[PS4, XB1, XSX] Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Launch Ed $29.95 (RRP $59.95) @ Gamesmen


I missed out on the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Launch Edition for $9 at JB Hi-Fi. Gamesmen have it for $29.95 (RRP $59.95). Was looking for something to use the JB Hi-Fi Perks coupon on. Went to JB Hi-Fi and they price matched and I used the $10 perks voucher so it worked out to be $19.95. Gamesmen have a physical store and are in stock so JB Hi-Fi will price match. I have XBOX.

XBOX: https://www.gamesmen.com.au/super-monkey-ball-banana-mania-l...
PS4: https://www.gamesmen.com.au/super-monkey-ball-banana-mania-l...

Note: In-store only at JB Hi-Fi.

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    After playing it over the last couple of days, I can say with confidence that it's not worth more than $9.

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      I sold mine back to CEX for $20 cash. EB was offering $16 store credit.

    • Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD was the only game EB Games ever gave to me for free since I ordered a lot of stuff from one particular regional store. The cover was missing despite the game being new so they just randomly sent it to me as well.

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    But I want to play Super Monkey Ball. I'm a super casual gamer so it was right up my alley. The JB website only shows Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD for $29 which I discovered was a completely different game. The JB website doesn't show Banana Mania but I went to 2 stores in the Sydney CBD and they do have that game in stock. The wiki page says that Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania had a high rating and sold twice as many copies as Banana Blitz HD. I'm still downloading the update but looking forward to playing Super Monkey Ball! Yay

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    If you're after it on Xbox and can be bothered with the (easy process of the) whole VPN thing, it's under 4 bucks here https://www.eneba.com/xbox-super-monkey-ball-banana-mania-xb...

    • Seems it can't be activated in Australia

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        Or do you mean we buy this, switch to Argentian VPN, and activate this on our MS account, deactivate VPN and it will show on Au account as well?

        • Buy, jump on Argentina VPN, sign into your Aussie account while on VPN, activate code, kill the VPN and go back to everything as normal.

          Game will show in your account as normal after.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: Thanks. I bought from Eneba and have enabled Argentina VPN.

            When adding it shows the following. What am I missing?

            Redeem your code or gift card

            It'll be added to <my email address> (Australia)

            This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account.
            2022/07/05 - 03:19:45 UTC

            URL I use is https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem

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