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Pureharvest Unsweetened Organic Almond Milk, 1L $1.55 ($1.40 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item
Made from real organic activated almonds with no added sweetener
A full flavoured non-dairy milk
Use it on breakfast cereal, in cooking and as an alternative to dairy milk
A delicious and healthy milk

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    I thought activating was doing something fancy to the almonds, apparently it's just giving them a good soak. Thanks Google.

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    oat variety is terrible.YMMV

    • The oat one is gross. Put me off oat milk altogether

      • I concur!

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    Great for porridge

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      Coles is 1.55 - Amazon 1.40

      • Yes, with subscribe & save. Otherwise, both stores had the same sale price.

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    This used to be my goto Almond milk. However, I have had numerous cartons with damaged pouring spouts where the screw lid is. I also have noticed the colour has changed and is now much more creamy (dirty) coloured. The activated almonds thingy is a bit of a con also - It basically has as much actual almond content as most of the others which can be demonstrated by the level of protein included which is the same or less than the competition. My fav now is Inside Out but only when it is on half price special which is not that often.

    • Funny you mentioned about the colour we noticed that as well and was wondering whether it was only the batch we bought from Amazon that had this change in colour.
      Good point regardring the same protein level. Will give the Inside Out a try.

  • Inside is $2 at Woolie's currently. It has 9% almonds which is the highest I have seen. Though PH is at 7% which is still much higher then most others.

    Ill stick with PH as it has two major benefits compared to inside out - it doesn't have any additives like inside out does but it has plant based calcium added to it where inside out doesn't.

    Taste is subjective so I haven't included that. If you don't care about adding another daily additive to your diet and can get the calcium elsewhere each day then you have options.

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  • $2.79 for me

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