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40% off 12" Selfie Ring Light with Metal Stand and Flexible Phone Holder $29.99 Delivered @ KIWI Design via Amazon AU


40% off 12" Selfie Ring Light with Metal Stand and Flexible Phone Holder $49.99, With Discount, $29.99 + Delivery @ KIWI Design via Amazon AU

——The 12" ringlight is made of 7 detachable petal light, beautiful and easy to install or remove.

——When the light reflection in your pupil, you can see a flower instead of a ring, it's a novel gift to yourself or someone precious.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Sure. if you want your eyes to look like you're in rick and morty.

  • I've never seen a Spamazon selfie light beat even Kmart in price….

    • it’s a onlyfans lightring for lighting up your ring

      not your dad’s selfie ring (in other words)

    • Cheaper elsewhere as below

  • misleading title. clearly not a ring light.

  • Alternatively… this ring light is $10, or free if you have perk code/new jb perk member

    ozb feedback here

    • +1

      Clearance. Nearest available 35k away - checked days ago. Otherwise add $5 delivery.

      Bought the $5 Kmart 10" ring light.

      Bigger ring, bright, similarly dims & 3 shades of white light.
      Only wanted the light. Using as backup lighting in house / camping, run off powerbank.

      Only draws 1.75W (max). On 10,000mAh powerbank should last 24hrs on max brightness.

      • Nice. I tried to get it pickup but they cancelled my order.

        • Kmart is more plastic fittings & table tripod, to JB's metal goose neck & clip base.

          Using the Kmart ring light while posting this on phone.

  • This doesn't appear to be a bargain, cheaper elsewhere as mentioned above.

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