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[Prime] AMC+ Video Streaming Service $0.99 for 2 Months (includes Shudder and Acorn TV) @ Prime Video via Amazon


AMC is now streaming in Australia. Just saw this on an Amazon banner for 99c for two months.
Subscription includes Shudder and Acorn TV.

A$0.99/month for 2 months, A$8.99/month after. Offer ends July 13.

Prime Video Channels is the Prime benefit that lets you add channels you love with no long-term commitments. Only members can subscribe to AMC+ on Prime Video. Cancel anytime.

I found more under the same deal here:

Paramount+ A$4.49/month for 3 months, A$8.99/month after. Offer ends July 13.

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    Ahhh, so now we pay for extra content/channels within each app. These subscription services are becoming hard to manage. I think I need a subscription to manage my subscriptions

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      Ahoy mateys!

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        Is it time to sail the high seas again? Lol

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          Looks like we've gone full circle back to poor tv services, like "cable" or foxtel, where costs are spread across so many different platforms that piracy is once again becoming an option for a lot of people.

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          Thats where I'm at again lol Full circle

        • Too many pirates out there

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      iTunes (Apple Music), Spotify, Google Play Music YouTube Music, Tidal etc seem to have gotten it right with the Music Streaming market, why can't Movies and TV get it right?

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    Like Australia didn't have to deal with it as much as the US, however we are going back to the 'Cable' Package Days - $100 + per month for entertaining. NOT A FAN

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    Yeah, but a lot of titles missing that are exclusive to the likes of foxtel/binge.

    • i noticed this as well amc+ really not offering much compared to binge

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    Does shudder open from the Amazon app or do you use the shudder app? How does this work?

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      It basically just adds extra content to Amazon Prime.

  • Good deal to try out AMC/SHUDDER/ACORN TV. Dark Winds and The Brokenwood Mysteries (just to mention a few samples) are great shows.

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    Yeah apart from few awesome shows everything else you gotta pay extra for annoying, but for the next day shipping still worth it.

  • Siggned up, but didn't realise MGM, STARZ, TGC was not included.
    Are they an extra $1 for 2 months each ?

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    Thanks OP. Signed up and One Lane Bridge S2 is coming soon. Great!

  • Worth it just for Better Call Saul

  • Going to binge a lot for 2 months!

  • Didn't know this was an old deal, but how do I sign up for these when they are only offering 7 day trial?

    • Promo has ended.

      • yeah I know, my post is a few weeks ago :P

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