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Hibiki Harmony Whisky 700ml for $170, Nikka Whisky Combo Deals for $100, Free Delivery @ Liquorkart


Hibiki Harmony Whisky 700ML - $170 + Free Shipping
Nikka Combo Packs - Buy 2 Nikka Whiskeys for $100 + Free Shipping
Ballantine 30YO - $395 + Free Shipping
WEIHENSTEPHANER Beer 4 Packs - $20 + Delivery

Deal is Valid until - 6th July Midnight OR UNTIL STOCK LASTS.

**This deal can not be used with any other offer or discount code

We have Free Shipping for all orders above $75 . (Excludes Country & Regional Areas)

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    Don't waste your time buying from these blokes. Prices aren't even close to good enough for the effort trying to find where your stuff is. See the reviews

    Can get Hibiki for $170 from First Choice and you'll actually get the product

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      And probably aud30 in japan…

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        Not even.

        These guys are selling two 700ml bottles of whisky like Nikka Black Rich for $100 (down from $186! Such a bargain!)

        Except they sell Nikka Black Rich in 7-Eleven in 4 litre plastic bottles for ¥5,000. That's less than AUD$60. Here it is at Amazon JP (click "deliver to Australia", change your post code to 100-0000).

        The Black Nikka Special that's the other half of the deal? $15.

        These are the bargain basement cask goons of whisky.

        • Are you saying we can get this delivered to Australia for $15?

          • @thestig: No.

            But by the sounds of things you could just pick up some johnnie walker red and probably have a better whisky..

      • Getting there isn't that cheap

    • Thanks, got one from First choice for $170

      • +1

        dont forget cashrewards

        • I picked up the Hibiki Harmony from first choice a few weeks back for $150 including cash rewards!


  • Garbage whiskies for the price they're being sold at

    • Hibiki is too young, Nikki tastes like jet fuel and not the good kind.

      Agreed, garbage whiskeys.

  • these guys are a nightmare - can't stop them spamming me with SMS since putting an order in with them months back.

    • Agreed! I was getting texts everyday until finally unsubscribing….was afraid to at first as it wouldn't surprise me if clicking the link gave my phone a virus..

  • And they have SCAPEGRACE GOLDILOCKS GIN 700ML for $95 , I got a 1000ml for $77 from Bne Marketplace…

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