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Free A5 Post-it Dry Erase Surface Sample Delivered @ 3M


Got served an ad from Post-It Notes:

Sign up today and receive a FREE Post-it Dry Erase Surface sample. The instant, flexible whiteboard solution for everyone.

Last posted by TA in 2020 and reports in the past that people had received the sample:

Are you sure?

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  • +3

    I bought this for work - simple tip: wash the walls before you put it on, then with isopropyl alcohol - it might look clean but it aint!
    The first time I did mine it fell off overnight - oops

    • Can it be sticked onto stainless Steal surface?

    • -2

      omg what are you doing to your walls?

      • Plain white wall - thought it was fine but they peeled off overnight - 2nd attempt with new stuff and zero issues

  • I never knew I needed such a thing!

  • Absolutely love this in this size. If I am not wrong, too bad they don’t sell this in this size (couldn’t find it at Officeworks).

    The bigger sizes are cool too. Much more cheaper than having to actually buy a whiteboard.

  • +4

    Didn't receive it last time but going to try again.

    • +3

      Yeah still awaiting that one as well 😂

      • +1

        same, didn't get nothing!

        • +7

          didn't get nothing!

          So you got something?

  • +1

    Thanks Op. Hope this time get it delivered

  • +4

    I didnt receive it last time but have ordered again. Going to use it to plan my future serial killing

    • +1

      "1. Note to self: keep mouth shut"

  • Thanks op.

  • +3

    Thanks OP I will stick with this one.

  • Fool me once…

    • +4

      Shame on you, fool me twice the fool can’t get fool again. 😂

  • +4

    I put one on the bedhead to keep track of scores.

    • +1

      You know you could just go to afl.com.au.

      • +1

        Does it track the Ins and Outs ?

        • +2

          Certainly, even the Ups and Downs.

  • Thanks for posting again. Still using the one from last deal

  • Here's hoping I get this. Filled up the form.

  • +2

    Does it come off the wall easily in say a rental unit?

  • Now Uncle SAM got my details!

  • +1

    Link not working anymore?

    • I just opened the page. Still working.

  • +1

    Hmmm. Won't open for me in Duck or Chrome. Just loads their normal website. Can you post URL for me please?

    • +1

      Just tried this link


      in chrome and it still works.

      • URL doesnt work in chrome / edge / firefox for me - goes to normal website!

      • Thanks it worked. Duck and Chrome still no good for me but Samsung browser worked 😉

        • Didn’t work for me

    • Try clicking through the Facebook ad links.

      • +1

        Cannot get it to load. Chrome, FF or Samsung Internet.

  • -3

    I never received it last time, site wont show me a form this time. 3M can take a running jump.

  • +2

    Where did you guys find the option to order? I checked everywhere :(

  • +2

    How do you order?

  • I think this one exprired I cannot find any form to order the sampke or even signup

  • +1

    Can confirm… no form appears

    • I'm very late but I just checked now Monday 25 July 11:06pm on chrome on mobile using desktop mode and yeah it's gone.

  • No more samples left. :(

    • Marked expired 20 Jul 8:40pm. 👓

  • +1

    Got mine today..along with a 3M P2 mask lol

    • Good to hear I'm still waiting.

      • Same

  • Checked mail today and it was already there. So assuming I got it on Friday.

    Also, there was one KN95(P2) mask in the pack as well.
    Thanks alot

  • Received.

  • Got mine today..

  • I'm jelly of the people getting theirs. Still waiting for mine.

  • received mine but no mask

  • Got mine

  • Got mine just now. Its a small piece of paper with adhesive, was it meant to be A5? Nothing to complain though, free mask as well :)

    Thanks OP

  • Got mine today, didn't realise I was going to be quite this small, but hey, this is a free sample I guess!

  • I didn't get a mask :(

  • Got mine last week. It appears to be 6×4. Last year was quite big but I guess it's free. Also got a mask.

  • I got mine today. As others said, 6x4 and not A5. No free mask for me.

  • Got mine today and definitely not A5 size (it’s a smaller size as others have reported) 😡 No mask.

  • Nothing yet over here.

    • Same. Starting to thing I'm not getting it.

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