 2.5-litre capacity and can heat water in less than eight seconds
Perfect for a small office or small events
Available in a compact red and black design

Wireless Handheld Massager $39

Mistral Stand Mixer $49

Mistra Electronic Drumkit $49

Mistral Keyboard $49

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    For a second, I thought it was a handheld water dispenser AND a massager in one

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      That'd be kinda hot

      • But it will definitely kill the bacteria on your hands.

  • Is the temperature selectable?

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    was looking to buy one of those instant hot water dispenser and decided not to due to the fact most of them don't heat up the water to their claimed temperature, bloody loud and slow flow. If you're making tea or coffee it's not suitable. best to get the xiaomi smart kettle which has an APP and would heat up to any temperature setting perfectly and loads of other functions for similar price.

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      Purpose of these hot water dispensers is no wasted power heating water not used. Bet you $100 this is faster to fill one cup than the Xiaomi

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        You can also get a small capacity kettle which helps with not putting to much water in it


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        most people use them for coffee or tea. the temp control is so crap on these that it doesn't make them properly. xiaomi can actually heat up the water to boil, these can't. if people really want to save on power bills then get a thermo flask?


      • How does this actually work? Does it constantly uses electricity to keep the water warm and/or is the water tank heavy insulated so that the water remains warm?

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          It has a heating block. Water is passed through at a slow rate and instantaneously heated to the correct temperature.

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      Problem is the Xiaomi smart kettle is now in short supply and priced around $100 if you can find it.

      It's been two years since anyone had regular supply under $50…

    • tbh I think the best one is the zojirushi ones. Japanese quality..

      • That one is worse, it’s constantly boiling. Say hello to your expensive electricity bill.

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          But it helps keep the kitchen warm with 100% efficiency

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    According to this, it was originally $79.


    e: Looks similar to this product but different colour. It only has a single 'on' switch.


    Manual of said machine:

    Turn it on, and it will keep going until you turn it off. No overflow protection, etc.

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      damn you are the hot water dispenser oracle :)

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    Items I always seek out at my Post Office!

  • How's the stand mixer? Just looking for something simple to knead bread dough

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      I got a cheapish stand mixer from auspost in the past. The whole thing isnt very heavy so it bounces and shakes about with heavy dough kneading. You can hold it down, and it will work fine, but mixing dough is good only for the incorporation of ingredients and the first few mins. If you want to have the machine knead your dough all the way, probably find something a bit more sturdy.

      • Ahh thanks! I guess it's back to more arm workouts until I save enough for a Kitchenaid

        • Yep. And just noticed the wattage is 350W. It definitely wont do doughs haha. But I find finishing with hand kneading is always better than machine kneading alone, so you'd have to get the workout in regardless.

    • +1

      Kneading bread dough is likely one of the more difficult tasks to get a stand mixer to do well.

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    Perhaps the Kmart version is a better buy, as it has a lot more features for $69.

    • Had one for about 1.5yrs now, wouldn't go back to a kettle now. The main downfall is they don't quite get up to 100deg and can then drop some of that temp due to the thin steam of water falling into the cup.

      The features on the Kmart one are well worth the extra cost IMHO

      • I too have the Kmart version and have not used my kettle since.

        Also! No more impatiently waiting for water to boil if I want tea now, and because the temp is adjusted, I have not had to cool down the tea and come back to find its now too cold.

        Water level is also adjustable so I can select my type of cup and walk away whilst I get my spoon etc and it is ready.

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    Why don't we all have one of these instead of a kettle?

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      Because it dribbles out hot water, slowly

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        The details say

        Dispenses up to 300ml pour capacity per minute

        Plus the heat up time.
        It's still faster than boiling a kettle.

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          I'd have to time it tomorrow, but there is no way my Kmart kettle takes 5.5 minutes to boil 1.7L

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            @Davo1111: It might not, but why are you boiling 1.7L to make a cup of tea/coffee?

          • @Davo1111: Don’t know about this one, but my hot water dispenser take around 18 secs to fill 250ml of water. Temperature can be room temp, 55, 70, 85, 95, 100. I had kettles and constantly boiling water dispenser before, nothing as convenience as this one. By the time you fill up your kettle, my hot water already in my mug. In fact, I will not go back to kettles. Can’t be bothered boil water every times one of my family need hot water. Waste energy and time.

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      You can't take it outside to burn ants.

      • +3

        bring the ants inside with honey and snacks

        • +2

          Bring it, indeed!

          Those spindly, little bastards knew what they were getting themselves in for when they started this war with us.

          50 times your own body weight? Burn, baby, burn…

    • my espresso machine has a steam wand that i can switch to hot water and it automatically stops for 1 cup of hot water. if you were only drinking tea, then i would probably buy this machine. since i drink coffee most of the time, espresso machine is the priority.

      i do still use a kettle to cook noodles though.

    • There’s nothing I can’t do with a kettle that this can do (unless we get expensive models which meter out your water too). But there’s things this can’t do that my kettle can.

      • any of those features you can share? was thinking keep warm but if this is instant theres no need for that

        • Well heat up 3l of boiling water faster, at once, for a start.

          If you wanted to put 3l of boiling water into a bowl with this, you'd need to wait 6+ minutes. Then refill, and wait another 1.5min

        • Kettles have wifi now so you can schedule them, so for the impatient you can always preboil water before you go to the kitchen. But also temperature control, so you can get perfect temp for making different types of tea.

          Granted you can get these features too from more expensive models, but this is from a $20 clearance smart kettle from SCA I picked up recently.

          Aside from these direct comparisons, you wouldn’t use an instant kettle to boil water for cooking, add extra water to hotpot, use it to see how much gas you have left, mcguyver the dent out of a plastic bumper.

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    Will they put a slip in my letterbox to say that I wasn’t home while I’m standing in the driveway ?

    • Do you have gate?

    • +1

      Got mine "delivered" today. Was at home and put a sign on my door saying as much.

      Somehow I missed delivery (even though I was home) and no slip was left. Got a text and email telling me to pickup from a parcel locker.

      I suspect nobody actually came.

      • Frustrating as hell !!

      • Raise an auspost complaint and get the lazy driver fired. Tell them they had one job to do and you expect it to be done

        • They are quick to give you the complaint hotline, but I don't think much comes of it

          • @Shaquille Oatmeal: Enough complaints tied back toa single operator would get them booted. One contractor delivered my parcel to the wrong house and the dodgy neighbours wouldn't return it. The contractor compensated me in cash to get me to withdraw my complaint

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    How is the piano?any reviews pls

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    How is the keyboard anyone tried it?

  • I have ordered mistral keyboard. Seems a good deal…compared to a similar sized casio is more than $200. Any feedback or reviews?

  • Bunnings sell the kettle too. Reviews not too good same as Amazon https://www.bunnings.com.au/maxim-kitchen-2400w-2-5l-hot-wat...

  • This is what we have in our nursery for the past year. Great time saver when you have to get up at 3am to heat up milk, make up formula etc


    • Flow rate?

      • Fills a 260ml bottle in less than 5s

        • About 9x-10x faster than any of these others! Worth a look for sure. We have a Zip tap (125mL per second) but parents maybe could use this .

          Btw near boiling water is an instant and clean cockroach killer (not many things are both). Surprisingly useful fact given how often you spot them near stuff you don't want mortein contaminating.

    • Yeah but baby's milk formula should be prepared with boiled water not hot water. Whole purpose is to kill germs that may exist in the water. Not a wise choice to use an instant hot water system…

      • Indeed. CDC recommendations are to bring water to a rolling boil for 1 minute to sanitise it completely.

        Bringing it to boiling for 1 second should work fine if the water is clean, which most Australian sources are, but it may not kill all spores.

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    Got a different brand of hot water dispenser (~$180), haven’t used kettle to boil water for 2 years. My one has room temp, 55, 70, 85, 95 and 100 degree choices. I am not sure it can reach 100 degrees, but it is too hot to drink or touch. Cup noodles etc no problem at all. I will never go back to kettles.
    Compared to constantly boiled hot water dispenser or several kettles I’ve used, I prefer this type of hot water dispenser. Choices of temp at my preference instantly, use less energy used is win win.

  • Thats not a drum kit. It should be labelled and sold as Drum Pads instead.

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    I have the instant hot water dispenser from ALDI, it has multiple heat settings and dispensing amounts. I have it set to 85 degrees and my coffee is perfect temperature to drink right away in the morning. If I want tea I set it to 95 and let the tea steep for a minute or so. I rarely use the kettle anymore.

    From what I can tell the RCA version only does instant boiling water, ie 100 degrees so I wouldn't bother but that's just me.

    • I've taken apart a pod coffee machine that looks very similar to this. Temperature was set via a resistor. So if people are into a little hacking, it shouldn't be too hard to use a potentiometer to set the right temperature.

      Then again… water and electricity isn't the best mix, so maybe that's something better left to more advanced tinkerers

  • Kmart have a digital version with adjustable temperature for $69

    I know that's double the cost… but a kettle is something you buy maybe once every 10 years

  • Did a bit of research on these hot water dispensers and ended up getting a more expensive Westinghouse hot water dispenser, interested to see how compares consumption-wise compared to our Panasonic thermo pot which consumes an average of 1kWh/24hrs in our household. These thermo pots are great (similar to the Tiger mentioned above) but they are constantly on and not the best insulated. We only ever fill it to about a third of the way and turn it off at night, but it still uses almost as much electricity as our fridge.

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