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1 Month Free Trial @ ZEE5 (Bollywood/Indian Streaming Service)


You can get a 1 month trial of the Indian streaming service Zee5 using the code. Click on buy plan and enter the promo code.

If you like the content, you can signup for the discounted one year plan for $49.00 which can be used across 5 devices.

This is a Indian streaming service and may not interest everyone.

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    thanks OP
    previously used a one month free trial
    added code to the same account and it worked!

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  • Do you require any credit card details for the trial?

    • That’s the best part, no cc needed

      • Nice, thanks for confirming!

  • Thanks OP

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    This is aN Indian streaming service

    Does it have English subtitles?

    • +5

      Yes, it does have subtitles but they may still say "a" instead of "an". No guarantees. Many times, some words may have no translation in english but probably the same with other languages.

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      Someone called me?

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        No, we've handled the incident ourselves…

    • Thaunk You Surrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Code doesn't work for me!

    • Instead of next…click apply… I did same before.

      • Tried. Says "Code is expired"

  • Getting a "Code is Expired" message.

    • Just tried.. Worked for me

      Go to Subscribe, it will display two plans
      Below the plans, there is a field to enter the code.
      Apply the code, enter the email and password.. Done

      • Did this, didn't work for me.

      • did same, but same message. Code is Expired
        Tried both ways, with login and without

        • But it worked through andriod app. :)

          • @jatinders: Worked from Safari as well :)

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            andriod app

            Is that an Indian clone of an android app?

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    The plot of every Bollywood movie I've watched: man defeats entire army using his bare hands and well choreographed dance moves, but then gets one slap from his own mother and cries for other half of the movie.

    Other than Mr India, that was a movie.

    • Can you please add

      ***** SPOILER ALERT *****

      to the top of your post, rather than ruin it for the rest of us…


    • I watched one movie where the man slit the throat of the entire army with a banana. Thats bollywood….

  • Thanks Op, works for me. Pack country shows belize though

    • Strange! It says "Code is Expired" for me

  • +2

    Nice. I can watch RRR now :)

    P.S code worked for me through iOS safari

  • Thanks OP….Worked for me

  • For me work through the app

  • ZEE5 - Paid 9.99$ for a year last week.Sonyliv was 5.49$ for 6 months and hotstar+disney was 22.99$ per year. All sorted for sports and disney. Thanks

    • How did you get it for 9.99?

      • Probably by subscribing in India and using VPN to view.

      • Using Vpn and pay via iTunes subscription. Thanks

    • Does hotstar work in australia now?

      • Not yet but i use it with vpn to watch it. Thanks

        • which VPN are you using for india streaming?

  • Returning scavenger, worked good with the previous freebie! Thanks Op!

  • Worked for me, thanks Op!

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